Acromioclavicular Joint Injury

acromioclavicular joint injury

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in biomechanics to avoid injuries. I read « Sport Medicine Media Guide » and I learned some good stuff.

Acromioclavicular joint is a joint between the clavicle and the scapula. Acromion is a continuation of the scapular spine and hooks over anteriorly. It articulate with the clavicle (collar bone ) to form the acromioclavicular joint.

Problems types

The most common problems are arthritis, fracture and separation. Arthritis is characterized by a loss of joint’s cartilage. Arthritis of acromioclavicular joint is common with weight lifter, especially with bench press and a little less with shoulder press. When there is a problem with the rotator cuff, it’s possible that there is also acromioclavicular joint’s arthritis.

Acromioclavicular separation

acromioclavicular joint injury type grade

When there is an acromioclavicular joint separation, it means that the ligament that connects the acromion and clavicle is damaged and that the 2 structures don’t align properly. Separation’s state can be weak or severe, that is why there is a system of « grade » according to which ligament is torn and the severity of the tear.

Grade I Injury – This is the weakest damage and the acromioclavicular joint is still aligned.

Grade II Injury – This is an average damage. Ligaments are only stretched but not fully torn. In case of stress (physical effort), the acromioclavicular joint becomes painful and unstable.

Grade III Inury – This is a serious damage. Ligaments are completely torn and the collar bone is no longer attached to the scapula, which creates a visible deformity.

Treatment of acromioclavicular joint arthritis

If the rest, ice, medications and change of the training program (changing the exercises) don’t work, the next step is a shot of cortisone. A shot of cortisone in the joint may have calmed the pain and may be permanently swollen. As each individual is unique, the effects may vary and it’s possible that it doesn’t swell permanently.

If non-surgical methods fail, it’s possible to perform a surgical operation. The pain is localized at the bones end that make contact with each other and the goal of the operation is to remove some of the end of the clavicle. This ambulatory surgery can be done with a small incision of 1 inch (2.5 cm) long or with the arthroscopy technique with 2-3 incisions. The results and recovery of these 2 surgical techniques are about the same. Most patients have a full movement by 6 weeks and can return to do sport by 12 weeks.

Treatment for acromioclavicular separation

Separation can create very painful injuries, so the first thing to do is to decrease the pain. Hold the arm in a sling, put ice and pack the shoulder for 20-30 minutes every 2 hours as needed. Acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can also help calm the pain.

When the pain begins to subside, it’s important to move the fingers, wrists and elbow (and eventually the shoulders) in order to avoid having stiff or « frozen » shoulder. The length of time needed to regain complete movement and function depends on the severity or injury’s grade.

Recovery from Grade I acromioclavicular separation usually takes 10-14 days while Grade III takes 6-8 weeks.

When surgery

Grade I and II separations require very rarely surgery. With a Grade III injury, after surgery, it’s possible to have full body physical activity with some restrictions.


  • More males than females suffer acromioclavicular joint injuries

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Lazy To Train ? Test Temptation Pack

lazy fitness

In life, there are things we should do, things we need to do and things we want to do.

You and me, we know, it’s always the things that we want to do they have priority over things we should or need to do.

So that we have situations where we do the important things at the last minute and often with enormous stress.

But what’s the temptation pack

treadmill laptop

Katy Milkman of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study on this concept . Here the study’s subject :

Participants were randomly assigned to two groups. The first group (full) has access to a gym with the option of listening audiobooks. The second group (intermediate) has access to a gym with a limited time for listening audiobooks.

51% of participants in the first group (full) and 29% of participants of the second group (intermediate) went to the gym more frequently.

It’s cool as an idea to be more consistent in his training program. Now we can adapt this concept for other things :

  • Do you like a TV show or a youtuber ? Take your laptop or your smartphone and watch it during your cardio (treadmill / elliptical)

  • Do you like your video game on your smartphone ? Play during your rest time between sets.

  • Do you like listening audiobooks or podcasts ? Listen to it while you clean your house, doing the laundry or ironing. This can be a task not very motivating as cook healthy meals.

Do you understand the pack temptation’s concept, it’s cool. Do things we should and we need to do by combining an element that we find cool. Tasks we find boring become less boring !


Paresseux Pour T’Entraîner ? Test Le Pack Tentation

lazy fitness

Dans la vie, il y a des choses que nous devrions faire, des choses que nous avons besoin de faire et des choses que nous voulons faire.

Toi et moi, nous le savons, c’est toujours les choses que nous voulons faire qui ont la priorité sur les choses que nous devrions ou avons besoin de faire.

Ce qui fait que nous avons des situations où nous faisons les choses importantes à la dernière minutes et c’est souvent un stress énorme.

Mais c’est quoi le pack tentation

treadmill laptop

Katy Milkman de l’Université de Pennsylvanie à fait une étude sur ce concept. Voici sur quel sujet était l’étude (anglais):

Les participants ont été assignés au hasard à deux groupes. Le premier groupe (complet) a un accès à une salle de gym avec la possibilité d’écouter des livres audios. Le deuxième groupe (intermédiaire) a un accès à une salle de gym avec un temps d’écoute limité des livres audios.

51 % des participants du premier groupe (complet) et 29 % des participants de deuxième groupe (intermédiaire) sont allés à la salle de gym plus fréquemment.

C’est cool comme idée pour être plus constant dans son programme d’entraînement. Maintenant, nous pouvons adapter ce concept pour d’autres choses :

  • Tu aimes une série tv ou un youtuber ? Prends ton ordinateur portable ou ton smartphone et regarde ça pendant ton cardio (tapis roulant / elliptique)

  • Tu aimes ton jeux sur ton smartphone ? Fait une partie pendant ton temps de repos entre les séries.

  • Tu aimes écouter des livres audios ou des podcast ? Ecoute ça pendant que tu nettoie ta maison, fait la lessive ou du repassage. Cela peut-être une tâche de travail pas très motivante comme cuisiner des repas sains.

Tu as compris le concept du pack tentation, c’est cool. Faire des trucs que nous devrions et que nous avons besoin de faire en combinant un élément que nous trouvons cool. Les tâches que nous trouvons chiantes sont moins chiantes !