Difference Between Websites And Blogs

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I heard Olivier Roland’s tips and I learned some good stuff.

Often people ask themselves this question to start a company on internet: “What is the difference between a website and a blog ?”.

The answer is that there is no difference because a blog is a website. To be more precise, a blog is a type of website because there are websites that aren’t blogs. A blog is a type of website in which the content is published by antichronological order (it means that the last published article is displayed first). It’s possible to have a static home page for blogs, this is an option.

In the case of e-commerce, a blog can be a complementary website to attract qualified prospects. I take the example of fitness. You have a company that sells fitness accessories (weightlifting belt, squat knee sleeves, etc). You create a website to sell your products with Prestashop , Shopify , Magento . By creating another blog type website, you share content that will interest your potential clients, fitness fans.

On the blog, you share articles like: “Protect you back with these 4 strength coach secrets” or “7 exercises to build your strength and power foundation” or “How much protein, fat and carbs should you eat to lose weight”. Topics that interest people who do fitness. You have to publish content to attract qualified prospects, it means, qualified prospects who are likely to buy your products.

Study case


It gives a huge advantage compared to your competitors who don’t do that.

Here is a concrete example. Bonnegueule is basically a blog about French men’s fashion. But the Bonnegueule’s founders did more than what infopreneurs usually do (sell online training and ebooks) They created their own clothing brand in collaboration with fashion designers. Since 2014, they have 3 physical stores in France.

What is innovative with Bonnegueule is that on the products sheet of clothes, there is the complete details of the materials used, tips to be elegant with the clothe, how to associate this clothe with others, tips for good maintenance of the clothe and the fashion designers pictures.

With all this people see Bonnegueule as advisers and not sellers, even if they sell products. And that makes a huge difference in the relation with clients.

It’s also smart to create multiple types of content (text, video, audio) on other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Soundcloud to attract other qualified prospects to other locations.

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Mass Or Weight Gainers Are Useless

mass weight gainer

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Mass or weight gainers are visual scams. Here the reason. You think you gain muscle because you bulk up but the truth is that you gain water and fat.




Gainer’s dose are huge, it’s between 170gr and 250gr of powder. 250 gr of powder in water, it’s too weird !?! Let’s look at the powder’s composition. There is maltodextrin, the cheapest sugar in the business. Take it before, during and after the training session with dextrose is good to recover and recharge your glycogen stock. The problem is when you take gainer outside the training phase, you gain fat.

If you’re an endomorph, someone who gains easily fat, you’ll not improve your body, you’ll worsen your situation.


Most gainers have between 46 % and 66 % of maltodextrin. Some even 80gr per dose ! It’s crazy.

Most people think they’ll gain muscle with this kind of product. They go in a shop, the seller their advice this and it’s gone. The truth is that you have to educate yourself, eat healthy, be focused on training and have patience. It takes several years to have muscle mass of good quality.

There is also a mix of whey protein. Thus, casein, concentrate, isolate and a little be hydrolysate to make people believe that the gainer is good quality. There is also creatine and the disadvantage of creatine is that it makes you retain water. That means when you think you gain muscle, in fact you do water retention. You look good in front of your mirror but when you dry or you stop to take gainer, you realize that you have less muscle mass than you thought. You deflate like a balloon, pffffffff.

We must stop delirious ! Track your food, track your training program,struggle like everyone els and be patient, it’s the only way to gain muscle mass of good quality.

Jamcore DZ (Jamo Nezzar ) is a former professional bodybuilder (IFBB). Even taking steroids, he took 8-9 years to gain 25kg (55lbs) of muscle. The problem with steroids is that destroy your organs and when you stop, you spend the rest of your life doing hormone therapies if you’re still alive. And it costs a lot of money, you can check it on internet.

I tell you already, all the pros or youtubers that you admire will not be there is 5 years. I’m telling you this because I’ve already won bets.


Each meal of the day must be between 400kcal and 600kcal. If you eat more than 1500kcal per meal, you’ll gain fat. With gainer you gain fat without knowing it.

