Building a Perfect Posterior (Part 3)

 building posterior muscle

(or lost more than 100 lbs [45 kg]

Minimum Effective Dose –

How to lose 3% BodyFat in an hour per month

burn bodyfat

Flower B. Didn’t have as far to lose weight as Tracy.

Fleur was, like many people, simply unable to lose the last pounds (kilograms) of additional fat, regardless how hard she tried. She dad hit the wall.

Running few miles (kilometers) three times a week had no effect: “For the quantity of exercise I do, the results should be much better”. She was, however, against a rigid diet and wanted keep curves she loved.

How to cross the last mile (kilometer) of fat loss ?

A Flower was addicted to bread by culture (European) and addicted to work (journalist). Tim Ferriss proposed a set of goal that would be difficult and she would need to commit to exercises self-control for the first two weeks until her craivings disappear. This way, she would be doubly encouraged when it didn’t prove hard after the first 72 hours. Setting the expectation that things will be easy results in disappointment and quitting at the smallest hiccup. If you prepare yourself for massive challenges and no such challenges crop up, it will be a pleasant surprise. This encourages you to be even more aggressive with changes.

Remember: the recomposition of the body depend on behavior modification (See ‘From Photos to Fear” if necessary) than on memorizing the right list of instructions.

Tim Ferriss proposed a four-week test focusing on the swing and minuscule dietary changes, which Fleur agreed to:

  1. She switched her breakfast to a high-protein meal (at least 30% protein) à la the Slow-Carb Diet. Her favorite: spinach, black beans, and egg whites (one-third of a carton of Eggology liquid egg whites) with cayenne pepper flakes.
  2. Three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), she performed a simple sequence of three exercises prior to breakfast, all of which are illustrated in the next few pages:

One set: 20 two-legged glute activation raises from the floor

One set: 15 flying dogs, one set each side

One set: 50 kettlebell swings (For you: start with a weight that allows you to do 20 perfect repetitions but no more than 30. In other words, start with a weight, no less than 20 pounds, that you can “grow into.”)

That’s it. Total prescribed exercise: about 5 minutes per session × 3 sessions = 15 minutes per week. One hour over the course of a month.

Fleur’s before-and-after measurements were separated by five weeks because she was traveling. Even if we increase the estimated exercise time to 75 minutes total, the results are impressive.


kettlebell swing

Total weight: 139 lbs. => 136 lbs (63 kg => 61 kg).

Bodyfat %: 21.1% (29.33 lbs / 13.3 kg .) => 18% (24.48 lbs. / 11.1 kg—almost 1 lb / 0.45 kg of fat lost per week)

Thigh fat thickness: 10.4 mm => 10.2 mm

Tricep fat thickness: 9.7 mm => 7.7 mm

Waist fat thickness: 7.0 mm => 4.1 mm


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