Mindset To Create Your Company

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video and I learned some good stuff.

There is a simple trick to create your internet company. This trick allows you to have the sweetest change possible between your school/job and your job as an entrepreneur. This trick is to consider your company as an experience.

See your internet company as an experiment modifies your state of mind. Here’s how you see your company with this state of mind :

  • Your life isn’t wasted if you can’t create a profitable company to live the live of your dreams.
  • Creating a internet company doesn’t demand a large amount of resources. You don’t need to make a huge investments and spend a lot of money. Before increasing your expenses, you have to decrease your uncertainty by having a product or service that clients buy regularly. Once you have your 1000 loyal clients, you can go to the next step. Here is an article I wrote to have 1000 loyal clients, click here ].
  • The best situation is to create and develop your internet company next to your school/job. I advise you to take measured risks, evolve with baby steps and make changes smoothly. With this strategy, you’re not afraid to start. For me, stopping your school/job to create your internet company isn’t a good strategy because if this company doesn’t work, you will not have the opportunity to create another later. It’s extremely rare for a person to start a company that works really well the first time.



You know, there’s a secret to not bieng afraid to start an internet company. It’s to create a project that really motivates you. A project that makes you want to work on it, a project that is so rewarding that you no longer want to play video games or watch videos (Youtube, Netflix, etc).

With this mindset of considering internet company’s creation as an experience, it allows you to learn a lot of things. It doesn’t matter whether the company working or not, because you’re learning new things about yourself, human relations and entrepreneurship.

When you start an internet company, it’s important that you achieve several goals. Here are the goals of my blog :

  • Motivate me to have an athlete body like Men’s Physique.
  • If I can’t make this blog a profitable internet company, I know that everything I learned in the creation and development of this blog is interesting knowledge that I could apply in a new internet company.
  • Create a community around this idea of doing sports to be healthy mentally and physically.
  • Make this blog a profitable internet company.

Having a list of several goals is great because if you fail 1-2 of these goals, you still have the opportunity to achieve the goals that remain.

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Muscle Memory

muscle memory

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

Muscle memory is an action execute with a lot of repetitions physically or mentally. The body will learn to execute this action more effectively using less brain power.

Your muscles don’t have brain but rather your brain learn to create a procedure list to execute tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The majority of the time you do these tasks in mode « procedure » of your brain and this become automatic. It’s like cache memory in your computer or smartphone.

When you play at the first time to a video game, you must learn how the controls work (and you’re really bad). You must learn to :

  • Look left and right

  • Use gun/sword

  • Jump and rolling

  • Move, avoid enemies

  • Attack, defend, cast spell

After several hours of gaming, your muscles begin to memorize. After several days or weeks, you do these things effortlessy.

  • Defeat a boss with combos, rolling, attacking, defending and spell casting.

Muscle memory isn’t only for video games. This helps for several things : driving, cut vegetables, play a musical instrument, etc.

When we decide to be healthy in the real life, this concept of « automatic response » is an important element.

Unfortunately, this can have bad effects :

  • If you spend several months to learn badly to do squat, it’s very difficult to stop this bad habit and relearn the squat in the right way.

  • If you learn to play a song in a bad way (or another activity), you learn to your body « it’s the good way to do it », even if it’s the bad way.

  • When you are busy at school/work and take candy and soda to manage stress, you brain will be train to say : »it’s the most effective way to be happy ».

We really talk about to build habit. Muscle memory can help us to understand how and why we failed in the past and how to do to change it

Muscle memory in the life

muscle memory

We’re creature of habits. The things we do everyday like the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we sleep (or not), things that make us happy or sad are the result of hundred and hundred of repetitions of these activites.

When we try to create new habits, it’s a lot, a lot of work.

For exemple, rather than going to McDonald’s, we must remember of :

  1. Go to the supermarket

  2. Take vegetables and chicken

  3. Go home and prepare vegetables

  4. Cook chicken

  5. Prepare the table

  6. Eat

If you don’t have these habits rooted in your brain, just read this list can be exhausting.

Look this exemple : rather than stay a home to watch the TV, we decided to learn squat :

  • Get under the barbell

  • Tighten the shoulder blades and place the bar correctly on the trapezoids.