Healthy gainer recipe

  • Whey isolate

  • Oatmeal => 1/2 cup  (slow carb, fiber)

  • Banana

  • Almond/Peanut butter => 1 tablespoon or coco oil (good lipid) or linseed

Mix it with water or organic milk or coconut/almond milk

healty mass weight gainer

Whey isolate is 25gr of protein, oatmeal is 16gr of protein and peanut butter is 10gr of protein. Total => 51gr of protein. You save money and you eat great source of protein.

I hope I convinced you to not take weight or mass gainer !

What was your experience with mass/weight gainer ?

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P90X, Insanity, Weight Watchers, Shakology And Nutrisystem (part 2)

diet plan

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

There is more than 1 million fitness product and diet system. This is what I think of certain.



Replace one of your meal each day with a shake. Shakeology’s shake pretend have « 70 nutritious ingredients to help to detox and protect the body of free radical damage and help against food carving and help to have a healthy libido » ».


Like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, Shakeology is simple. Replace a meal with a shake and lose weight. I didn’t try but people say it taste good and it has a good source of protein and a nice amount of protein per shake with a little sugar.

If you travel, it’s easy to have a little shakeology’s powder to drink it to replace a meal.


I don’t suprise people lose weight with this plan if they follow it exactly. They replace a meal (around 500-1000 calories) with a Shakeology’s shaker which is only 120-160 calories. It’s a reduction of caloric intake of 380-780 calories. Remember, just 500 calories less per day can have as result to lose 0.45kg (1lbs) per week.

For me, a meal of 120 calories is not good because you will be not satiated and not satisfied.

What happens when you don’t have Shakeology’s powder ou you don’t have acces to a blender or you’re traveling. Can you continue to consume the same amount of calories and maintain the same nutritious plan ?

Shakeology is good for people who want lose 4.5kg (10lbs) without changing lifestyle. It’s only for short term.

Juice cleanses

juice cleanses

Stop to eat and drink this juice during 3-10 days to detox your body and lose weight. There is a million of juice cleanses, the concept is to not eat and replace all meals by a juice of fruits or/and vegetables.


Instead to eat food, you just going to drink liquid calories all day. Because you don’t eat a lot of carb and sodium ( because you don’t eat solid food), you can lose a huge amount of water. Losing water can cause weight loss but it’s temporary. It’s not like losing fat !

You will eat more fruits and vegetable than usual.


I think during these 3 days where you will not eat foods, you will ve miserable. You will just drink some fruits/vegetabels juices instead meals. You will essentialy drink sweet water with fibers.

The most of weights you will lose during these 3 days will be water according to the amount of carbs, grains and sodium that you consume usually. This weight loss is false because it’s only water.

When you will eat solid foods, the weight will quickly return.

If you want to a detox, take some days to eat a lot of protein, spinard, broccoli and cauliflower. If you want make real change in your life, read the next.

Exercice and diet

exercice diet

Instead to buy some powder’s shake, receive foods at home or replace solid foods by liquid, there is a philosophy named « Exercice and diet ».

No need to buy some weird stuff but it requires make changes in your lifestyle. The goal is to move more than stay seated and eat more real foods than processed foods.


Every sytem talked before are solutions to short term. « Exercice and diet » is done to change the lifestyle for all life.

Instead to dramatically change how you eat and move during 3 months, you must change small things which will have long term results.

  • Rather to do exercice with a DVD during 90 minutes everydays, start with a walk,

  • Rather to count points or receive foods at home, study to cook and eat real foods.

  • Rather than being dependent on something to have success, be independent to have success.

« Exercice and diet » is the best to have long term results, to have results for life. If you’re traveling you know the different type of foods, you know how to eat healthy outside home. If you don’t have access to a blender or you can’t receive foods at home, you know how to cook a basic meal. If you can’t use a DVD player, you can do a complete bodyweight training session in a room or in a park.

