How I Worked With My Brother For A Photoshoot

stephane andre photoshoot fitness

What’s up ? This is The Stephane Andre,

The summer is here, we’re in the middle of July and I lost some weights that I gained during the winter. Every month, I track my body’s evolution with my weight, measurements and photo or video. Let’s see an example here .

Usually, I make pictures and videos on my phone. And you know, sometimes, it’s good to have them from a photograph to have better quality.

The photograph

photo jonatan andre merveille

I have a brother, Jo, who has a passion for it. Since I knew he has this hobby, I push him to create his own website to show his talent to people. For years, he learns by himself how to take pictures, videos and edit with tutorials on the internet.

I see him work with Sofar Sounds, make music videos and work with local models. Recently, he launched his website and I asked to work with him for this special occasion.


To have a good condition, I decided to eat less to have my muscle more visible. We decided to have the photo shoot at 06:30 PM, so I eat my last meal at 03:30PM.

The spot was outside of a sports center. I like to go there because there are a track and field zone, 2 beach volleyball courts and a soccer pitch.

Photo shooting session

The idea was to make images shirtless and short pants like a Fitness model. We started to take them when I was doing body weight exercises.

The mood was good because in some photos you can see the pain on my face during an exercise. We laugh a lot when we see them, it’s funny. Imagine you are in the middle of a movement and the photograph says: “Stop, stay right there. Look at me, now. Good, good”. After a few seconds you continue and again, you need to freeze. Then I did classic standing and sitting poses.

The session lasts around 1 hour and a half and Jo took more than one hundreds of pictures. Now you can see which ones he kept and edited.

It was a session where we worked with the family. I have my blog about fitness and he has his website, it’s a win-win collaboration and we’ll do it more.


Create A Company In A Hyper Competitive Market

hyper competitive market

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

People often tell me that they want to create a blog, a Youtube channel or a company but the market is very competitive and they wonder if it’s worth it. It’s true that in markets like personal development, fitness or photography, these are markets where you will not start in the same way as in a market where there is little competition.



It’s not because the market is hypercompetitive that you have no chance. The main thing is to differentiate yourself from others and to allow people to connect with you. That’s what happened to me a few months ago. I was looking for podcasts on fitness and I found Shrugged Collective . But I didn’t like the guys voice so I changed to The Model Health Show  and I like this podcast. These 2 podcasts are listened to by thousands (or millions) people and what is important to understand is that these podcasts can’t please everyone, it’s impossible.

There are people who will like what you do and there are people who will hate what you do. This is why there is a place for everyone. In theory, you can offer exactly the same product/service as many other people in a market but there are people who will buy your products/services rather than others because people have more feelings with you.

Shrugged Collective and The Model Health Show are the same thing, they’re podcasts about fitness. What makes the difference isn’t the content (because now, a lot of people make good content) but the podcast’s voice. The question you ask yourself when you’re listening a podcast is : « Am I going to spend hours and hours listening to that voice and that kind of elocution ». It’s the same with companies, especially on internet when you do Personal Branding (reputation) when you allow your audience to connect with you.

Have Your Own Authentic Style

authenticity authentic

It’s like in everyday life, there are people who will like and others who will hate you because we’re human beings. When you buy a computer or a smartphone, who will you buy it from ? You’ll buy it from people you like the most and it’s normal.

Of course, having your own authentic style isn’t the only way to differentiate yourself. But attention, it’s not because people like you that you’ll automatically have a business that works. It’s necessary to have an idea that has economic potential. What I have noticed is that people neglect the importance of connecting with the audience, the community or the clients.

I know there are people following me because they have a good feeling with me and not with my competitors. And others have a good feeling with my competitors and not with me. It’s not a problem, it’s normal, it’s human and it’s part of life.

Don’t be afraid to enter a market with hypercompetitiveness, there is always a place for you. In this case, it’s necessary to realize that it will be difficult to make your place in a competitive environment. It’s difficult because you should be in a market where there are behemoths. But the advantage of a competitive market is that you know it’s a profitable market because there are already a lot of people living on it.

