When Your Internet Company Is Not Working

internet company

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Here are some tips to improve your situation if you want to have an internet company or you already have an internet company. These principles are basically intended for infopreneurs, it means selling information products (ebook and online training) but over time all companies should use these principles to boost their reputations.

In an internet company, there are 3 pillars : traffic, authority and relation.


This is the number of people who visit your website and your entire ecosystem (social media – instagram, youtube, facebook, snapchat, twitter, etc.).


This is the way your audience sees you as an expert. You can be an excellent expert and not know how to communicate, so your audience sees your expertise at a level below your actual expertise. And it can also have the opposite situation where your audience sees your expertise at a level higher than your real expertise. In this case, you’re a crook !


This is the level where your audience appreciates you as a human being rather than a company.

Pillars check

What is interesting to do is to note where you think you are in the 3 pillars (traffic, authority and relation) from 1 to 10. « 1 » is the person who has just started and « 10 », is the person who is one of the best infopreneurs in the world like Gary Vaynerchuk  or Casey Neistat .

Don’t hesitate to ask people you know to have a more objective point of view. The ideal is a close friend who is really interested in your company and who understands what you’re doing. Ask this friend : « What rating would you give me between 1 and 10 ? Go ahead, be frank, you don’t need to spare my ego ! ». With an outside eye, it will help you find the problem.




It’s possible that you have a huge traffic on your website but if people don’t perceive you as an expert who has enough experience to help them and they don’t like you (they perceive you more like a salesman as a human being), they will not buy your products and services.

Conversion rate

This concerns the conversion rate between your traffic and the people who sign up for your email list. People who sign up for your email list are people who are really interested in what you’re doing and who want receive the free gift you are offering (ebook or exclusive video). People who subscribe to your email list have given you permission to contact them through their email knowing they can unsubscribe at any time.

What it interesting to do is to note where you think to be in your conversion rate from 1 to 10 ? For example, when there are 100 people visiting your website, how many are subscribed to your email list ? If you rate is 0, you’re not offering any interesting gifts or you’re not making a call to action for your email list. In these cases, you have to work on it to offer a better free gift or tell people that they can sign up for your email list.

We must know that today, email remains the most effective way to contact people and it will remain so for a long time. Attention, that doesn’t mean that when you send an email thanking for the loyalty of your subscribers or a promotional email for a product/service, you shouldn’t also talk about that in your ecosystem (social media) with a video, a picture, a post on different platforms.

It’s important to know that if you’re doing content marketing and your company is based on the free content you create, you need at least a 5% conversion rate. If you do below that, you have work to do to improve your conversion rate.




It’s possible that you don’t have a product or service to sell or like me at the beginning, I sold a product but there are only 5 people who bought it. In this case, you can do a survey with the people who are on your email list to find out what is the problem they would like to settle as quickly as possible. With this method, you’ll soon be able to create a profitable product because you solve the main problem of you audience. Attention, it’s necessary that you have 1000 people subscribed on your email list to make this survey.


This is one of the simplest ways you can make money. It doesn’t matter if you have more than 1000 people on your email list. When we start an internet company, it’s the easiest thing to do. You offer your skills as a service to your audience. With a small audience, a good authority and a good relation, you’ll have people who will be interested to work with you by doing coaching sessions on Skype, for example.


If you’re a person who likes to write (like me), you can create an ebook that you can sell between USD 17.- and 27.- to start earning some money.


We could talk about this for hours because every situation is different. I don’t know your situation but by following these advices, you will be able to improve your company’s situation, so ACTION.

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Free Content and Paid Content


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Free Content

free content

People when they start to create content on their blog, YouTube channel or Facebook page, they’re afraid to give good quality content for free. Now, it’s normal to give free content so that people get to know you and analyze your expertise. Lets people decide if they like or not your expertise. This is how you build your audience by sharing your knowledge and your expertise. Give something free is the first step to give something to pay.

Don’t hesitate to give the best of your content. If you keep the best for you thinking you can sell it later, you make a huge mistake. The only way to show to the world that you’re one of the best in your field is to show for free what you can do.

There is a lot of free content on internet, the competition is so aggressive that it’s quality that makes the difference.

Paid Content

paid content

The free content you have, you can use it in a different format by adding value. Here are some example :


You can sell a digital book with the best content of your blog/youtube channel (free content). The main thing is that you have to be transparent about the content of this book. The value that this eBook has compared to your blog/youtube channel is that it gathers content of your blog/youtube channel in relation to a theme in a format easy to read (PDF or Kindle). You can also add exclusive content.