« Exercice and diet » doesn’t ask you to spend a lot of money or buy fancy stuff or buy pre-prepared foods. It doesn’t ask you to have several hyper strict weeks and once it’s over, back to old habits. People make me laugh when I see them before summer, during summer and after summer. Rather that you have a new version of you (like updates) : healthy and happy !


The big « Exercice and diet » disadvantages is that requires commitment and changes. No shake, no foods receive at home, no DVD but instead you must take of your health.

There is also another challenge to have long term change in your diet. Eat cookies, cakes and muffins are bad for you. You need to change this to see results.

It’s simple to learn but difficult to apply for people who search short term results. Everybody know we need to do more exercices and stop to eat junk foods but we can’t force our brain to do this. It’s for this reason we need to educate ourselves about willpower.

Results aren’t instantaneous like a click. « Exercice and diet » results can often take several months of change before seeing solid results.

Did you have some experiences with others programs or diet system ?


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Priorities Of The Dieting (Part 2)

 body nutrition

Self-protection and the warning is clear that I have to make here to avoid some sarcastic haters remarks « again, not an exact science » and « this is basic information » and « blah blah blah ».

With that said, I first want to make a presentation and talk about variables.

  • Energy intake – This is the total number of calories you take in. Reminder, Calories are a unit of energy, not nutrition ;. they are used to power your body. Your energy and your energy consumption are both measured in calories and should be set aside rather than use it to determine your progress.

  • The types of foods – I use this term because I don’t know how to call the difference between the type of diet. So your typology could be Paleo or vegetarian or vegan or omnivore, etc. Essentially, it’s the basic catch-all term to describe your eating habits.

  • Macronutrients – also known as the composition of your individual food items. There are three macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Each of them are important and to help you in your diet, think « low fat » versus « low carb ».

  • Timing of meals – this variable is essentially to do with how often or when you eat your food; how many meals you eat per day (6 vs 3, for example), if you eat every 2-3 hours or do some type of fasting.

  • food combination – basically, eat foods with other foods (or avoid foods).

Now, it’s both the description of the individual components of dietary change and the order in which they must be handled.

“Weight loss comes down to the balance of energy – if you burn more than you eat, you lose weight and it doesn’t matter what you eat”.

I mean, yeah, sure. it deserves.

Energy balance is important; and if we have learned anything from the “Twinkie Diet” a few years back is that if you keep your calories low enough, you will lose weight. Even if you eat Twinkies.


The thing is that it’s possible to lose “weight” based on foods with a low-calorie, regardless of the food you eat. But this is not a sustainable method.

Moreover, even with low-calorie, the foods you eat will work. Eating 1000 calories of Twinkies will have a different effect on your metabolism and also the hormonal response than eating 1000 calories of steak.

Finally, it’s impossible to have 100% progress that you want if you just reduce calories. You will lose weight, but you probably will not seem to go very well. So what’s the point?

“Nutrition is more than energy in/energy out ! “

energy balance

Yes of course. However, unless you have a metabolic disorder, it’s still the most important factor. Even if you bring changes to the food you eat.

« If you do a Paleo diet, vegetarian, etc., you don’t need to worry about calories»

Your food type is very important. But maybe not for the reason you think.

I will not make any argument on the Paleo diet (because I think it’s cool), but because I know many people who use it, I use it as my basic example.

And it’s not because the Paleo diet is cool it’s the only system to diet for health or fat loss.

First, you can’t change for Paleo easily because it implies for most people to eliminate 90% of what they are “allowed” to eat before the change. This is a complete overhaul of food habits.

paleo diet

Second, when someone makes a food system change which is very restrictive, they will eat less than before. There are many reasons for this, the most obvious is that there is less food allowed to eat, you don’t not eat as much food. In fact, it has been shown that when people have less food options, they eat less and vice versa.

We must recognize the fact that these diets tend to help people auto-regulate in term of their calorie intake. Once you eliminate processed foods, it’s much more difficult to eat 3500 calories that you took before.

Paleo foods, for example, fill you; if you already had a “bad” food day on a normal diet, you may have taken 4,000 calories. Try to eat 4000 calories of Paleo food is much more difficult; meat and vegetables certainly don’tmake for easy eating.

