Heat Illness

heat illness

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in biomechanics to avoid injuries. I read « Sport Medicine Media Guide » and I learned some good stuff.

Every summer, hundreds of people experience sun-related illnesses and heat. Being prepared and hydrated avoids theses situations.


When an athlete exercises, his/her body temperature increase and the body sweats to cool the body. During this process, body fluids and electrolytes are lost. If the boy is not recharged with fluids and electrolytes, it’s dehydration and it increase the risk of heat illness as a heat stroke.


Symptoms are :

  • Chills

  • Dark colored urine

  • Dry mouth

  • Headaches

  • Thirst

  • Weakness

If the heat illness progress, there are more serious symptoms like :

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Body temperature increasing to dangerous levels

  • Muscle cramps

  • Nausea

  • Tingling of the limbs

  • Death

How to prevent

The most effective treatments for heat illness are :

  • Proper training for the heat

  • Fluid replacement before, during, and after exertion

  • Appropriate clothing (light colored, loose fitting and limited to one layer)

  • Early recognition via direct monitoring of athlete by other players, coaches and medical staff

  • Monitoring the intensity of physical activity appropriate for fitness and how an athlete has acclimated to conditions.

  • If possible, having an athletic trainer on site during events and practices to properly prevent and treat heat illnesses.

In situations where the training program is intense or during a trip in a hot climate, an athlete should limit the intensity and duration of the training session. Thereafter, the athlete will increase the training’s intensity for a period of 7-14 days to allow to the body, the time to adjust to the climate and environmental conditions. For athletes with respiratory, gastrointestinal or other diseases, they should especially evaluate these new conditions.

When an athlete should hydrate


It’s necessary to hydrate before, during and after a training session. Drinking 47cl (16 ounces) of water is recommended 1 hour before exercises. Hydration should continue with 11-23cl (4-8 ounces) of water every 15-20 minutes throughout the effort

There is a trick to track the hydration’s level is to weigh before and after a physical activity. If the athlete is lighter after a physical activity, this means that there a deficit of fluids (indicated by weight loss) and it’s necessary to recharge them. For the next physical activity, it will be essential to drink more to evaluate the losses (perspiration). An athlete who loses more than 2-3% of his/her bodyweight during exercise may decrease the performance and the body’s physiological function.

If the athlete is heavier after a physical activity, it means that there is a surplus of fluids (indicated by gain weight). For the next physical activity, it will be essential to drink less to evaluate the surplus.

How to treat it

When you see signs of heat illness or heat stroke, it may be an imminent danger of death. It’s necessary that a person immediately call for medical assistance while you’re cooling the person at risk.

Treatment included :

  • Getting the athlete to a shaded area

  • If it heat stroke, cool the athlete rapidly using cold water immersion. If immersion is not available you may use spray from a hose, cold water sponging, or placing cold towels over the entire body

  • Monitoring body temperature

  • Providing cool beverage if possible (i.e., if the athlete doesn’t have altered consciousness).

  • Getting medical assistance as soon as possible.

Heat exhaustion is a type of heat illness that can happen after several days of exposure to high temperature and improper or unbalanced fluid recharging.


  • Heat stroke is a type of serious illness related to heat. It can cause death to athletes and this is probably the leading cause of athlete death during the months of July and August.

  • The body produces 1.8 liters (a half of gallon) of perspiration to cool the body every hour. If there are not enough fluids or the heat is overwhelming the body, the person may develop heat-related illness.

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Why Self-Motivation It’s Important


Last week, I admit I had lost a little motivation in all areas of my life. Many people told me their problems and others asked me why I was working so much on my websites because I don’t make money with. And my parents put me under pressure. They prefer that I do like all my friends, moved in with a girlfriend.

I have courses to create my startup (The Family ) , which is cool with them, it’s they take care startups that have potential. They help them to fundraiser and all. Well, a teacher told us a phrase that I liked : « Nobody congrats you for your business ». Back home, I analyzed this sentence in all directions. Personally, I never congratulated one of my teachers or my bosses for their work.

And you’ve already done ? No, never. We’re always complaining because the course is too hard or because the salary isn’t high enough. Now about your body. Who have congratulated you for your evolution ? (No, your mother doesn’t count). NOBODY except if someone can enjoy what you have. An example, I know that my friends use me to pick up girls, it doesn’t bother me but they don’t congrat me for my evolution.

fake congratulation

You know what I’m talking about ! Because you, you evolve, your environment can have access to things he hadn’t access before. You open the way and others follow. We can be in a loneliness situation because our level increases but not our friends. I think in my entourage, there are people who have an inferiority complex when they see me because my body really change and girls look at me differently. You know phrases like : « No, no, don’t take off your t-shirt ».

In my course, we talk about entrepreneur’s loneliness, it’s why it’s important to have a self-motivation’s method. I do Tai Chi and I read my goals mornings and evenings. But this weekend, I watched the movie « The Secret » and it gave me a breath of fresh air that surprised me. It motivated me even more than I thought. Maybe for you it will be a book or anything else but what I noticed is that if watch « The Secret » all weekends, I would have a better state of mind and I will be more efficient.

My aunt always told me it’s important to go to church every Sunday to evacuate all week’s problems and recharge. I’m not going to church but it’s the same feeling I had while I was watching the movie.

fresh air

When you do something that no one in his entourage make, you must self-motivate you! Nobody will help you to have strong mindset to deal with problems that nobody knows. You don’t have a choice. Choosing to live the lifestyle you want create a lot of unexpected pressures. There is no magic formula but I have found my thing to have the energy and stay focused. I wish you will find also a self-motivation’s method that allows you to live the lifestyle you want.


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