Have A Goal

night stars ocean

During my vacation, I like to relax in the evening next to the ocean or sea. It’s dark, you see and you hear the waves and there are stars in the sky. When I see all this, I tell myself that I am a little thing in the universe. Do you already think of that ? The human being is small and fragile in this immense universe and this is a good time to become humble.

In life, there are times when everything goes well. Family, studies, work, relationship and you feel invincible, you feel like the king of the world. But looking at the universe, you realize that you are not very important for the universe and it made you humble. We are human being made of flesh and bone and we can disappear very quickly.

Water is very powerful ! You saw tsunamis, WOW ! Water exists for millions of years before I was born and before you were born. How can I feel better than water because without water a human being dies. This a good perspective to never feel too great, not to feel the king of the world and forget where we came from.

have purpose

It helps growing to be humble to not forget why you’re doing this. Things you do in your life is to achieve a goal. My goal isn’t to have 1 billion readers per day on my blog, my goal is to help and encourage people to become stronger mentally and physically. I often say to myself : « Now I need more readers » and the fact of remembering my goal puts me on the right path.

When I do something, it’s to achieve a goal. What you do in your life, your career for example, is to achieve a goal that helps people. Do something constructive rather than do something cool. Sometimes there are people who wonder what to do to be a fitness model. I tell them : « I don’t know ! What is a fitness model ? what is it to help people ? What do you learn from this ? ».

You have to plant seeds in fertile soil. When you do something, don’t do it for reasons that look cool but for deeper reasons. Later you’ll have a lot of great things to improve your lifestyle, you’ll have a solid foundation when your tree will grow, you understand. That’s what I wanted to share with you.