This is not to say that a point of view isocaloric the Paleo (for example) is better than eating Twinkies; as I’ve covered, this is not the case. Your hormonal and metabolic reaction with these foods will be better and you willhave better health. Period.

“Oh, if you agree, Paleo is the solution?”

Listen carefully, it’s not what I said. Look, it’s not rocket science to understand that the chances for most people following an organic diet without processed foods are best. But you can’t just put a label and say that energy intake is the important thing.

This is the thing that bothers me about the most dogmatic people in the Paleo community. They refuse to recognize that a superior food dietary doesn’t completely cancels the laws of thermodynamics. HAAAA !.

This is not a rant, but tell someone to not have to worry about calories in diet is wrong -it’s insane. This means that if you eat 8000 calories and that you only need to eat 2000, you’ll going to gain weight.

Of course, you’ll probably gain less weight by eating 8000 cals steak and vegetables than if you do it with 8000 calories of cakes. But a huge caloric excess will further lead to changes in body composition.

To quote the philosopher Darth Vader, « Search your feelings, you know it’s true ».

Sorry. It wasn’t science, I got a little…. Moving on.

“Mom said that calories are the devil, Colonel Sanders!

We just have to eliminate them and you will be fine. “

Macronutrients manipulating is a very powerful piece of the puzzle; but it isn’t the only thing you have to look. If you drop carbs, you will lose weight for a while. Especially if you have a lot of fat to lose. But without other adjustments, you’ll stall rather quickly.


Again, you have to worry of global energy consumption. You tend to eat less on low-carb diets. Or eating more carbohydrates make you likely to eat more, as they are less filling, lead to faster gastric emptying times, and aer extra delicious.

Of course, the elimination of carbohydrates has a ton of hormonal benefits, which is one reason that I highly recommend, especially in the initial phases of most diets. However, I am not suggesting that this is the only step you should take or even the most important step on the road to have a better body is deceptive.

« Oh, just trying intermittent fasting and don’t worry about anything else ».

I like fasting. I am really and truly. I’ll be the first to admit that tends to help people lose weight because it helps regulate energy intake.

For starters, it’s harder to overeat if you have reserved time during which you don’t eat at all. In addition, fasting helps in terms of appetite control … which also helps to eat less. Etc.

Of course, fasting works for other reasons like hormonal benefits which I will discuss in another article.

This means that you can’t “just try IF” and not you worry about other things to adjust.



As you can see with my arguments, I think all those things are important. For some people, change these things will lead to results; in fact, for some people, change one thing will lead to better results without forgetting to adjust two or three variables. At least in the short term.

However, in the absolute idea, no ONE KEY you can change that gives consistent results over time, at least not if you want to go beyond your old results.

And therefore, all the variables I mentioned are all important to some degree, as I alluded to, some are a little more important than others. Or at least, will serve as greater leverage points.

So to represent things mathematically, I’ve done this:

The priorities of Dieting Stephane Version:

  • Energy intake – 33-43%

  • Food Type – 25-35%

  • Macronutrients – 20%

  • Timing of meals – 10%

  • Combination of food – 2%

As you could see, out of respect for those who want to criticize, I have left you for a range of effects for the first two because I think it varies from person to person. But it’s damn accurate.

If you want to maximize results in the absolute, concentrate on the changes in these variables, in THAT order. Period.

Remind yourself that when you need to diet, it isn’t just what you change – this is the order that you make the changes in.

Now go and tell everyone you know because my friend, knowing is half the battle.


Slow Carb Diet 1 (Part 1)

 slow carb diet


How to lose 9 kg (20 lbs) in 30 days without exercise !?!

In the confusion, find simplicity.

-Albert Einstein

The Slow Carb Diet

Best fat loss through simplicity

20 lbs 9kg

It is possible to lose 20 lbs (9 kg) of body fat in 30 days by optimizing any of three factors: exercise, diet or a diet with dietary supplement. 20 lbs (9kg) for most people is a movement means to the bottom of at least two dress sizes, either from a dress size 14 to a size 10 or from a shirt XXL to L. Waist and hips show an even more dramatic reduction in circumference.

