Be Curious And Effective

I watch an Olivier Roland’s video  and learned good stuff. I personally like to learn new things in different fields. Generally these are fields that I don’t know at all. This stimulates my curiosity especially when it’s something I don’t know and I see a lot of people using that. I think it’s the same for you. That’s right, I’m…

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Back To The Source Of Human Strength (Part 1)

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I learned good stuff. When I’m in gym, people tell me why they started to train. There are several reasons, lose weight, gain muscles or to be in shape for a special event. There is a golden rule to have result in strength training, it’s eat clean and lift heavy. Everybody says it,…

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Fitness History – United States – (20th century -1st World War) Part 10

20th centuries The 20th century symbolized the beginning of a new era for fitness leaders: the President of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt had excellent physical condition and led the country in the new century. He acknowledged the importance of exercise and physical activity and had the power to encourage the citizens of United States to be physically active. President…

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