Needs Of Bodybuilders

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in nutrition to stay in shape. I read a Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book « Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding » and I learned some good stuff.

Bodybuilders are unique athletes in the demands they have with their body. They want a maximum of muscle mass and a minimum of fat at the same time. For football, strongman or weightlifter athletes, they have a workout program to maximize the size and strength of the musles without worrying about reducing bodyfat. For boxing, wrestling or gymnastics athletes, they have a workout program that has allowed them to lose fat to be lean without really needing a diet to reduce bodyfat.

For bodybuilding competitions, bodybuilders must achieve a bodyfat level of 15-18% for women and 5-8% for men.

To learn constantly

bodybuilder, bodybuiling, food, nutrition, nutritionist, science

Bodybuilders have a small margin of error. They eat enough calories to grow muscles and they must be able to reduce their bodyfat by losing the minimum amount of muscle to be shredded. They can use aerobic exercise to burn the extra calories but it doesn’t have to deteriorate the strength training.

Bodybuidlers need to control calories by being careful to have enough protein to build and maintain muscles. Nutrition is complex and this science has a constant evolution. That’s why nutritionists teach us new things every day.

Fortunately, there are basic principles of nutrition that are implanted and mastering these fundamentals is essential for a bodybuilder to fully utilize his/her genetic potential for his/her physical development.

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Fitness History – Ancient civilization (Part 3)

ancient civilisation

The Middle East (4000 -. 250 BC)

ancient middle east

Early on, politicians and military leaders of the civilization of Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Palestine, Persia and Syria have realized the importance of fitness for the efficiency and effectiveness of military force. The fitness was encouraged in society. Perhaps the best example of a civilization that used the fitness for political and military objectives was the Persian Empire. Persian leaders demanded a strict physical fitness from its people through a hard training program. At the age of 6, boys was the property of the Empire and were training including hunting, walking, horse riding and javelin throwing. Fitness training increased strength and endurance was not a health criterion, the aim was to create soldiers able to help to expand the Empire. The Persian Empire during his best years with its policy and insisting on a high fitness finally conquered the entire Middle East. However, this requirement on a high fitness through Persia civilization fell because of influences and corruption between politicians and military leaders. The fall and the end of the Persian Empire came when the Persian people was characterized by a low fitness.

Ancient Greek Civilization (2 500-200 BC.)


ancient athens

Maybe no other civilization had such a high esteem of fitness as ancient Greece. The ideals of physical perfection was the main theme of the Greek civilization. The appreciation of the beauty of the body and the importance of health and fitness throughout society was unprecedented in history. The Greeks believed that the body development was also important that the mind development. Physical well-being was necessary for mental well-being with the need for a strong and healthy body to harbor a healthy mind. Many doctors have facilitated the growth of fitness throughout ancient Greece as Herodicus, Hippocrates and Galen.

Gymnastics and music were considered the most important subjects in school. A common saying in ancient Greece is « Exercise for the body and music for the soul ». The gym was in Palaestra who were physical education places for young boy. The palaestra consisted of an indoor facility for gymnastics and outdoor space to running, jumping and wrestling. When adulthood was reached, typically between the ages of 14 and 16, the site for fitness changed from palaestra to gymnasium. Exercises in the palaestra and the gymnasium was supervised by the « paidotribe » which was similar to the modern fitness coach. This idealistic fitness situation was very strong in Athens much more than a similar democratic society like the United States of America.



The Spartans of Northern Greece still had more esteem for fitness than the Athenians. However, the greatest interest for fitness with the Spartan culture was for military purposes. During this era, the state of Greece was frequently at war. Fighting skills were strongly linked to physical fitness levels, it was very important for people to maintain a high fitness level. Spartan society required men to make a special fitness program at the age of 6 years old. From that age until adulthood, the government was responsible for the children education and training. This education was a rigorous training program which ensured that all boys would turn into a soldier with excellent physical condition. It was also required women to maintain a good physical condition to be able to have strong children who could serve the state. The strong military culture of Sparta culture resulted in one of the most physically fit societes in the history of mankind.

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Fitness History- China and India (2 500-250 BC.) (Part 2)

ancient civilisation


ancient civilisation china

In China, the philosophy taught by Confucius encouraging regular physical activity. It was recognized that physical inactivity was associated with certain diseases (organ dysfunction such as heart disease and diabetes) that were preventable with regular exercise. Consequently, gymnastics Cong Fu was developed to keep the body in good conditions. Cong Fu exercise program consisted of different poses and movements characterized by foot positions and imitating different animals fighting style. In addition to gymnastics Cong Fu, there were other forms of physical activities through ancient China such as archery, badminton, dancing, fencing and wrestling.


ancient civilisation india

In India, physical activity was discouraged because of religious beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism who insisted on spirituality and neglect development of the body. Consequently, the importance of physical activity in society was really low. However, a similar exercise program to Chinese Cong Fu was developed and still comply with religious beliefs, it’s Yoga. The exact origins of Yoga have not yet been found. Yoga has exist for around at least 5000 years. Yoga word translation means union and refers to one of the classic systems of Hindu philosophy of bringing together all personal development of the body, mind and spirituality. Originally Yoga was developed by Hindu priests who had a lifestyle characterized by discipline and meditation. With the observation and imitation of animal movements, priests hoped to achieve the same balance with nature that animals seemed to possess. This aspect of Yoga, known as Hatha Yoga is the form with which Westerners are most familiar and is defined by a series of exercises with physical postures and breath control. Apart balance with nature, the ancient Indian philosophies recognize the beneficial health effects with a good organ function and well-being. These health benefits have also been known today to the United States with an estimated 12 million people regularly practicing yoga.

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