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We are in war. I’m in war, I’m in war with the iron, I’m in war with my weak ME, I’m in war with my negatives thoughts, I’m in war with my complaisance, I’m in war with my bad habits.

I’m in war with the squat bar, I’m in war with weights of the deadlift, I’m in war with the bench press, I’m in war to stay focused on my diet.

You know, many people think I’m weird. I always walk with a bottle’s water in hand all day. They found me strange because I train on Saturday night. They find me weird because I watch a lot of training videos.

alpha male

But I’ll tell you something. If it’s to build my body and my mind, I’ll be there. I don’t want to be a normal person, I want people to look at me as an Alpha male, I want people to ask me how I managed to do it to explain them that it’s a very hard work, explain them sacrifices, explain them the hours I spent to train my body, explain them mental benefits and muscles that I gained over years by constantly pushing my limits in training, explain them I feel less fear of making life’s challenges everyday.

I want to share what I learned. I learned that mental strength triumph of physical strenght. I also learned that mental strength can be build to allow the body to exceed its limits. They go hand in handΒ !


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In War With My Weak ME
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