  • Inhale deeply and go down

  • Knees lined up with toes

  • Explode back up with proper form

You saw these 2 cases, there is a lot of change !

Automatics things like going to McDonal’s or watch TV, come easy. We’ve always done them and thex require little effort. It’s like a second nature. The second part (new habits) require a lot of amount of effort (don’t worry, you can do it). I tell you, there can have barriers or closed doors the first few times but you must not give up.

After all these repetitions to have healthy habits, I can confirm that train and eat heatlthy is a second nature for me !

How to build

how to buid

In the Malcolm Gladwell’s book « Outliers » , he talk about the concept to master. In his research, he found the the most experts spend around 10 0000 hours to master their professions.

The most important is to not to spend 10 000 hours to practice. It’s to spend 10 000 hours to do the good practice.

Play the same song on piano in the wrong way during 10 000 hours will only allow you to play with eyes closed this song in the wrong way.

Work actively on your technique with a coach or a teacher to focus on imporving all aspects of playing the piano.

To build this muscle memory in our life, we don’t need to spend 10 000 hours of practice living healthy but we need to practice. Without do regulary a healthy activity, you will never feel your new healthy activity like a second nature.

You need to :

  • Take one or two new habits you want to create. No more !

  • Make things easy to do this activity. Minimize difficulties between you and this new life activity that you want build. Find a way to complete this activity using the minimum of willpower.

Exemple :

  1. Take one or two new memory : Rather than to completly change your training program to stop to use machine and start to use barbell/dumbbell, change just one exercice. Instead to do Leg Press, do squat. After 3 weeks when you feel good with squat, you can change another exercice.

  2. Minimize difficulties for the new activity : Do you want run every morning ? Sleep with your running clothes, put your alarm clock across the bedroom and put your running shoes next to the alarm clock. You are half ready, right ?

  3. Remove the need to remember what you need to do : I rename the alarm of my smartphone « Meditation ». When I wake up, my smartphone tell me to do my meditation.

  4. Eliminate the need to use the willpower : I spoke of willpower. We all know we need to eat healthy and do more exercice but we don’t do it. Then when we try to rewrite our DNA and our second nature, we must be strategic.

    If you are always tired after school/work and you miss your training, maybe is better to do your training in the morning before to go at school/work ?

    If you struggle with unhealthy foods during stress moments, do a « purge » and throw out unhealthy foods from your house. It’s harder to eat junk foods when you must go out to buy one.

    If you struggle to stop to pick foods from fast foods before you go home, change streets. Choice different streets to go home, streets without fast-foods.

The essence of all that has above is the practice. You train your brain/body as an integer to build healthy automatic habits.

Momentum is a powerful thing : If you can’t do all these healthy habits when you life become crazy. Take one or two healthy habits you can do and continue to practice. By this way, you don’t need to start back at square when your life will return to normal.

What new habits you want build and what tactics you use ?


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Training with effective results

effective results

This Saturday, I’ll increase all my exercises with 2 repetitions. Every 2 months, I change my training to progress. The « periodization » is the method I use to progress in my training. You ever heard that word ?

What’s this ?


Periodization is simply the organization and planning of the training program. In sports, this schedule is based on the achievement of maximum physical abilities (strength, speed, power, etc.) for a competition. This method works with all training programs.

Most people « periodize » their training for specific goals like losing body fat or improve a body part. Generally if you have a specific goal for a period of time, you are using periodization. Here are various modern periodization’s terms  :

Training unit : Refers to a day of training

Microcycle : Refers to a week of training

Mesocycle : Refers to a period of 2-4 months of training

Macrocylce : Refers to a period of 1-4 years (Olympic athlete)

But where is that comes form ?

Many ancient civilizations used this kind of training organization to physically and mentally prepare theirs armies for battle.

Later, this method will be modernized and popularized by a Russian sports scientist, Leo Matveyev. Leo Matveyev’s periodization was for sports training and generally had to start with a physical preparation phase where the training intensity was low with a high volume of work.

This allowed to develop a basic hypertrophy, strengthen ligaments, tendons and other connective tissues and basically build a « base » for another specific training.

How it works

periodization training program

periodization training program

It’s simple, you start with a light weight and a lot of repetitions. Your body will adapt, at that time, you will add more weight and decrease repetitions. The majority of periodization for fitness/bodybuilding take between 4 and 12 months to complete the cycle.

