Challenge Your Intelligence

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I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff :

Have you ever heard that : « If you’re smart and you’re always surrounded by idiots, you’ll always be right ».

Sincerely, there is a deep truth in it. This corresponds to this quote « If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room ». We are human beings and it’s easy to follow your ego. It’s easy to stay in an environment where we’re always right because subconsciously we want to be around people who adulate us or put us on a pedestal.

When we look around, we see people who are successful and who stay in a bubble where they’re surrounded themselves with people who will always agree with them. It’s in our human nature not to like the contradiction of what we are and the values we defend. All of this is logical, we have success, we developed values and a life approach that we tested in the field and we don’t know others ways.

It doesn’t mean that in any case it works and that doesn’t mean that there are not other ways to succeed.

A group of intelligent people


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When was the last time you were in a room where you felt that you weren’t the smartest person in the room and that you learned new things ?

What is interesting when yo participate in a mastermind group is that you’re surrounded by brilliant people who don’t hesitate to say when there are obvious things in you and you don’t see them. It allows you to change your point of view and forces you to face your own limiting beliefs.

Often during a mastermind group, there is a « hot seat ». A « hot seat » is when you share a specific problem and a specific question to the group. What is surprising is that we always see the same pattern that repeats itself. There is a person who shares a problem and a question and we see a lot of obvious things about the limiting beliefs of this person, how much that person has locked himself/herself into a part of the problem. From the outside, we see that there are other ways to attack the problem and we also see obvious solutions.

What’s interesting is that it seems extremely obvious for a person who is in the group to help find the solution but when you share your problem and your question, the group offers you things that you have never seen by yourself.

We all need a moment to take out our trash. We all need to share with a group what doesn’t work and what problems we have. Whenever we do that, we realize that we all have blind spots. Things that seem obvious to everyone but seem hard to see. It’s like seeing the flaws of another person but we don’t see ourselves our flaws.

Here’s an example, I’m ticklish. I can try to tickle myself, I can’t laugh but if someone else tickles me, I laugh immediately.

I can’t be at the window and see me walking in the street at the same time. So if you’re an entrepreneur and you feel isolated, break this situation. Go to events, try to meet other entrepreneurs because it will help you a lot.

You can’t know how many mistakes you make each day without realizing it. Only someone else can show you, your mistakes if you allow him/her to do so in a caring way. It’s not a matter of showing mistakes by accusing but in a kindly way to help you move forward. If you can participate in a mastermind group to be in a collective spirit of brilliant people, do it. It’s a great place to no longer be the smartest person in the room and learn new things to improve yourself.

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The Right Time To Start Your Own Company

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Really there is no age to create your own company ! You can do it when you’re young, middle, old and even if you’re retired. No age.

What is important is to have an idea and really want to do it, execute it. There is a lot of people who create their company at 50 years old and it’s cool.

If you think you have less chance to have success with your company because you start it at 50 years old, you’re wrong. It’s a limiting belief or an excuse.

This envy may be caused by the bitterness of not realizing a dream or the loss of a job or people who are retired who are bored and want to have an activity.

Gary Vaynerchuk has an amazing video about it. Watch it and have fun.


Born With Abs


I recovered between 2 sets of abs when I hear a voice say: « Don’t sleep ! ». I look and recognize a guy of the gym with whom I had a squat session from another dimension. Since I have changed my training schedule I don’t see him anymore. I ask him what he does and he answer me that he ended his cardio session.

I don’t remember how the discussion continue but when he leaving me he said: « It’s useless, I don’t have abs, you have to be born with ! ». He was too far for me to answer him. This is not the first to say this sentence to me and I don’t know why they believe it.

body transformation man body transformation man

Each human-being is born with abs otherwise our internal organs are on the ground because with our internal organs weight our stomach would be torn. The only things that is genetic is the abs form that nobody can change it.

That’s what I find bizarre. It always amazes me to see people train regularly think like that. I know he has abs and the thing he needs to change to make them visible, it’s his diet. I know he knows it but doesn’t want to make effort. It’s his choice but he must stops to make the victim, saying « I wasn’t born with abs ! ». Not take me for a fool.

body transformation woman body tranformation woman

If he said : « No, but I didn’t want to have visible abs, I’m good like that ». I would have validated and respected his choice but to use the genetics story as an excuse , It’s a shame.

It’s a shame to see people with potential be blocked by bad beliefs, limiting beliefs. When I see pictures of people who have transformed their bodies, I think it’s a great motivatation. We must use them ! He does what he wants in his life but as long as he uses it as an excuse for me it is a LOSER !!!

When you see transformations of people’s bodies, it motivates you ? It gives you hope ?

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