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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in nutrition to stay in shape. I read some advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger and I learned some good stuff.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body. All carbohydrates are sugars that are molecules containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Glucose is synthesis by plants through the photosynthesis process (using the sun’s energy) or by animals during the glycogen synthesis process. But be careful when I talk about glucose (sugar), I’m not talking about table sugar. There are several categories of glucoses (sugars). Here they are:


  • Glucose (blood sugar)
  • Fructose (fruit sugar)
  • Galactose (a kind of milk sugar)


  • Sucrose(table sugar)
  • Lactose(milk sugar)
  • Maltose (malt sugar)


  • Plant polysaccharides(starch and cellulose)
  • Animal polysaccharides (glycogen)

The speed of which carbohydrate metabolized are measured with the glycemic index. A high glycemic index (a large increase in serum glucose) indicate that carbohydrates metabolized rapidly. A low glycemic index (a small increase in serum glucose) indicates that carbohydrates metabolized slowly or differently.

What’s cool now I being able to check the gylcemic index of foods on internet. For example, Chinese restaurant rice has a very high glycemic index compared to brown rice or wild rice.

carbohydrate, bread, rice, pasta, potato

Carbohydrates are the easiest type of food to turn into energy for the body. When carbohydrates converted to glucose, glucose circulates in the blood and helps muscle contraction. Glycogen in the muscle and liver stored for future use. A supply of carbohydrates is necessary for an ambitious bodybuilder for several reasons:

  1. Carbohydrates are a basic type of energy. Carbohydrate stored in the muscles in the form of glycogen will allow to train intense and heavy.
  2. Size of muscles increases when the body stores glycogen and water in individual muscle cells.
  3. Carbohydrates in the body have an effect that prevents the body from burning excess protein to create energy.
  4. Glucose is the main source of energy for the brain to be operational. Carbohydrate deprivation can have very negative effects on mood, personality and mental abilities.

There is a reason why carbohydrates are really needed as fuel for a workout. This is because most exercises are anaerobics exercises. Anaerobics exercises are flushed through intense puffs and exceed the body’s ability to provide enough oxygen to sustain the effort. But the carbohydrates structure allows to continue feeding the muscles during an exercise for a short period without oxygen. Therefore, when you do intensive weight training or you run a 100 meter sprint, your energy for these efforts is mainly composed of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate supplement

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Intense training creates a demand in the body to replace glycogen and amino acids. Be careful that your body contains enough carbohydrates after training, otherwise your body may start using amino acids (protein) as a source of energy. The period during which the body is in very high demand for carbohydrates is shorter than for proteins. The best results are obtained when you give the necessary carbohydrates to your body about 20 minutes after your training.

This need for immediate replacement of glycogen is the reason why many bodybuilders use a carbohydrate supplement after training with a protein supplement. It’s very useful when you do a strength training with a cardiovascular session (treadmill, stepper or bike). If you do cardio too soon after your strength training, you’ll be depriving your body of carbohydrates. And as you lack energy, your body will quickly use your amino acids (protein) to create the energy that is missing.

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Sport resolution 2016


Happy New Year everybody. I’m happy to be in 2016, I looked at my 2015’s training diary and I’m really surprised with my results. Sometimes I had the impression I didn’t improve but looking my pictures BOOOOOM.

Then as my 2015 results were cool, I say to myself that 2016 will be even cooler (ultra cool), this is why I bought a bodyfat caliper to know my bodyfat and a meter to know circumferences of my arms, legs, etc. It’s really, really not expensive (15.- for 2), it’s not highly accurate but it gives an idea of where I am. And this price to understand how it works, it’s really a gift. Check yourself others tools, you will see prices, you will tell me.

As caliper is a bit soft, it’s not easy to use but it’s okay. Then I went on 2 websites to see the result: here  and there. I used 3 points Jackson/Pollock’s formula because that is the most accurate formula when the bodyfat % is below 12. This is my case, I have 5%. It’s surprised me but I have read that there is often a error’s margin of 3% with the caliper (thigh’s skin was hard to catch, pfffff).

caliper and meter

The meter is so convenient it was easy to put my measurement in my JEFIT app and in my Calc file (Excel LibreOffice). In JEFIT, there is a column for goals and it’s at this point that I asked myself: “But how should measure my arm or my leg to have a symmetrical body ? “. By searching on Google I found 2 cool website to see results: first   and  second. Oh I forgot, the data is calculated in millimeters so no worries.

And this is where my resolutions arrived. Here are my current measures and in bold my objectives

Waist: 32 / 29.5 Inch (ah rum was good !)

Chest: 36.6 / 42.1 Inch

Arm: 12.4 / 15.3 Inch

Forearm: 10.8 /  12.2 Inch

Shoulder: 44 / ?

Hip:  33.8 / 35.8 Inch

Thigh: 22.6 / 22.4 Inch (seriously?!?)

Calve: 15.7 / 14.1 Inch (what?!?)

Neck: 14.9 / 15.7 Inch

symmetrical body

Do you think it’s possible to reach it and keep the same body fat % ? Aaaaah, I do it, I do it, how do you bet ? It doesn’t matter if my legs will be bigger, it’s still cool.

Test these sites and maybe it will give you some ideas for your resolutions, enjoy yourself, go ahead.