Grouping content around a thematic in on place can have an added value of $10-$15. For many people, it’s more convenient to pay for this eBook than spend several hours looking for content in your blog/youtube channel.

Online training

It’s the same thing, you use the free content you have but you present if with videos. The video’s value is greater than the text’s value. Oh yeah, podcast audio is between the 2. It’s better than a text and less than a video.

Look, a Harry Potter’s book is cheaper than a Harry Potter’s DVD/BluRay. It’s the same content but formats are different.

In an online training, people don’t want only content well presented, they want an efficient tracking, an interaction with the community and a network to meet other people with similar interests. An online training also has a pedagogical curriculum that is nonexistent in the free content.

Olivier Roland have an online training of 9 months with more than 140 videos organized in 7 modules. By example if it’s a blog’s training logically blogs participating in training are evolving during online training. This is not just theory, at the end of the training, each blog will have achieved its goals. This is the true value brought to people.


Content is just a part of the equation of what people want. We can recycle content in different ways. But beware, nothing prevents us from putting exclusive content in our eBooks or in our online training.

Yet another way of giving content. Make a workshop in « LIVE » with Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. It’s a way for you to meet your audience and make people meet.

Different format

different digital content

Did you ever see a movie at the cinema and after you bought the DVD/BluRay ? I think « yes » (I also do this). It’s the same content but in 2 different format.

Did you buy an album from a music group that you like and then you go to see their concert ? I think « yes » (I also do this).

We do that because the experience is different. So don’t be afraid to give free quality content. This is the only way people have to see if your work is of good quality.

An example with 2 entrepreneurs :

  • Entrepreneur A : He said : « Hello, I’m the best personal trainer of the world, it’s me the best ! ». On his website, we can watch only one trailer of his training program that lasts 3 minutes.

  • Entrepreneur B : He said : «  Hello, I’m a personal trainer. I have a blog and a youtube channel, you can see my programs ». On his blog and his youtube channel, there is a lot of free content to lose weight and gain muscle.

Which entrepreneurs will have a growing audience ? Entrepreneur B because he share his knowledge and his expertise.

Give free content means that this content doesn’t have a pedagogical curriculum. People who come to see free content have all different goals and this allow to the content creator to have a lot of freedom of expression.

A paid content need to have a pedagogical curriculum to reach a specific goal. The organization and consistency of content must create a value that goes beyond simple content.


Blog content (Part 3)

blog content


Attention, if you didn’t read from the beginning, click Part 1 and Part 2.

With this writing and reading cycle, you discover your potential asymptote. When you begin a process of excellence and knowledge because you read all the articles, all the studies about your subject, you build a quality knowledge. You discover within yourself that you are good at something. Because in the world, everyone, without exception, is good at one domain, you just look for it.


Being vulnerable when we begin to write about a topic. When you go to publish your articles, there will be experts who will read you and ask « But he thinks he’s good ? ». It will always happen here and be vulnerable and willing to be vulnerable, is to accept to have nothing to do with that. Being vulnerable because we’re judged but to continue to be in action. It’s like the Theodore Roosevelt’s speech « Man in the Arena ». Life is like an arena. The majority of people watching gladiators fight and critics but there are very few people in the arena. Create content, this is the same context, it’s a window to the brain and to the heart, it’s stronger.

Not alone

a lot of people

You’re not the only one wanting to build something, to want to express yourself. In the current economic context, there have never been so many people educated in the world. Today, there are more living mathematicians than in the mankind history, therefore to study and have a degree isn’t enough. We must do things by creating content. Write or make videos on a topic you’re passionate is the smallest step towards action and excellence. The action and excellence a little more every day, a little more every day and so on. This isn’t something that is done in 24 hours.

In this world where there are more mathematicians and other scientists, you must become an expert. Everyone becomes an expert in a field. It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, not everyone agrees with this principle, but it takes time to become an expert. We must begin as soon as possible to become an expert on a topic and it isn’t because you’re an expert on a subject at a time that it will remain your expertise all your life. But continuing this approach to search, explore, decant, produce, create, you’ll pass expertise, in expertise, in expertise. And what to keep in mind is that we live in a world where it’s hard to be successful in any field and you have to be a great expert to succeed.

