Build Posterior Perfect (Part 1)

posterior back muscle 

(or lose more than 45 kg [100 lbs]

I am my own experience. I am my own work of art.


The back is the power lifters that the biceps are for bodybuilders.

-Randall J. Strossen, publisher of the magazine MILO

This chapter will teach you to men and women, how to build superhuman posterior muscle chain, which includes all of the core muscles of your skull down to your Achilles tendons.

In the process, it will also teach women how to build the perfect butt and lose huge amounts of fat.

For maximum strength and sex appeal in a minimum of time, the posterior muscle chain is where you should focus.

The Bet


“We have a bet to make.”

Tracy Reifkind arrived at work that evening expecting a normal job evening. But six of his female colleagues had reached critical mass money for a bet. Each had put in $ 100 and a total of $ 600 to anyone who would lose the most body fat percentage in 12 weeks. Tracy was the lucky number seven and upping the ante to $ 700.

It was good timing.

Tracy was a chubby kid when children were not plump. She had continued to gain weight throughout life and had finally weighed 245 lbs (111.1 kg) at 41 years old. She herself had agreed to a dismal fate: she would never be able to experience some of the basics like wearing a tank top.

But his weight had to create health problems. She had become a gourmet cook with the dream of visiting Italy and this trip -almost to reach her dream was now compromised because of his obesity. She had gastrointestinal problems, which meant that it was impossible to travel.

“Everything was going wrong with what I had to do because of the fact that I was fat. Every day, I felt like I dodged bullets. I didn’t go to a doctor because I didn’t want I was discovering that I had pre-diabetes or heart disease. I just like eating and I was not ready to stop. I, of course, I knew what I had to do. But the bet, this event , gave me reason and a deadline”.

Tracy has taken up the challenge. It was somehow convinced that she would win. The real question is: how ?

The answer comes from the most unexpected, strong men.

Michelle Obama’s arms

michelle obama arms

Tracy was speechless, she looked in the dressing room’s mirror in San Jose. She put the new pair of jeans and turned. Then she turned again. She turned and turned countless times.

“What? That’s me!” She saw the arm she had never seen before. She also had her tank top.

Tracy Reifkind had lost more than 100 lbs (45.3 kg) 45 lbs (20.4 kg) of fat in the first 12 weeks and won her bet. But numbers are not enough to do physique justice to her : this mother of two children looked 10 years younger at 129.6 lbs (58.7 kg).

The secret wasn’t marathon aerobics or severe caloric restriction. It was the Russian kettle bell swing, twice a week for an average of 15-20 minutes. Its peak session length was 35 minutes.

She was introduced to kettle bells by her husband, Mark Reifkind, the former coach of the US team powerlifting was also competing against Kurt Thomas in the Olympics.

“All women want Michelle Obama’s arms. The truth is that you can have them and a new body, in four weeks. The swing with both hands is a jewelry. If you should make a single movement for the rest of your life, do the kettle bell swing “.

Tracy Reifkind

Design the body: Tracy removed the curves she didn’t want and added the curves she wanted.

Tracy Reifkind

Tim Ferriss agrees with Tracy at 100%, although the path that led him to swing was quite different.

In 1999, Tim Ferriss made a thrice-weekly pilgrimage in Princeton to Philadelphia where he trained in a gym called Maxercise. For 45 minutes of training, what justified this trip ? Steve Maxwell, the owner of Maxercise, was six times Pan-American gold medalist in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (two world championships come later) and a held a master’s degree in exercise science. His clients were between the FBI and Secret Service to baseball player of Phillies and Dodgers. He focused on measurable results. If something doesn’t work, it wasn’t used for a long time with Maxwell.

The first meeting with Tim Ferriss and kettle bells was a frosty winter evening in the torture chamber of the second floor of Maxercise. It was generally reserved for fighters and aspiring strongmen. Most movements of high speed with the kettle bell like “the snatch”, was regarded as a standard for training programs, it didn’t work well with his injured shoulder.s Tim Ferriss abandoned kettle bells after two sessions.

It wasn’t until six years later that Tim Ferriss that realize how much the kettle bells is simple. A movement: the swing.