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whole grain food


I remember when my mother told me it was good to eat “whole grain” bread, I liked the taste. Later I discovered that are also bagels, muffins, pasta and more.

I’m convinced that we have already explained to you than white bread with refined grains was not good for the body, so, I guess you say that foods with “whole grain” are better. I also told it myself that’s logical, but just to be curious, look at it more closely.

In this e-book, I will not tell you about the low carb diet. Carbohydrates use in moderate way can be healthy for your health, just choose the right methods. By cons, it doesn’t mean necessarily that “whole grain” foods are the top.

Compared to other cultures, « whole grains » crops are not expensive to grow and process. Easy to deduce that the large food companies make a lot of money and once again they will use a clever marketing to make you believe that it is “healthy”.

One thing that happens with « whole grains » is that the « whole grains » breads and cereals quickly boosts your blood sugar, which is doing an insulin spike and makes you want to eat more, later.

In summarize, you eat more calories without realizing it !

« Whole grains » products have a lot of calories with low nutritional quantity. For example, gluten is contained in large quantities in « whole grains » and cereals while a large percentage of the population have an intolerance level of gluten, which raises a new concern.

To be more specific according to a study, the population has a small degree of intolerance of gluten 50-70% in many grains and corn is the worst.

When you think about our digestive systems, 200,000 years with a diet that contained almost no seeds or grains. In ancient human diet, there was not all the different amount of foods that we have today. It’s clear, imagine how it was in 1900, it’s madness.

There are only a few thousand years, when agriculture became important grains and cereals were most used in food. So that our digestive systems are not yet suitable for use in large quantities.

And with all this you become fatter with new health concern !

Another important issue concerning « whole grains » ….

Like opium, whole wheat has addictive properties … ..and yes ….

In his book Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis shows very convincing evidence about it. Wheat contains elements named “exorphins” that have the same effect as drugs based opuim in your brain. It’s for this reason that people have difficulty to stop eating their favorite breads, cereals, pasta or muffins. We are addicted to this food.

This is some thing I know and it happens to me again, I confess, sometime I eat a whole pack of muffins in less than one hour.

But wait, wait, it’s not over, wheat starch increasing rapidly sugar levels in the blood. More than table sugar which has the effect of AGING you faster. All because of this starch which starts the process of “glycation”.

Well, I know you can’t remove « whole grains » from your diet and frankly it’s the same thing for me …..but don’t panic, there are some tricks to balance all that and boost your results to lose your fat.



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