Write to the outside

It’s good to write for himself for all the reasons I have explained but we also do it for the world. Because when you’re going to start writing, you will communicate with other people. You will meet people online that you would never meet, whether people like you who don’t have much knowledge but are enthusiasts or experts who are available on Twitter with whom you can talk about your blog. This is gold, so this is great start moving into the content creation and content publication, it’s fundamental.

This also allows you to pretend : « Fake it unitl you make it ! ». The idea is to sell to see if it works and then design and produce the stuff. It’s selling something that doesn’t exist to see if people are willing to buy it like that we have no need to produce it and see that it doesn’t work. You need to train yourself to pretend to save time and to pretend playing excellence. Albert Einstein said : « Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work … ».

Even if you’re competing with yourself (the hardest competition), imagine that there is a person twice as smart as you. If you work twice as that person, you have twice as much chance to succeed that person who is twice as smart as you. When you’ll start to interest about your topic in extreme and passionate way and you’ll enter in a virtuous circle, you’ll start working hard. You’ll be able to get more things before most people.

Your blog could become a startup

There are many companies that began as a blog. There are articles on internet which list it and we see that it all began with a passion. Groupon, the huge site with limited reduction in time, started with a blog.



When you gonna write about your passion and get better, you’ll create your headquarters (HQ). In all conversations you’re having, you know that there is a subject where you’re super good. That’s the headquarters, it’s a place where you are well. You can go places where you don’t feel safe but once you’re in your headquarters, it’s you who are in a dominant position. And when we have something like that, that create tremendous confidence in us and it allows us to do many more things.

Luck surface

Post articles outside can increase your « luck surface ». A « luck surface » of 1, for example, is to write a letter in a bottle and throw it into the sea to find a soul mate. This is « luck plan : 1 ». Tinder, « luck surface : 10 000 ». This is the « luck surface », it’s to increase the friction ratio with the world to be able to create the chance. There will haters that say : « Yes, but he was lucky, he had a blog, it’s why he found this job, blah, blah, blah ». But no, it’s not luck, it’s just increase the « luck surface ». Increase the « luck surface » with people who share the same passion.

Asynchronous connection

This also allows to make asynchronous connection with people. When you publish articles in your blog, typically, there is the No. 1 network that will work, people who read the article on the day of its publication. But this article will also be referenced in Google and people will read it, 1 year or 3 years after and they will contact you.

It was the last part of « Content blog », I hope that you’re motivated to put you in action to make your passion your profession.


Contenu Blog (Partie 3)

blog content


Avec ce cycle d’écriture et lecture, tu découvre ton asymptote potentiel. Quand tu commence une démarche d’excellence et de connaissance parce que tu lis tous les articles, toutes les études, tous les mémoires concernant ton sujet, tu construis une connaissance de qualité. Tu découvres à l’intérieur de toi que tu es excellent dans quelque chose. Parce que dans le monde, tout le monde, sans exception, est bon dans un domaine, il faut juste le chercher.


Etre vulnérable quand nous commençons à écrire sur un sujet. Quand tu vas publier tes articles, il y aura des experts qui vont te lire et se demander : « Mais pour qui il se prend ? ». Il va toujours se passer ça et être vulnérable et accepter d’être vulnérable, c’est d’accepter de n’avoir rien à faire de ça. Etre vulnérable du fait que nous soyons jugé mais de continuer à être dans l’action. C’est comme le discours de Théodore Roosevelt « L’homme dans l’arène ». La vie c’est comme une arène. La majorité des gens regardent les gladiateurs se battre et les critiques mais il y a très peu de personnes dans l’arène. Créer du contenu, c’est le même contexte, c’est une fenêtre vers son cerveau et vers son coeur, c’est plus fort.

Pas seul

a lot of people

Tu n’es pas le seul vouloir construire quelque chose, à vouloir t’exprimer. Dans le contexte économique actuel, il n’y a jamais eu autant de gens éduqué dans le monde. Aujourd’hui, il y a plus de mathématiciens vivants que dans l’histoire de l’humanité donc faire des études et avoir un diplôme n’est pas assez. Il faut faire des choses en créant du contenu. Ecrire ou faire des vidéos sur une sujet qui te passionne est la plus petite étape vers l’action et l’excellence. L’action et l’excellence tous les jours un peu plus, tous les jours un peu plus, ainsi de suite. Ce c’est pas quelque chose qui est fait en 24h.

