Have A Lot Of Ideas For Articles Or Videos


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Here is an idea for having several ideas to create articles and videos. This idea is to write a book of at least 50 pages.

The concept is to share regularly with your audience your reflections and the development of your book.

While you’re writing your book, you’re going to learn new things because you really want your book to help people. It’s for this reason that you show your book’s content before your publishing it.

Maybe for you it’s something stupid because your audience can read your book’s content for free but here is the detail of the process.

Infinite source

When you’re writing a book, you’re in a research mood much more powerful and motivating than usual and your brain will look for ideas for your book constantly with information, scientific studies, case studies, etc. All this will stimulate your creativity to make articles or videos.



Share your book’s contents as quickly as possible, allowing you to see how people react to a theme or a chapter. When you know people’s reaction, you can correct your content if you see that it doesn’t interest anyone or change the way you present or write that. There are also people who will give you additional information.

Share allows you to avoid losing 2 years of your life writing a book in your bedroom and on the day of publication, no one wants to buy it because it’s not interesting.

Now it’s up to you to choose the content’s type with which you are most comfortable, written or video version. As you know, each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

But it’s always possible to give an excerpt from your book on a theme and start doing trailer videos while waiting for the book’s publication.

Write your book

It’s really interesting to write a book at any stage of your entrepreneurial life (beginner of expert) and it’s easy to write a digital book (e-book). All word processors convert a text file into PDF and it’s really cool.

Share your book’s content regularly with you audience in a text or video format to update your book’s contents and meet the needs of your audience with a theme that interests you. In addition with this process, this will create you unexpected opportunities that will help your to grow your business.

Share this articles if you think it can help someone you know. Thank you.



Sleep Well

night stars

This article is the first article of « Body Massacre » that document my body’s evolution. I thought to do an article about my physique with a picture, my bodyfat percentage and my measurements but I’ve changed my mind.

In the locker room, I was talking with a gym’s member who telling me he was happy because he had spent three days without training. He thought train today was going to be difficult but he had a lot of energy. I explain it’s normal because the body needs to rest to repair and build new muscles. Sleep as much hours as possible and have a day to rest is super important.

He knows that I train everydays but I told him that I sleep 7 hours per night (I sleep at 23h30 / 11:30 pm) and Sunday, my day off, I only do 50 minutes of cardio and sometimes a nap. He replied that he usually sleeps at 2h00 in the morning (2:00 AM)! Have less than 6 hours of sleep everydays of the week will absolutely not gonna help to get a better health !

smiley sleep

It’s true that there are people who can sleep 4 hours per night. The people I know who do that, the weekends, they sleep a lot , a lot to re-balance the sleep’s hours and they’re not athletes. The body needs a certain number of sleep’s hours and athletes need more sleep hours. When we sleep not enough we are in a bad mood, bad mood = bad day, it’s simple.

Me too, before I slept late but it was to do what ? I’ll tell you, watching a TV show, playing video games, watching a porno. It was really anythings that improved my lifestyle, right ? When I realized good sleep could improve the quality of my mindset and my muscles, I created a new habit to do meditation before bed and put my smartphone on the other side of the room to not be tempted.

Since I do that, I’m better mood, I have more energy and my periodizations are better, the quality of my skin is better and there are lots of other benefits. When we were kids, this one who slept late was a « gangster » ,now, we are adults and life is so stressful that it’s really stupid to age faster due to the lack of sleep.

And you ? You always sleep late ? What is your tips to sleep better ?


Your Talent


I had a chat last night with an old entrepreneur who has retired. He told me his life and give me some advice. I want to share with you what I understood.

You can make mistakes, make mistakes is a good thing. The difference is a wise person learns from his mistakes and a stupid person will repeat the same mistakes again and again. That’s why you have to be careful, you have to be aware of that.

What I mean is that no matter what you chose in your life, be sure to do something that you really want to do, use your talent. Qualify yourself as a person who represents who you are and be passionate about it.

Passion helps to express your talent in the best way with the best quality. If you are good at something and you practice a little bit, you know you’re not very passionate about it and there are people in your city that have the same talent as you and work it every day, study it every day and they will surpass you, you understand. If you are good at some things, practice, dont think that’s acquired and your talent can help to take care of your life.


What do you want to do in your life, you can do it, but be sure it’s somethings that people in the society can benefit, do it. If you are good to make videos game and that it’s beneficial for people of society and that arguments of your « why » are good, go ahead.

For me, it’s fitness I like to help people become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. Find what you love to do and immerse yourself in, learn all about it. And if there is something you don’t know about it, you know that there are resources to find the correct information and once you found it, give this information to people. You understand when you do that, your passion become your profession.

Focuses you on your passion, on your excellent talent, cultivate it, be passionate about it. More you will be passionate, more you express yourself better with people about it and people will see the purity that you have in. Find what you love to do in your life and your professional career can be something cool, it can be something that you really want to do. Why not ? I have friends who make a lot of money but they don’t like their jobs and it makes them sad.

You have the opportunity to do that ! It’s true, we want to go to the club, to go out with girls but listening what is most important now ! Your idea is to go party now and work hard later. Do the opposite, work hard now when you’re full of energy and go to party later.


Being independent is a really good opportunity and don’t be afraid to do something your entourage had never did. Those who take risks, take calculated risks and they become very successful people in their lives. If you want a safe and quiet lifestyle, do it. I don’t want to prevent it, people live well like that. But if you want to be part of successful people, you have to take risks. Nothing spectacular happens when you don’t take risks, you have to trust you at 100%.

I let you meditate with all that and amuses you with your talent !

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