On 6 April 2007, for example, Tim Ferriss decreased weight of nearly 180 lbs (81.6kg) to 165 lbs (74.8kg) in six weeks, while adding about 10 lbs (4.5kg) of muscle, which means it has lost about 25 lbs (11.3kg) of fat. The changes are not subtle.

The plan that Tim Ferriss will present in this chapter the slow carbohydrate diet is the only diet besides the rather extreme Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) who produced veins on his abdomen, which is the last place to lose fat.

There are only five simple rules to follow:

Rule # 1: Avoid “white” carbohydrates.

white carbohydrate

Avoid any carbohydrate that is or can be, white. The following foods are prohibited except for those under 30 minutes of finishing a workout kind of resistance training session as described in chapters “From Geek to Freak” or “Occam Protocol” means any (brown foods included) bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, tortillas, fried food and crumbs. If you avoid the above foods and anything else white, you’ll be safe.

Just for fun, another reason to avoid these white foods : chlorine dioxide, one of the chemicals used to bleach flour (later companies made brown, a common trap), combines with the residual protein in most of these foods to form alloxan. Researchers use Alloxan on laboratory rats to induce diabetes. That’s right, it is used to produce diabetes. This is bad news if you eat anything white or “enriched”.

Don’t eat white stuff unless you want to get bigger.

Rule # 2: Eat the same meals over and over.

same meal

Those who pass successfully their diet, regardless their goal of muscle gain or fat loss, eat the same meals over and over again. There are about 47,000 products in the average grocery store in the US, but only a handful of them will not make you fat.

Mix and match the following list. This is the choices that produce the fastest fat loss for Tim Ferriss:


  • Egg whites with 1-2 whole eggs for flavor (or if organic, 2-5 whole eggs, including yellow)

  • Chicken breast or thigh

  • Beef (preferably grass-fed)

  • Fish

  • Pork


  • Lentils (also called “dal” or “daal”)

  • Black beans

  • Pinto beans

  • Red beans

  • Chickpea


  • Spinach

  • Mixed vegetables (including broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables)

  • Sauerkraut, kimchi (a full explanation of this in under “Damage Control”)

  • Asparagus

  • Peas

  • Broccoli

  • Green beans

Eat as much as you like food items above, but keep it simple.

Pick three or four meals and repeat them. Almost all restaurants can give you a salad or vegetables instead of french fries, potatoes or rice. Surprisingly, Tim Ferriss find Mexican food (after having exchanged rice with vegetables) as one cuisine of the most conducive to the slow carb diet. If you pay an extra $ 1-3 to substitute in a restaurant, consider it like a tax for the six-pack, the fee you pay to be lean.

Most people who make a diet “low” in carbohydrate complain of low energy and stops because they consume insufficient calories. A half cup of rice is 300 calories, while a half cup of spinach has 15 calories! Vegetables are not calorically dense, so it is critical that you add legumes to add calories.

Eating more often than four times a day may be useful for higher carbohydrate diets to avoid gorging, it is not necessary with the ingredients we use. Eating more frequent meals also seems to have no effect on improving the resting metabolic rate, despite claims to the contrary. Frequent meals can be used in certain circumstances (see “The Last Mile”), but not for this reason.

The following meal schedule is based on a late sleep schedule as Tim Ferriss is a night owl who give up the ghost at 02:00 at the earliest, usually with glass of wine or a book in his hand as a heroin addict. Adjust your meal to fit with your schedule, but make sure to have your first meal within an hour after waking.

Meals are about four hours apart.

meal schedule

10: 00 am breakfast

2:00 p.m. Lunch

6: 30 pm second small lunch

8: 00-9: 00 pm sport training .