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Start A Smart Company

startup company data

What’s up !!! This is THE stephane ANDRE. I watch an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

To create a company, most people advise to leave school or job to be 100% focused on creating the company. I advise you to start your business part-time and continue your school or job. An excellent method for this is « Lean Startup » . The principle of Lean Startup is to put on the market as fast as possible your product/service at minimum viable.

2 different methods

method scientific


Let’s take a closer look at what most people do. A person has an idea to start a company, so this person does a market research to minimize the risks. Then this person will seek financing with bank loans after calculating the needs of the business. These business needs based on a 3-years business plan that is extremely theoretical and hypothetical. You should know that in 99% of cases, as soon as the company is open and prospects are in contact with the products/services, these business plans have no connection with the reality of the field.

The problem with this method is that this person works for 1 year to create a product/service and when it’s available, this person realize that everyone doesn’t care. When the product/service isn’t selling, the stress rises enormously and you have to find a way to pay back people who lend money to your company.

Lean startup

With the Lean Startup’s method, when a person has a product/service idea, the principle is to find the minimum basic function of that which would interest the audience and the prospects who would be willing to buy. Then you have to do a test as soon as possible on the market. There is something very important that Michael Masterson said : « Before your business make its first sale, it’s nothing more than a set of unproven ideas that you are spending money on ».

That is why it’s necessary to set up a field test in the most real conditions possible with the most minimal version of your product/service.

Here is an example with someone who wants to buy a parking lot to rent it :

  • With the classic method, this person bought a random parking lot hoping to have many prospects interested in renting it.

  • With the Lean Startup method, this person will find an interesting parking lot to buy. Then this person will post an ad in an ads posting site and on social media and will wait to see if there are peope interested in renting it. If people call this person to say : « I’m interested in having your parking lot, I’d like to rent it », in this case this person will buy the parking lot. If nobody is interested in the parking lot, this person will not buy it.

Test quicky

test field

There are several other methods like this to test. In my case, it’s my blog to build my brand and until today, I’m doing it part-time. Here is a 3-part article in the power of a blog ( here  ).

Create my blog allowed me to :

  1. To know if I could find and keep my rhythm to write articles

  2. To know if I could share interesting things to create an audience

  3. To know if I could possibly monitize this blog with this audience

Once you have the idea, you need to test it as soon as possible to see what is happening on the field to collect feedback from the first customers and to know if you have an interesting business model or not. This test is excellent for eliminating a lot of uncertainty.

The cool thing about the Lean Startup method is that you’ll really start investing a lot of time, money and energy when you have your first customers who will help you improve your product/service.

Let things be clear, Lean Startup isn’t a magic formula, it’s necessary to act and start the process again, until you have a product/service that interest people.

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Ankle Sprain

ankle sprain inversion lateral

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in biomechanics to avoid injuries. I read « Sport Medicine Media Guide » and I learned some good stuff.

A sprain is a stretch injury of the ligament that supports the ankle. This sprain often happens to the ligament outside the ankle when the foot is twisted inward (inverted). It’s a « lateral » ankle sprain that localized to the ligaments in the outer/lower part of the ankle.

A « high » ankle sprain (or syndesmosis injury) is a ligament stretch injury that holds the tibia and fibula together in the lower leg. This type of sprain happens when the ankle is twisted outward, it’s an eversion injury.

ankle sprain inversion eversion syndesmatic lateral medial high

When there is a sprain, the ankle is tender and swollen on the outside, above and at the front of the ankle bone, but the pain doesn’t come from the ankle bone. A sprain can create moderate or severe pain that can prevent the foot from supporting the body weight.

ankle sprain stretch injury grade

Treatment of sprained ankle

ankle sprain rice rest ice compression elevation

The basic treatment is what we call RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation). During a severe sprain, it’s advisable to use a walking boot to help support the ankle.

Recovery time for a « lateral » sprain is usually 1-3 weeks and for a « high » sprain is usually 3-6 weeks.

