Throwing Injuries In Children

What's up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I'm interested in biomechanics to avoid injuries. I read « Sport Medicine Media Guide » and I learned some good stuff. In baseball, especially at the beginning of the season, there is an increase in elbow problems amoung young players. The most common elbow problem is the medial apophysitis named « Little Leaguer…

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The Only Thing To Be Successful In the Long Term

  I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I learned good stuff. Sir Winston Churchill said : « Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm ». I’m sure you’ve heard this quote . But there’s something that nobody told you about that quote. This thing is the « GRIT ». What’s this The meaning of the…

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Deadlift Correctly (Part 3)

If you didn’t read the first parts, click Part 1 and Part 2  I read a Nerd Fitness article and I learned good stuff. Grip the barbell The strength of the grip is an important part of the deadlift. There are 2 types of grip: Overhand grip => The palms of your hands are towards your body (pronated grip). Over-under…

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