10:00 p.m. Dinner

00: 00 glass of red wine and a book before bed

Some of the meals Tim Ferriss who return again and again:

  • Breakfast (at home): Scrambled Eggology, liquid egg whites with one whole egg, black beans and mixed vegetables cooked or reheated in a microwave using Pyrex containers.

  • Dinner (Mexican restaurant): grass-fed beef, pinto beans, mixed vegetables and guacamole extra.

  • Dinner (home): grass-fed beef (from Trader Joe), mixed lentils and vegetables.

Remember: this regime is, first and foremost, to be effective, not fun. It can be fun with some changes (in the next chapter will show), but that’s not the goal.


13 Things You Must Do Not Eat


There are snacks, foods and drinks that will don’t help you to be healthy or having the physique you want. Remove them from your diet now and forever.

Unhealthy food with dirty strange side effects, snacks packs are perfectly targeted for cheat meals but they are doing you more harm than you think.

Without talk about they put a layer of fat over your abs, preservatives and chemicals causes a series of long-term problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or even cancer.

These 13 foods have no place in your kitchen or fridge. Look at the list and make note of those that you eat regularly – there are carbohydrates and sugars that are obvious bombs like bagels, ice cream but there are less known soy and some fish.

1) Shark Meat

Shark Meat

Is shark meat is worse than his bite? Probably not, nevertheless, it’s super unhealthy, as described in the CNN report. When we consume the mercury level in shark meat it can cause loss of coordination, blindness and even death. Scientists believe that sharks have a high mercury because they eat large quantities of small fish. To be safe, avoid taking as well as swordfish and mackerel which also have a large amount of mercury. Feast on shrimp, tuna, salmon and catfish.

2) Soy


Too much soy can have unfortunate effects on men. According to this study published in the Oxford Journal men who consume just half a portion of soy food for 3 months was 41 million sperm / ml less than men who did not consume soy at all (sperm concentration average is between 80 and 120 million / ml). Researchers believe that isoflavones – plant with estrogen such as soy may be the cause.

3) Baked Goods

Baked foods

Donuts, cakes, cookies, muffins, seriously they are good but they are sweet bombs. A donut is 200-500 calories with between 25-50 grams of sugar. Chocolate chip cookies is how much? 160 calories and 8 grams of fat. But let’s be honest: Do you ever stop after 3 ? I don’t think so, no, because I didn’t stop after 3. Not good !

4) Bagels


The bagels are really delicious but definitely bad, it’s 400 calories with 70 grams of carbohydrates. If you add the butter is 40 calories more. But this is not the calories that is most disturbing, bagels have a very high glycemic index rates (which increases insulin in the body), so that might cause acne and accelerate aging .

5) Sugary Cereals

Sugary Cereals

The most famous breakfast are sugary cereals. With their high gluten content they give you an inflammation in your stomach. Opted for oats.

6) White Chocolate

White Chocolat

Not all chocolates are created equal. In this case we can see, the health benefits of different chocolate : black, brown, white. Dark chocolate is a great antioxidant and is the healthiest chocolate; chocolate milk is a little less healthy and contains more milk and fat than dark chocolate. And white chocolate is the worst in terms of health benefit – 85 grams is 50 grams of sugar (that’s more than 12 tablespoons). Eat a lot and you are suffering from teeth problems and obesity. You want chocolate, take dark chocolate.

7) French Fries

French Fries

French fries are immersed in oil with trans fat, one of the major cause of heart attack. The potatoes themselves are high on the glycemic index, leading to increase insulin levels. Then they contain acrylamide, a known carcinogen that is formed when food is cooked / fried at high temperatures.

8) Popcorn in Microwave

Popcorn Microwave

The Popcorn seems harmless but have mostly popcorn is overloaded with unhealthy fats, sodium level is outrageous and in some cases contains carcinogenic agents. Without forgotten the chemical components in the bag.

9) Margarine


Often on labels we can read without cholesterol and it’s supposed to be a healthy alternative for butter but margarine is just full of trans fats. And ironically, trans fat increased cholesterol and damages your blood vessels walls which increases cardiovascular disease and heart attack. You want good fat ? Omega-3 .

