Work Effectively And Earn More (Part 2)

work effectively effective

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

If you don’t have read Part 1, click here .

5 actions to be effective


Optimize your working time

Use Pareto’s Law by focusing on the 20% of your actions that contribute 80% of your results and using Parkinson’s Law to determine how long to complete a task.

Here are other actions to put in place to optimize your time :

  • Don’t disperse yourself

  • Stop multitasking – This has been scientifically proven to be a waste of time and productivity. Read this scientific study .

  • Stop interruptions – Things like smartphone notifications, emails or messages.

  • Group actions.

  • Remove unnecessary tasks – To find out if you’re doing a useless task, ask yourself this question from Peter Drucker : « Why am I doing this ? Is it necessary ? » With this question, you can easily delete unnecessary tasks. Exceptionally, you can use a notification on your smartphone that displays this question every 30 minutes. It’s a type of reminder all day long.

  • Identify the 20% of things and people that cause 80% of your problems and delete them. If it’s someone in your family, talk to that person 2-3 times a week instead of every day.

Automate everything you can

Many tasks can be automated in companies. For example to send messages on social media (I use Buffer  ). It’s possible to automate a sale on internet, it’s the customer who does everything. The customer looks for a product, uses his/her credit card by filing out the payment form of the website, and the bill created automatically based on the information provided by the customer, etc.

It’s also possible to automate a company, this is the case of Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping is when you sell products that you don’t have in stock and that are sent directly from the supplier to the customers. Amazon offers this type of service too, you can put in their catalogs products that you sell and entrust to Amazon for the stock’s management, sending and returns of products. I wrote an article on Amazon’s drop shipping, here.

There is also the case of muses that explains Tim Ferriss in his book « 4 hours workweek ».


Focus on your strengths and delegate the rest. Create a list of tasks that you want to delegate with instructions. Then gives these tasks to a team by assigning each type of task to a specialist.


There is no point in reinventing the wheel. You can duplicate the recipes of your mentors success and use that in your own company.


A job that you did can be reused in a different form. For example, articles from a blog can be used to make a book, a podcast or a video.

4 actions to earn more


Determine your goal and strategy

Determine your goal, your process to reach it and the strategy to put in place. Here are some examples of strategies for developing your wealth :

  • Replace your salary with real estate income and start your own company.

  • Keep your work as employee and invest a maximum on stock market to create passive income.

  • Create a company to have a complementary income like a blog, a podcast or a Youtube channel.

  • Buy a piece of land and build several apartments (condos).

  • Etc.

Optimize your management to spend less money

  • Analyse the things you have to pay to eliminate waste : unnecessary subscription, insurance too expensive, etc.

  • Print your bank statement and analyze it

  • Seeking a way to achieve the same result by spending less : compare, buy cheaper, negotiate to save money for the things you really need.

  • Optimize your taxation by reducing your taxes.

Recycle your skills and your work

You can work on something once and get paid several times. You can create a seminar, keep 3 children instead of 1, you walk 5 dogs instead of 1, etc.

You can also use a job you have already done to create complementary income. Foe example, if you like to take picture, you can put them in stock photos on internet.

Duplicate the processes known to create wealth

  • Pay yourself first

  • Make money work for you by saving at least 10% of your income to invest them.

  • Invest in yourself with training to learn new skills

Here are the options you can use to create a company that serves your life (and not your life serving your company). With internet it’s easier to use these levers with a blog, podcast or a Youtube channel by creating content.

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Power And Expansion

first step

I walk fast ! It’s like that and I’m a bit irritated when someone in front of me walk slower than me. Often people ask me why I always walk fast. I never thought about this question but I think walking fast is a sign of my aggressive attitude with the life.

I find that a passive attitude isn’t something productive for me. It’s an attitude that constraint the mind in a small circle of opportunities and the truth is for the human mind, everything the mind can store can be a potential tool to improve the lifestyle.

All can be used for my wellness, my environment, my situation. I say this all the time and I really believe. This is cliché but life is what you make it. I do everything to create opportunities, I don’t expect that others create opportunity for me. I’m busy creating opportunities in my life.

first step

You can’t wish, wish, wish, pray for something to happen and without do something, it happens. It’s your job to make that happen.

Often I have an idea but I don’t know how I’ll do it but when I make the first step, while the process, I understand better and better how I can do it. If you don’t make the first step, you’re planning, you’re planning, you’re planning to have the perfect plan before executing. The perfect plan is to make it and stumble on the way to understanding.

When you stumble and you get you, you’re stronger and wiser do what you have to accomplish.


Pouvoir Et Expansion

first step

Je marche vite ! C’est comme ça et je suis même un peu irrité quand une personne devant moi marche plus lentement que moi. Souvent les gens me demandent pourquoi je marche toujours vite. Je n’ai jamais réfléchis à la question mais je pense que marcher vite est un signe de mon attitude agressive avec la vie.

Je trouve qu’une attitude passive n’est pas quelque chose de productif pour moi. C’est une attitude qui contraint l’esprit à un petit cercle de possibilités et la vérité est que pour l’esprit humain, tout ce qui entre dedans peut être un outils potentiel améliorer son style de vie.

Tout peut être utilisé pour mon bien, pour mon environnement, pour ma situation. Je dis cela tout le temps et j’y crois vraiment. Cela fait cliché mais la vie est ce que tu en fais. Je fais tout pour créer des opportunités, je n’attends pas que les autres créer des opportunité pour moi. Je suis occupé à créer des opportunités dans ma vie.

first step

Tu ne peux pas souhaiter, souhaiter, souhaiter, prier pour que quelque chose arrive et sans rien que tu ne fasses, ça se réalise. C’est à toi de faire en sorte que ça arrive.

Souvent j’ai un idée mais je ne sais pas comment je vais le faire mais quand je fais le premier pas, pendent le processus, je comprends de mieux en mieux comment je peux le faire. Si tu ne fais pas le premier pas, tu planifies, tu planifies, tu planifies, pour avoir le plan parfait avant d’exécuter. Le plan parfait, c’est de la faire et de trébucher en route pour mieux comprendre.

Quand tu trébuches et que tu te relève, tu es plus fort et tu as plus de sagesse pour accomplir ce que tu as à accomplir.