Example :

  • For 1 month – 4 sets, 12 reps to 22lbs

  • For 1 month – 4 sets, 10 reps to 17lbs

  • For 1 month – 4 sets, 8 reps to 13lbs

  • For 1 month – 4 sets, 6 reps to 8lbs

  • End of periodization cycle = add weight.

  • For 1 month – 4 sets, 12 reps to 26lbs

  • For 1 month – 4 sets, 10 reps to 22lbs

  • For 1 month – 4 sets, 8 reps to 17lbs

  • For 1 month – 4 sets, 6 reps to 13lbs

  • End of periodization cycle = add weight

My periodization is a little different and lasts 6 months.

Here is my periodization for squat :

  • For 2 months – 4 sets, 6 reps to 264lbs

  • For 2 months – 4 sets, 8 reps to 264lbs

  • For 2 months – 4 sets, 10 reps to 264lbs

  • End of periodization cycle = add weight

  • For 2 months – 4 sets, 6 reps to 286lbs

  • For 2 months – 4 sets, 8 reps to 286lbs

  • For 2 months – 4 sets, 10 reps to 286lbs

  • End of periodization cycle = add weight

I do this for all my exercises and JEFIT application  helps me to track my progress. It’s up to you to try and find out how many months you need to change the repetitions number. I modified the traditional method because it corresponded better to my feelings, find yours.

This method is perfect to make progress and I really advice you to do it. The truth is that all professionals use it, do the same as them.

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How you make your periodization ?


Why Fitness In First And Being Selfish

fitness smile

Imagine what you can do if you put fitness first ?

Like famous actors and actresses who become SUPER shape for their movies. What does it take to get there ? Focus on healthy food, several hours to sleep and exercise, right ?

You could look like King Leonidas in 300 or Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games ? Do you still confuse about Chirs Evans in Captain America ?

It’s fun to think about « what would happen if ». What you would be able to do if you put your training and your nutrition before everything else ?

Most people have an answer to this question: « I would like to have the best physique of my life but this is not possible because … »

a wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend / OS

Children / pets / dragons


No money

Friends / obligations, etc.

You can ask anyone and they’ll give you a reason why fitness can’t come first. They’re too busy ! But busy doing what ?

Since I put my physical condition before any other aspectes of my life (at first it was boring), I accomplished much more things in all domains of my life.

It’s like my mind was opened as Neo in The Matrix !

Let’s go ?

fitness smile

Fitness should be in terms of months and years, not days and weeks. I learned that a friend personal trainer. Most fitness programs are based on 90 or 30 days. I stopped to think about short-term programs and I was interested in long term. Now I know I would have a better physique in end 2016, 2017, etc and results are sustainable.

Have slow and steady results. Being injured is a huge brake ! At first I lifted too heavy and I didn’t stretch me enough. The consequence ? I needed to take 1 month off because of my pain and I lost what I had gained. If you’re looking to improve every week, it’s better to have about 50 weeks of small progressives improvements than big improvements that will cause you injuries Go slowly and let your ego in the locker room. Remind yourself that you are in the gym to develop your strength, not for show.

Put your faith in the process. I stopped worrying about « what level I would be in a few months ? » Or «  How my body will change in a few months ? » And I just put my faith in the process with this state of mind « how to place the next brick ? ». I knew that if I slept well, if I ate healthily and enough, if I pushed myself a little in training every time, I was building my body. Appearance is a consequence of fitness. I stopped worrying about the scale and I concentrated all my efforts in training and recovery.

Not all progress is seen on the outside. I don’t feel that my transformation is spectacular but I know I have changed physically and mentally.

I used to feel fragile. Now I feel like a Wolverine.

I used to say « I don’t have time ». Now I realized that it was an excuse.

I used to wish that I was able to do somethings. Now I do these things.

I used to think it was either the fitness or the life. Now I know that fitness improves every aspect of my life.

I’m always excited to go to my next workout and I want it to be the same for you.

Begins today, I challenge you to take a few weeks to build your life around your body, don’t neglect your personal well-being.

Can you put fitness first for 1 month and see what happens ?

fitness smile

Training – For me it’s weight training or bodyweight. I never even miss a workout when I travel.