10) Diet sodas

Diet soda

Artificial sweeteners placed in these types of soda, are often not beneficial. The only thing for which they are good, that is for you to gain weight and have health problems. Purdue University has made a study which shows that these chemical sweeteners fool your body into believing that it is true food because it is so much sweeter than real sugar that your body pumps out insulin to regulate the level, which in turn, becomes stored fat.

11) White Bread

White bread

Clearly, sliced ​​bread is a great invention. All carbohydrates are not bad but avoid pasta, rice and white bread. White bread, right now, stripped Vitamin B, wheat germ and fiber, leaving a byproduct who increase your insulin, your weight. Opted for whole grain, it gives more energy longer.

12) Alcohol


Apart from the fact that it decreases your strength, agility and muscle recovery, alcohol dehydrates you. You have ever wondered why after a big night , in the morning, you have dry mouth and can drink a bottle of water ? Yeah, you drank all night, right?

13) Pretzels


It was always the illusion that the Pretzels are healthy snacks. That’s 250 calories, high in salt, fat and lack of healthy fiber. You can eat half a bag and you’re still hungry for more.

– Steph

13 Choses Que Vous Ne Devez Pas Manger


Il y a des apéritifs, plats et boissons qui vont vous empêcher d’être en bonne santé ou d’avoir le physique que vous voulez. Enlevez-les de votre régime maintenant et pour toujours.

La nourriture malsaine avec les sales effets secondaires étranges, les paquets d’apéritifs pré-préparé sont parfaitement ciblé pour le cheat meals mais sachez qu’ils vous font plus de mal que vous ne le pensez.

En plus d’ajouter une couche de graisse sur vos abdos, les conservateurs et les produits chimiques provoque une série de problèmes à long terme comme des maladies cardiovasculaire, le diabète ou même le cancer.

Ces 13 aliments n’ont pas de place dans votre cuisine ou frigo. Regardez la liste et prenez note de ceux que vous mangez régulièrement – il y a des glucides et sucres qui sont des bombes évidentes comme les bagels, la crème glacée mais il y en a des moins connu le soja et certaine poisson.

1) Requin

Shark Meat

Est-ce que la viande de requin est pire que sa morsure ? Probablement pas, n’empêche que c’est super malsain, comme le décrit le reportage de CNN en anglais. Quand on consomme le niveau de mercure dans la viande de requin cela peut causer des pertes de coordination, la cécité et même la mort. Les scientifiques croient que les requins ont un taux élevé de mercure parce qu’ils mangent en grande quantité des petits poissons. Pour être sûr, évitez d’en prendre ainsi que l’espadon et le maquereau qui ont eux aussi une grande quantité de mercure. Misez sur les crevettes, le thon, le saumon et le poisson-chat.

2) Soja


Trop de soja peut avoir des effets malheureux sur les hommes. D’après cet étude publié dans le Oxford Journal en anglais, les hommes qui consomment juste la moitié d’une portion d’aliment à base de soja pendant 3 mois avait 41 millions de spermatozoïdes /ml de moins que les hommes qui ne consommaient pas de soja du tout ( la moyenne de concentration de sperme est entre 80 et 120 millions/ml). Les chercheurs croient que les isoflavones – plante avec de l’œstrogène comme le soja  – en est peut-être la cause.

3) Pâtisserie

Baked foods

Beignets, gâteaux, biscuits, muffins, sérieux qu’est ce que c’est bon mais ce sont des bombes sucrés. Un beignet c’est 200 à 500 calories avec entre 25 – 50 grammes de sucre. Et les cookies aux pépites de chocolats, c’est combien ? 160 calories et 8 grammes de gras. Mais soyons honnête : Après en avoir manger 3, vous vous êtes arrêtez ? Je ne le pense pas, non, car moi je n’arrête pas. Pas bien !