Dans ce monde où il y a plus de mathématiciens et d’autres scientifiques, il faut devenir un expert. Tout le monde devient expert dans un domaine. Il faut environ 10 000 heures pour devenir un expert, pas tout le monde est d’accord sur ce principe mais il faut du temps pour devenir un expert. Il faut commencer le plus tôt possible à devenir un expert sur un sujet et ce n’est pas parce que tu es un expert sur sujet à un moment que ça va rester ton expertise toute ta vie. Mais en continuant cette démarche de chercher, d’explorer, de décanter, de produire, de créer, tu vas passer d’expertise, en expertise, en expertise. Et ce qui faut garder en tête, c’est que nous vivons dans un monde où c’est difficile de d’avoir du succès dans n’importe quel domaine et il faut être un excellent expert pour réussir.

Ecrire pour l’extérieur

C’est bien d’écrire pour soi-même pour toutes les raisons que j’ai expliqué mais il faut aussi le faire pour le monde entier. Parce que quand tu vas commencer à écrire, tu vas communiquer avec d’autres personnes. Tu vas rencontrer des gens online que tu n’aurais jamais rencontrer, que ce soit des gens comme toi qui n’ont pas beaucoup de connaissance mais qui sont passionnés ou des experts qui sont accessible sur Twitter avec qui tu peux parler de ton blog. C’est de l’or, c’est génial donc se mettre en mouvement dans la création de contenu et la publication de contenu, c’est fondamental.

Cela te permet aussi de faire semblant : « Fake it unitl you make it ! ». L’idée c’est de vendre pour voir si ça marche et ensuite de designer et de produire le truc. C’est vendre quelque chose qui n’existe pas pour voir si les gens sont prêt à l’acheter comme ça nous avons pas besoin de le produire et voir que ça ne marche pas. Il va falloir que tu t’entraîne à faire semblant pour gagner du temps et pour faire semblant de jouer l’excellence. Albert Einstein disait « Genius is 1 % talent and 99 % hard work… ».

Même si tu es en compétition avec toi-même (la compétition la plus difficile), imagine, qu’il y a une personne deux fois plus intelligente que toi. Si tu travailles deux fois plus que cette personne, tu as deux fois plus de chance de réussir que cette personne qui est deux fois plus intelligente que toi. Quand tu vas commencer à t’intéresser à ton sujet de façon extrême et passioné et entrer dans un cercle vertueux, tu vas commencer à travailler dur. Tu vas pouvoir arriver à plus de choses avant la plupart des gens.

Ton blog pourrait devenir une startup

Il y a beaucoup d’entreprises qui ont commencé en tant que blog. Il y a des articles sur internet qui recensent ça et nous voyons que tout à commencé grâce à une passion. Groupon, le site d’énorme réduction limité dans le temps, à commencé avec un blog.



Quand tu vas écrire sur ta passion et devenir meilleur, tu vas créer ton quartier général (QG). Dans toutes les conversations que tu vas avoir, tu sais qu’il y a un sujet où tu es hyper bon. C’est ça le quartier général, c’est un endroit où tu es bien. Tu peux aller dans des endroits où tu ne te sens pas en sécurité mais dès que tu es dans ton quartier général, c’est toi qui es en position dominante. Et quand nous avons un truc comme ça, cela créer une énorme confiance en nous et ça nous permet de faire beaucoup plus de chose.

Luck surface

Publier à l’extérieur permet d’augmenter ta « luck surface ». Une surface de chance de 1, par exemple, c’est d’écrire une lettre dans une bouteille et de la jeter à la mer pour trouver l’âme sœur. Cela est « Luck surface :1 ». Tinder, « luck surface :10 000 ». C’est cela la « luck surface », c’est augmenter le rapport à la friction au monde pour pouvoir créer de la chance. Il y aura des haineux qui diront : « Oui, mais il a eu de la chance, il avait un blog, c’est pour ça qu’il a trouver ce job, blah,blah,blah ». Mais non, ce n’est pas de la chance, c’est juste augmenter la « luck surface ». Augmenter la « luck surface » avec les personnes qui partage la même passion.

Connexion asynchrone

Cela permet aussi des faire des connexion asynchrone avec les gens. Quand tu publie des articles dans ton blog, typiquement, il y a le réseau n°1 qui va fonctionner, les personnes qui lisent l’article le jour de sa publication. Mais cet article sera aussi référencé dans Google et des gens vont lire l’article 1 an ou 3 ans après et ils vont prendre te contacter.

C’était la dernière partie de « Contenu blog », j’espère que ça t’as motivé de te mettre à l’action pour faire de ta passion, ta profession.