Rehabilitation can begin a few days after the sprain when swelling decreases. The rheabilitation has 3 goals :

  1. Restore movement and flexibility

  2. Restore strength

  3. Restore balance

How to avoid a ankle sprain

It’s possible to use a brace to help prevent sprains. There are several types of neoprene or elastic materials. Here are some models on Amazon, click here .


  • Ankle sprains are more common in all sport that involve cutting and pivoting

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Work Effectively And Earn More (Part1)

work effectively

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Everyone wants to work more efficiently to save time and make more money. There are 2 books to learn how to do this and I’m going to do a synthesis of 2. Maybe you already know theses 2 books, it’s « 4 Hours Workweek  » by Tim Ferriss  and « The One Minute Millionaire » by Mark Victor and Robert Allen.

Before you start, it’s important that you know that there is a special relationship between time and money. The idea is to better manage your time in your day to make your money work for you and make more money. There are several actions to put in place to do this and these actions based on 3 laws :

  • Leverage – Leverage gives you the speed to reach your goals faster. With a lever, you can control several elements. There are 5 types of leverage in 5 forms. We’ll see this in detail.

  • Pareto’s law.

  • Parkinson’s law


lever effect leverage

Let’s start with the leverage and its different points of support. There is a very interesting quote from Archimedes :

« Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough and I will move the world »

Leverage allows you to reach your financial goals more easily and quickly. The higher the fulcrum is, the higher you can go up and far.

5 points of support

Money from others

Very useful in the real estate because the money of the banks and the tenant can allow you to have an additional income and a heritage. This heritage is largely financed by the money of others.

Skills of others

By meeting professionals who have more experience than you and mentors on your professional field, you can follow their examples. This allow you to access years of knowledge in a very short time, and avoid making mistakes that can cost you a lot of money and waste a lot of time.

Ideas of others

Find a partner who is willing to share ideas. For example to create your business instead of reinventing the wheel, you can join a franchise network to use and implement a business model that has been proven.

Time of others

Use the skills of someone who has more experience than you, by this way you can save. Delegate tasks.

Work of others

Support a team that is capable to manage things for you without you need to give last minutes instructions. Create a team with a list of instructions so that they are as autonomous as possible.

5 forms of support points



Mentors are an incredible source of information. Select the people who inspire you from the people who have succeeded in the field you want to master.


It’s known to many we can accomplish more than alone. A team makes it possible to work in synergy and to find solutions more quickly. Find people who have the same values as you and who have complementary skills.

One of the best example of a successful team is the team Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who together created Apple. Steve Wozniak is a computer genius, he created the first Apple computer, the Apple 1 and he largely created the Apple 2 that made the success of Apple. Steve Wozniak is a very nice person but at the time, he didn’t have the skills to sell these computers. Steve Jobs was a sales genius but he didn’t have the skills to create these computers.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs separately have never been able to create something as impressive as Apple, the association of these 2 people who shared the same values and the desire to offer people computers easier to use have marked the history of computer with Apple.


The more professional relationships you have, the greater the leverage will be. Grow your network in the areas where you want to share and work.

Skills and tools

Having essential tools to reach the goal and mastering the operation of theses tools increase success. Skills to master are the power of persuasion, rhetoric and humor.


Using a good system increases the chances of success. To make money, there are millions of systems (there are so many on internet). The perfect system has 5 characteristics :

  1. No need to liquidity

  2. No risk or little

  3. Require no time

  4. Require no management

  5. Require little effort

The truth is that is very, very, very difficult to find an investment system that has these 5 characteristics, but you have to try to get as close as possible to work less and earn more money.

Pareto’s law

pareto law 20 80

Parkinson’s law or the 20/80’s law discovered by the economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto. This principle explains that 20% of the countries of the world share 80% of the wealth and that within these countries 20% of the people share 80% of the wealth. Here is the basis of this principle : « 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes », which means that a minimum of causes create a maximum of effects. Always try to identify in your actions or in your company, the 20% of actions which bring 80% of results.