4) Bagels


Les bagels sont vraiment délicieux mais définitivement mauvais, c’est 400 calories avec 70 grammes de d’hydrates de carbones. Si vous ajoutez du beurre c’est 40 calorie en plus. Mais ce n’est pas les calories qui est le plus inquiétant, les bagels ont un très haut taux d’indice glycémique (ce qui augmente l’insuline dans le corps), de sorte que ça pourrait provoquer de l’acné et accélérer le vieillissement.

5) Céréales sucrés

Sugary Cereals

Les céréales du petit-déjeuner les plus connus sont sucrés. Avec cela on ajoute le haut taux de gluten et ça nous assure une inflammation dans l’estomac. Opté pour de l’avoine.

6) Chocolat blanc

White Chocolat

Pas tous les chocolats ont été crée égaux. Voyons les bénéfices sur la santé des différents chocolat : le noir, le brun et le blanc. Le chocolat noir est un excellent antioxydant et est le chocolat le plus sain ; le chocolat au lait est un peu moins sain et contient plus de lait et de matière grasse que le chocolat noir. Et le chocolat blanc est le plus mauvais en terme de bénéfice sur la santé, 85 grammes de chocolat blanc vaut 50 grammes de sucre (c’est plus que 12 cuillères). Manger beaucoup et vous souffrirez de problèmes de dents et d’obésité. Vous avez envie de chocolat, prenez du chocolat noir.

7) Les Frites

French Fries

Les frites sont plongé dans de l’huile avec du gras transformé, une des cause majeur des crise cardiaques. Les pommes de terres eux-même sont élevé sur l’indice glycémique, ce qui augmente le taux d’insuline. Ensuite, elles contiennent de l’acrylamide, un cancérogène connu qui se forme lorsque les aliments sont cuit/frits à haute température.

8) Pop-corn au Micro-ondes

Popcorn Microwave

Les Pop-corns ont l’air inoffensif mais la plupart du temps le pop-corn est surchargé de graisses malsaines, le niveau de sodium est scandaleux et dans certains cas contient des agents cancérigène. Sans oublié les composants chimiques du sachet.

9) Margarine


Souvent sur l’étiquette on peut lire sans cholestérol et c’est supposé être une alternative plus saine que le beurre mais la margarine est juste plein de gras transformé. Et ironiquement, le gras transformé augmenté le niveau de cholestérol et endommage les parois des vaisseaux sanguins ce qui augmente les maladies cardiovasculaires et les crises cardiaques. Vous voulez des bonnes graisse pour votre régime, misez sur l’Oméga-3.

10) Les sodas light ou diet

Diet soda

Les édulcorants artificiels mis dans ces types de soda, sont souvent non bénéfique. La seule chose pour lequel ils sont bons, c’est pour vous faire prendre du poids et avoir des problème de santé. L’université de Purdue a fait une étude qui montre que ces édulcorants chimiques trompe votre corps en le faisant croire que c’est de la vrai nourriture parce que c’est tellement plus doux que le vrai sucre que votre corps  pompes sur l’insuline pour équilibrer le niveau, qui a son tour devient de la graisse stocké.

11) Pain blanc

White bread

Il est clair, pain tranché est une excellente invention. Tous les glucides ne sont pas mauvais mais éviter les pâtes, le riz et le pain blanc. Le pain blanc, en ce moment, est fabriqué de façon à ce que la vitamine B, les germes de blé et les fibres soient dépouillés, laissant un sous-produit qui sert uniquement à augmenter votre poids. Opté pour le pain complet, ça donne plus d’énergie plus longtemps.

12) Alcool


En dehors du fait qu’il diminue votre force, votre agilité et la récupération musculaire, l’alcool vous déshydrate. Vous vous êtes jamais demandé pourquoi après une mine, au réveil, vous avez la bouche sèche et pouvez carrément boire une bouteille d’eau entière ? Pourtant vous avez bu toute la nuit,vrai ?

13) Pretzels


On a toujours l’illusion que les Pretzels sont des apéritifs sain. C’est 250 calories, riche en sel, manque de lipides et de fibres saines. Vous pouvez mangez la moitié d’un sachet et vous avez encore faim.

– Steph