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Here your gifts. Every day, I’m very busy and I always look for tips to be more effective. It’s possible that you’re in the same situation. There are 3 smartphone apps (free/paid version) that I use every day that help me to delegate certain tasks.


3 Lies That People Tell You To Lose Fat – This is my free ebook. I meet a lot of people struggling to lose fat and I noticed that they made mistakes without knowing them. When I search for these myths on the Internet, I find little information. So I wrote this ebook to help people avoid them and get results.

PowerMassBlueprint – It’s the book for building muscle, strength and get ripped. Everything you need for your best physical and mental well-being. It contains the key elements you need to know about training to build quality muscle mass. It also gives you nutritional advice to maintain and develop your muscles. It helps you to have the most aesthetic and balanced physique.

If you want to learn:

  • How to avoid distractions and stay dedicated to your goals.
  • 4 things you should change in your lifestyle stay in shape.
  • 4 nutritional advice to keep your muscle gains.
  • 5 methods to track your progress to reach your goals.
  • And more.

Jefit– It allows me to keep track of all my training (exercises, weights, reps). What’s cool is that it records this data and creates graphs. It is useful to compare my progress today to that of 6 months ago. I can also save my measurements, body fat percentage and pictures to see my evolution.


MyFitnessPal – It helps me to keep track of all my food. I scan a bar code and it shows me the amount of carb, fat, and protein of an aliment. Depending on the weight I want to have, it calculates the number of calories I need to eat. It saves all the data and it makes charts.


Evernote – If you want to have a notepad everywhere, this one is perfect. When I have an idea or when have important information to remember, I write it in it. It works on any devices (smartphone, computer, tablet). If you wrote something on my smartphone and later I want to see it on my computer, I don’t worry. Synchronization between the devices is the key.

Here are the welcome gifts. I wish they help you as they help me.