Losers Have Too Excuses

stop excuses

Right now, I changed my training and it’s harder. People see my face in the gym, I work hard. I have friends who tell me I do overtraining and I should calm me down. I don’t think I’m overtraining or I have my own definition of overtraining. My definition of overtraining is surpass its limits, do some more repetitions after a period to adapt.

Magazines have fitness program where they indicate the number of sets and repetitions to do to gain mass. This is a good thing but the majority of people who write these articles don’t do sports. Looking the physique of the person who wrote the article and you will know right away if it’s credible. A person like Jim Stoppani is credible, it’s people like him that we must read.

It’s clear that if you compare my training with that of a magazine, I train too much. Now imagine you train for several years, you will always follow magazine’s indications ? No, because you’re smart, you know that at some point you’re going to stagnate and you don’t want to stagnate. That’s why you’re going to customize your workout. It’s not overtraining, it’s just training as hard as possible.

fitness program magazine

There are basic exercises that are important and should be in every fitness program : Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. These exercises helps to have solid foundations to improve strength and this is for beginners, especially beginners. Whatever sport you do, these exercises will improve your performance.

Today I met someone who told me that he couldn’t train like I do because he would not be able to recover. That’s Loser’s excuse. Don’t come talk to me in the gym to tell me you can’t do this or that. I don’t care, all that interests me is that you progress at your own pace. To progress, you have to work hard, it’s simple.

Imagine that you have a job and your boss offers you a promotion. You’re going to refuse the job because you know a colleague who has a better degree than you ? If you refuse the job, you’re such an idiot !

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I know a lots of people who spend their time making excuses instead of to go to the next level. If you’re full of excuses in the gym, you’re full of excuses in all areas of your life and you will have problems in your life. You will become a weird loser (well, it makes me think of someone !). There is nothing more powerful in the world than the human‘s will. If you think you can do something, do it. And if you really, really, really, really want it, it will happen. No excuse.

It’s clear, it will not happen at the 1st shot but be strong, be a man, accepts the challenge. You think a person has more advantages than you, challenge this person. Be the challenger, be the one who wants to take the gold medal. Stop saying you can’t do that.

Think of people you admire, do they spend their time making excuses ? Be strong and work to go to the next level. Don’t say that you can’t train hard because you don’t take steroids. You see how that excuse is stupid. Forget bullshit excuses.

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Train hard, surpass your limits, eats healthily, sleep well to recover and do it again every day. This isn’t muscle or steroids that make you strong, it’s your state of mind and your will.

I see many people who have potential but they don’t use. That’s why I say their « Go, pushes your limits, go ahead » I know I’m not a bodybuilder but my body is the proof that I am a person who trains hard.

This blog is my tool to share the little knowledge I have to motivate others. I’m not an expert but I learn every day and I love it. That’s why I say STOP YOUR EXCUSES AND LET’S GO !

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