How To Reduce Stress (Part 1)


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

I am doing a synthesis of the Dale Carnegie’s book “How to stop worrying and start living”  and other sources on internet for a blueprint to manages stress in 4 steps.

Stress is about change, it means adapting to the environment of a changing structure. Stress is a feeling triggered by the interpretation of an event. It’s a reaction related to the constraints and the pressure undergone in its environment. Stress can be interpreted as something positive, whether it’s considered a challenge or as something negative, if it’s considered a harmful event.

The truth is that stress is a mistake of reasoning in relation to the attitude or behavior we adopt. This is an answer that isn’t adequate. It’s an alert for mental dysfunction as the body gives us an alert for physical pain. Fortunately, people can learn to control stress in 4 steps : Take a step back and analyze what triggered the stress ; anticipate and visualize ; organize yourself and communicate and turn away or adapt and accept.

1st step – Take a step back and analyze


keep calm stress


It’s necessary to step back and analyze what triggered the stress. Because before trying to solve that, it’s important to know what caused it. By analyzing what caused the stress, we can avoid certain consequences.

To do that, here’s what you can do :

  • Make a list of sources of annoyance that you have in your family, friends, school, work, transportation, etc. Once you have found them, classify them from the most impacting to the least impacting. You can also do a 20/80 analysis, that means identify the 20% of the sources that bring you 80% of your stress.

  • Ask yourself these questions : « What is the problem ? What is the cause of this stress in these sources ? What are the most serious consequences that I suffer of my experience ? »

  • Understand the emotion that created in these moments. Then check if it’s a real fear or rather a theoretical concern that doesn’t have much to happen in your life.

If a situation is truly unavoidable, you need to prepare yourself to accept it. We must give up the impossible because it’s extremely stressful to have no way to change a situation. To avoid this, you need to anticipate situations that may lead you into an impasse. Once these situations identified, you must try to really avoid them or change the course of things from the start.

It’s impossible to keep control of all things in your life. It’s useless to set inaccessible goals.

2nd step – anticipate and visualize


anticipate visualize telescope



The best way to handle stress is to anticipate. Based on the list you made in the first step (source of stress), imagine solutions and possible answers. Ask yourself these questions : « Why did you agree to be in this situation ? ». If what you do make sense, it limits the stress.

Decide how you want to live a situation. An event that happens to you can have not effect on you until you choose words to qualify it. If you say that an event is happy, boring, sad or extraordinary, it can become so. By qualifying the event, you modify the perception that you have of this event.

The way you see the event determines your body’s reaction. So take a moment to think before judging and classyfying a situation as negative.

Take Olivier Roland’s example. When Olivier Roland began to meditate, his neighbor’s dog was barking. At first it disturbed Olivier to focus on his breathing, it was stressful and annoying. After a while, Olivier realized that it wasn’t the barking dog that was stressful, it was Olivier’s interpretation of the situation. From the moment that Olivier decided that the barking dog was something neutral or positive, he began to appreciate when the dog barks. It’s a sign of life.

Imagination can be used to help fight stress. Get in shape before a stressful event. You can create a positive state of mind when an event is negative. Think of something positive like music, a holiday, projects in progress. Visualize a happy moment, a happy memory.

This the end of Part 1. In the 2nd Part, I talk about organize yourself and communicate and turn away or adapt and accept.

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My State Of Mind

state of mind

I want to share with you how I see life or rather to show you how is my state of mind. Actually my state of mind is linked to the gym. I use the gym to train my state of mind. As I’ve told you I change my workout routine every 2 months so that my body’s muscle are often used in the extreme.

To build my body, I have to lift heavy but it also allows me to build my state of mind. My goal is my state of mind becomes stronger, more resistant to my will be stronger.

You can call it state of mind, will or brain, it’s up to you. Personally, I call state of mind and my state of mind is a muscle. More you read, more you have intelligent conversations, more you are working it intellectually, more it will become stronger. Works it constantly to evolve because it can be strong or weak, depending on how you trained.

That’s why I put myself in a stress situation when I change my routine. Increase the number of reps or weight have a stress effect on my body. When I feel that I couldn’t do the next two reps, I have a little voice say « Stop, it’s too heavy » and exacltly in this moment I have to be strong and do reps until to failure. You must said to that voice : « Shut up ! ».

little voice

You ever heard this woman who had a car accident and had her baby locked in her car. She lifted the car to save her baby. The little voice told her, « Stop it’s too heavy! » But her spirit was stronger and she succeeded. As soon as your state of mind is engaged at maximum you become SuperHuman.

Have a strong state of mind allows you to do extraordinary things. Ok, I don’t mean you have to be a SuperHuman 24h / 24h but you have to lead your state of mind to be able to adapt yourself in difficult situations you can have in your life.

Hard work is necessary to train state of mind because the state of mind is powerful. Muscles are less powerful, steroids are less powerful, state of mind is the most powerful thing on the planet. When you train you hard, you don’t realize you also train your state of mind and that’s cool. Having a muscular body is a good thing, it’s true but it’s more important to have a strong state of mind.

Train your state of mind like you train your body, take a book or made courses online (Coursera, Udemy). Become a complete person, muscular and smart. Eat healthy food, live simply and train throughout the year, it’s all year to do that, it’s a lifestyle.

hard work

Work hard for the best. You never got the best easily. You already know that having a thing easy isn’t something of good quality and doesn’t last long. If you used to have things easy, the day when you will be faced with a difficulty, you will fail, it is guaranteed.

Look in a shop, there is a product with several prices. The lowest price is poor quality and the highest price is excellent quality. If you don’t pay the price, you will always have the poor quality and in life, the price is to pass obstacles.

graph price quality

In your life you seek to have the best in all areas, friends, neighborhood, etc. We must fight for the best, you have no excuses. There is an obstacle in your life, take it as a challenge because once you past the challenge, you will have access to something better in your life. In addition, your self-esteem going to rise, you will be most proud of « who you are ». You take care of you better than before and people see that. You know, there are people that you meet and you feel that they radiate, that’s it.

What I also like is that no one can steal my state of mind. It’s mine and only mine. No matter what happens on this planet, my state of mind is here as I build.

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