Essential (Part 3)

 exercice illness

The cursor of 100 units: diet, medicine and exercise


How to have 20 pounds (9kg).

Imagine a ruler with 100 lines, this represents a total of 100 units and 2 sides. This allows us to divide the 100 units in 3 parts. There are 3 parts diet, drug and exercise:

______ / _____ / ____ (33% diet, 33% drug, 33% exercise)

It’s possible to achieve your 20 pounds (9kg) of reorganization with the combination of 3 but combinations are better than others. There may be 100% of drugs for example, but it will produce long-term undesirable side effects. 100% of exercises can also be chosen but consequences would be an accumulation of injuries. Do a quick summary:

/ _____ / (100% drug) = undesirable side effects

// ___ / (100% performance) = frequent injuries

Here is the ratio of the majority of case studies to lose fat in this method:

______ / __ / ____ (60% diet, 10% drug / 30% exercice)

If you aren’t able to follow this diet prescription, as is sometimes the case with travel or vegetarianism, you will need to move the slider to increase the % for exercises and drugs. For exemple :

_ / ____ / ____ (10% diet, 45% drug, 45% exercise)

The exact numbers not need to be measured but the concept is critical to keep in mind because the world always interfered with our plans. Learn the principles of diet and exercise is the # 1 priority because they are the foundation. Taking too much medication will make unhappy your liver and kidneys.

The percentages will depend on your personal preferences and your “adherence”.

The test, it will work ?

test 7

Eat at least one head of lettuce a day works well for losing fat and control insulin levels.

In other words, take a example of a patient in critical condition as a diabetic obese type 1: he has as options, this is what explains his doctor, either (1) to change diet with this requirement or (2) die. No surprise, adherence is often amazing. For someone who wants lose 20 pounds (9kg), he’s more interested in how his ass will be in his jeans than anything else. This is guaranteed, adherence is phenomenal.

Cut vegetables and clean the stove 3 times a day will lead you to one place: abandon the method. Does that mean it doesn’t work for some people ? No., it just means that many people will fail. We want to avoid all methods have a high failure rates, even if you believe that you’re part of the minority who deserves. At first, everyone who starts the program feel that they are in the minority.

Take this adherence, this commitment seriously, now are you going to do this change until you reach your goal ?

If not, find another program, even if it’s less effective. But know that this decent method you follow, is the best.

Don’t be confused exercise with physical recreational

physical recreation

Physical recreation may be more thing: football, swimming, yoga … the list is long. Exercises, on the other hand, means performing a specific movement of MED will produce a change on the target. That’s it. It’s impossible to see the links of cause and effect with recreation. There are too many variables. An exercise is simple and trackable.

Physical recreation are excellent. I like to play football with my friends. The exercises in our context, however, is an application of measurable stimulition to reduce fat, build muscle or increase performance.

Recreation is for fun. The exercises are to produce change. Don’t mix the two.