When Your Internet Company Is Not Working

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I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Here are some tips to improve your situation if you want to have an internet company or you already have an internet company. These principles are basically intended for infopreneurs, it means selling information products (ebook and online training) but over time all companies should use these principles to boost their reputations.

In an internet company, there are 3 pillars : traffic, authority and relation.


This is the number of people who visit your website and your entire ecosystem (social media – instagram, youtube, facebook, snapchat, twitter, etc.).


This is the way your audience sees you as an expert. You can be an excellent expert and not know how to communicate, so your audience sees your expertise at a level below your actual expertise. And it can also have the opposite situation where your audience sees your expertise at a level higher than your real expertise. In this case, you’re a crook !


This is the level where your audience appreciates you as a human being rather than a company.

Pillars check

What is interesting to do is to note where you think you are in the 3 pillars (traffic, authority and relation) from 1 to 10. « 1 » is the person who has just started and « 10 », is the person who is one of the best infopreneurs in the world like Gary Vaynerchuk  or Casey Neistat .

Don’t hesitate to ask people you know to have a more objective point of view. The ideal is a close friend who is really interested in your company and who understands what you’re doing. Ask this friend : « What rating would you give me between 1 and 10 ? Go ahead, be frank, you don’t need to spare my ego ! ». With an outside eye, it will help you find the problem.




It’s possible that you have a huge traffic on your website but if people don’t perceive you as an expert who has enough experience to help them and they don’t like you (they perceive you more like a salesman as a human being), they will not buy your products and services.

Conversion rate

This concerns the conversion rate between your traffic and the people who sign up for your email list. People who sign up for your email list are people who are really interested in what you’re doing and who want receive the free gift you are offering (ebook or exclusive video). People who subscribe to your email list have given you permission to contact them through their email knowing they can unsubscribe at any time.

What it interesting to do is to note where you think to be in your conversion rate from 1 to 10 ? For example, when there are 100 people visiting your website, how many are subscribed to your email list ? If you rate is 0, you’re not offering any interesting gifts or you’re not making a call to action for your email list. In these cases, you have to work on it to offer a better free gift or tell people that they can sign up for your email list.

We must know that today, email remains the most effective way to contact people and it will remain so for a long time. Attention, that doesn’t mean that when you send an email thanking for the loyalty of your subscribers or a promotional email for a product/service, you shouldn’t also talk about that in your ecosystem (social media) with a video, a picture, a post on different platforms.

It’s important to know that if you’re doing content marketing and your company is based on the free content you create, you need at least a 5% conversion rate. If you do below that, you have work to do to improve your conversion rate.




It’s possible that you don’t have a product or service to sell or like me at the beginning, I sold a product but there are only 5 people who bought it. In this case, you can do a survey with the people who are on your email list to find out what is the problem they would like to settle as quickly as possible. With this method, you’ll soon be able to create a profitable product because you solve the main problem of you audience. Attention, it’s necessary that you have 1000 people subscribed on your email list to make this survey.


This is one of the simplest ways you can make money. It doesn’t matter if you have more than 1000 people on your email list. When we start an internet company, it’s the easiest thing to do. You offer your skills as a service to your audience. With a small audience, a good authority and a good relation, you’ll have people who will be interested to work with you by doing coaching sessions on Skype, for example.


If you’re a person who likes to write (like me), you can create an ebook that you can sell between USD 17.- and 27.- to start earning some money.


We could talk about this for hours because every situation is different. I don’t know your situation but by following these advices, you will be able to improve your company’s situation, so ACTION.

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Earn Money Without Advertising On Internet

internet advertising

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video (in french) to make money on internet without advertising and that’s really what you do to have a solid foundation for your business.

With advertising we earn a few cents per click. Mathematically, it takes a huge number of clicks on ads to have a good income.

Sponsored articles or affiliations are also a way to make money but it’s still not good income. Fortunately there are other ways. Bye, bye, the Matrix !

Product creation, it’s with this we can really have a good income online. Here are the steps for product creation.

Traffic source

traffic sources

Without traffic source (visitors) on internet, you don’t exist. There are 2 categories of traffic source : free sources and paying sources. You can use them together but usually we focus on one.

A free traffic source can be a blog, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, an Instagram account. It’s a traffic source that makes people discovered you on internet and they want to see your new content and they might want to buy your products.

A paying traffic source can be some advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter and all social networks that have an option to broadcast advertising. You can also contact websites or popular person on one of these social networks to advertise for you.

Qualified list

emails list

Once you have traffic, you have to convert a portion of visitors to a qualified list. A qualified list is a list of people who have given you permission to contact them and are interested in your future products. Typically this is a list of emails. Even today, the email list is the most powerful tool for communicating with people and offer your products. You can better communicate with a person who gave you their email than a fan on Facebook or Youtube. This is a stronger relationship.

How to do to have qualified people ? It’s simple, to thank them for having subscribed to your « Newsletters », you will offer them a gift that will interest only those who will be interested in your future products. For example, you want to sell a book on bodybuilding or bodybuilding courses online. You’re going to offer to your audience to register to your « Newsletters » in exchange of a small eBook or video like « 5 mistakes to avoid when you’re starting bodybuilding ».

By doing this, you know that people who gave you theirs emails are interested in bodybuilding.



Once you have your traffic sources and your qualified list, you’ll do a survey. Do a survey allows you to reduce uncertainty about the product you’re going to create. The mistake that many entrepreneurs do is to create the product they want rather than creating the product that the audience wants. This is how entrepreneurs create a product that is not selling and waste time and money.

The magic question for your audience to find out what it wants, « What is your biggest problem, your biggest frustration with (the theme of your domain) ? ». For bodybuilding it would be : « What is today your biggest problem, your biggest frustration in bodybuilding ?, What blocks you today ? ». In answering this question, your audience will tell you what product you should create because you created a product that will solve the problem of your audience.


Another entrepreneurs problem is that they want to create the perfect product. This can take months or years and when it available, it’s a failure. This can happen even if the product meets the survey questions because the product took too long to be created and the audience forget it.

How to avoid this ? Make pre-orders of the product. The pre-order is ethical, legal, and you can be transparent with your audience with it. You can tell your audiance : « Okay, great, thank you. I saw that in the survey, you want me to do that. I created the specifications for this product. Today you can buy the product for pre-order and the delivery date is scheduled for that date. You can purchase the product for pre-order at a price with a discount ».

The key to this approach is that you create the product only if you make enough with pre-order sale. If you don’t make enough sales, it doesn’t matter, you reimbursed the buyers and you make a new survey to find out more details about the problem of your audience. Your audience will understand.

This will make you gain a lot of time. Imagine a person who takes 6 months or 1 year to create a product that is useless because it isn’t selling enough. With this method, before creating the product, you know if it’s profitable or not.



You create the product only if you make enough pre-order sale. In this case you know at 100% that your product will be useful to your audience.

With all these steps, you create the product that your audience ask, then you’re sure to have a good turnover. It’s possible that you make several survey to define your product, it’s normal and it’s how you improve your product.

Have you already a survey with your audience ?