Parkinson’s law

parkinson law time effort

Parkinson’s law discovered by historian and essayist Cyril Northcote Parkinson. This principle explain that the work extends so as to occupy the time available for the completion of a task. For example, if you put 2 hours to do a task that can be done in 1 hour, you still go for 2 hours. To have more time, we must force ourselves to have less. The basis of this principle is to do a task at 50% or 75% of the recommended time to do it.

In this section, we saw leverage, Pareto’s law and Parkinson’s law. In the 2nd part, we’ll see the 5 actions to be effective and the 4 actions to make more money.

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Work With An Alias

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy and I learned good stuff.

In the last article, I showed you how to do a simple A/B test. We will continue with the result we had with the A/B test.

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

Here is the result of the A/B test. What is in orange is the percentage of men who left the bank, it’s 16%. What is in blue is the percentage of women who left the bank, it’s 25%.

With our bar chart we can quickly see that women are more likely to leave the bank than men, all the rest being equal in our sample.

I remind you that this is a basic A/B test. There are 2 type of A/B test, the basic A/B test and the statistical A/B test. The statistical A/B test is done with a statistical test like the KHI-2 test. For our case, the basic A/B test already give us good insights.

To make our bar chart even easier to read, we will work with aliases.

The first thing we will do is we will improve the format. Right-click on this space between « Gender » and the bars and select « Format… ».

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

The « Sheet » tab appears. In « Worksheet » changes the text size to « 12 ».

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

What is good with data mining is that we aren’t obligated to make a perfect chart because we don’t have to present them in a report to managers or a meeting.

For example, if I had to present this chart in a report, it would be necessary to change the vertical title. But we only make a model so this change isn’t necessary.

Now, look at this rectangle. We can see « Exited », « 0 » and « 1 ».

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

« 0 » means that the client stayed in the bank and « 1 » means that the client left the bank. We can also see that client who left the bank are in orange so 25% for women and 16% for men. And the client who stayed in the bank are blue so 75% for women and 84% for men.

We did an excellent basic A/B test but it would be much easier to read if we replace « 0 » with « Stayed » and « 1 » with « Exited ».

With aliases we can do that. An alias is to replace the binary results « 0 » and « 1 » with « Stayed » and « Exited » because it’s not easy to remember the meaning of « 0 » and « 1 ».

There are 2 ways to do it : create a calculated field or use aliases.

We will use aliases. Know that aliases are not going to change the « 0 » and « 1 » in the dataset, this change is only in Tableau.

In « Dimensions », right-click on « Exited » and select « Aliases… ».

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

A small window appears. In this small window, you can create an alias for each value contained in the « Exited » variable.

The variable « Exited » contains the value « 0 » and « 1 ». For the value « 0 », we will create the alias « Stayed » to say that the client stayed in the bank. For the value « 1 », we will create the alias « Exited » to say that the client left the bank. Then click on the « OK » button.

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

Look, we can see the new values in the rectangle.

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

The values « 0 » and « 1 » have been replaced by « Stayed » and « Exited ».

Now that the aliases saved, we will take the variable « Exited » in « Dimensions » and move it to « Label ».

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

data science alias bar chart tableau mining

Look, we have our aliases « Stayed » and « Exited » on the bar chart.

In this ways, it’s easier for people to read the bar chart without asking what meaning of « 0 » of « 1 » values. « Stayed » and « Exited » are clearer.

Now you know how to use aliases so that people can easily read the binary values of a chart.

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Frank Zane and Sadik Hadzovic  ?

Frank Zane
There is a easy thing to a heated debate than naming an athlete the best of all time. Who is the best between Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenneger or Phil Health ?

Frank Zane
To become one of the best, why not work with a legend. Sadik do it, right now with Frank Zane. And this combination work really well
Frank Zane

Frank said about Sadik he have excellent characteristics he wanted to have and if he work seriously, he could have one of the best physics of all time.
Frank Zane

This process of Sadik take all his sens because if you want be the best, you must work with the bests. When you hear Frank Zane, the star with the V-body, Sadik has already step up to the next level.

Frank Zane