Healthy eating – Fuel your body properly is 80-90% of the battle. Get enough protein, carbohydrates and fat for the results you want to have.

Sleep – No excuse, turn off the TV, turn off the computer and go to bed on time to sleep 7 hours !

What kind of challenges are you trying to overcome ?




The majority of my friends don’t know or don’t understand what I do with my blog, this is why I will explain to everyone the purpose of my blog.

With my blog I remind you somethings, I remind you that you are strong, I remind you that you’re not tired, I remind you that you were born to be a leader, I remind you that what you do you like do it, I remind you that you like to have constructive difficult challenges because that’s how you become stronger in life.

strong physically

The gym is where you train and strengthen your will. The power of your will and power of your mind boost every muscle of your body. When your body is tired, it’s your mind that takes control.

When you do an exercise and you decide to do 4 sets of 10 repetitions, you don’t abandon until the mission is accomplished. This is how you activate the power of your will and the power of your mind. I’ve already said to you before and I continue to tell you.

strong mentally

Train your mind is harder than your body. You are more than an athlete, you build your personality, it’s what we do at the gym. You build a strong personality and that’s what happens. You’re an Alpha, you’re a leader, you’re going to the gym and you make sure it happens. You do it in the gym and you do it in your life, people will look up at you, admire you, want to become like you, people will find a fair source of motivation because of your presence.

When you walk into a room, you’re not like others, your aura shines ! That’s building a strong personality, a strong body, a strong mind, you’re strong ! Why not be as strong as possible ? When you decide to become as strong as possible, your look will become incredible. But look, this isn’t the main thing, it’s to be strong as possible mentally, spiritually and physically, that’s what we do.

strong sprititually

We train our mind, we train our bodies, not stop, we continue. Exceed your limits, go, again, again, don’t stop continue, one more, go, go until failure. Go to failure, if you’re not going to failure, you can never go beyond your limits. That’s how we know our limits and we exceed them. The limits are not walls, you’re stronger than that, you have no limit, the sky is your limit, that’s all.


Your Talent


I had a chat last night with an old entrepreneur who has retired. He told me his life and give me some advice. I want to share with you what I understood.

You can make mistakes, make mistakes is a good thing. The difference is a wise person learns from his mistakes and a stupid person will repeat the same mistakes again and again. That’s why you have to be careful, you have to be aware of that.

What I mean is that no matter what you chose in your life, be sure to do something that you really want to do, use your talent. Qualify yourself as a person who represents who you are and be passionate about it.

Passion helps to express your talent in the best way with the best quality. If you are good at something and you practice a little bit, you know you’re not very passionate about it and there are people in your city that have the same talent as you and work it every day, study it every day and they will surpass you, you understand. If you are good at some things, practice, dont think that’s acquired and your talent can help to take care of your life.


What do you want to do in your life, you can do it, but be sure it’s somethings that people in the society can benefit, do it. If you are good to make videos game and that it’s beneficial for people of society and that arguments of your « why » are good, go ahead.

For me, it’s fitness I like to help people become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. Find what you love to do and immerse yourself in, learn all about it. And if there is something you don’t know about it, you know that there are resources to find the correct information and once you found it, give this information to people. You understand when you do that, your passion become your profession.

Focuses you on your passion, on your excellent talent, cultivate it, be passionate about it. More you will be passionate, more you express yourself better with people about it and people will see the purity that you have in. Find what you love to do in your life and your professional career can be something cool, it can be something that you really want to do. Why not ? I have friends who make a lot of money but they don’t like their jobs and it makes them sad.

You have the opportunity to do that ! It’s true, we want to go to the club, to go out with girls but listening what is most important now ! Your idea is to go party now and work hard later. Do the opposite, work hard now when you’re full of energy and go to party later.


Being independent is a really good opportunity and don’t be afraid to do something your entourage had never did. Those who take risks, take calculated risks and they become very successful people in their lives. If you want a safe and quiet lifestyle, do it. I don’t want to prevent it, people live well like that. But if you want to be part of successful people, you have to take risks. Nothing spectacular happens when you don’t take risks, you have to trust you at 100%.

I let you meditate with all that and amuses you with your talent !

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