Power And Expansion

first step

I walk fast ! It’s like that and I’m a bit irritated when someone in front of me walk slower than me. Often people ask me why I always walk fast. I never thought about this question but I think walking fast is a sign of my aggressive attitude with the life.

I find that a passive attitude isn’t something productive for me. It’s an attitude that constraint the mind in a small circle of opportunities and the truth is for the human mind, everything the mind can store can be a potential tool to improve the lifestyle.

All can be used for my wellness, my environment, my situation. I say this all the time and I really believe. This is cliché but life is what you make it. I do everything to create opportunities, I don’t expect that others create opportunity for me. I’m busy creating opportunities in my life.

first step

You can’t wish, wish, wish, pray for something to happen and without do something, it happens. It’s your job to make that happen.

Often I have an idea but I don’t know how I’ll do it but when I make the first step, while the process, I understand better and better how I can do it. If you don’t make the first step, you’re planning, you’re planning, you’re planning to have the perfect plan before executing. The perfect plan is to make it and stumble on the way to understanding.

When you stumble and you get you, you’re stronger and wiser do what you have to accomplish.