Beginners Errors


I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

Chasing the illusion


« This training shocks muscle », « it’s a training from army » or « this diet work without change what you usually eat ». You have already heard these slogans several times I think.

This type of advertising always encourages us to look for the last training program, last supplement, DVD,etc.

We’re happpy, we can have an athletic body in 3 weeks with a training program. We believe it but after 3 weeks, we have little result, we stop and we depress. It was an illusion.

All the year, be consistent and patient, this is the solution. 2 elements are enough to be healty : diet and exercices. Matrix’s companies sell us illusions like « this training program target the belly’s fat ». These illusions have as objectives to incite us to buy them and not to help us to be healthy.

Select a simple training program and use it all the year. I offer simple and free training programs for all body muscles. Test it.

Remember, the body need a maximum of 12 weeks to be accustommed to a new diet and a training program. Once your body is used to it, you have to wait several years to have an athletic body (3 years). Day after day your body improves but it’s first inside and after outside. Your internal organs have priority.



Our emotions prevent us from being in good health. Do you don’t believe me ? Here some exemples :

  • I did my training session today, I can eat cookies
  • I eat a cookie just one time. It’s good, another one
  • It was hard today at work, I need to eat it

We need to learn to control our minds by associating positive emotions with exercices and healthy diet. It’s important because we can have some cases where we eat 1000 calories of cookies and we burn only 300 calories during a training session. These emotions These emotions make us make exceptions and if we do them more often, we risk doing no training and healthy meals in the week.

Do meditation and follow a personal development’s program are great to reprogram our minds.

Tips to start

  • Use calendar’s alert in your smartphone for your training session

  • Cook your healthy meals of the day ahead

  • When you’re hungry between meals, drink water

  • If you want watch TV, do bodyweight exercices before



Often people think that do physical exercices isn’t fun. They imagine that to be in good health, it’s eat salad and run for hours or be on a bench surrounded by athletic people. This image is enough to discourage a lot of people.

I’m healthy and I don’t eat salad, I have my portion of vegetables. I run once a week and there is others way to do exercices like strenght training, gymnastics, frisbee, hike, etc. Find the physical activity you like. If you do a physical activity you don’t like, choose another. You need to have pleasure doing this physical activity. If you don’t have any idea, do a search on internet.



Women say often « I don’t want lift weight because I don’t want bulk ». Then women avoid dumbbells and run for hours and do crunchs. And if they use dumbbells, they choose the lightest possible.

Women have this behavior because in a women’s magazine, they read that to have a « toned » body, it’s necessary to make high reps with lightweight.

A « toned » body is a word or term create by marketing specially for women. Women can’t bulk up by lifting weight. To bulk up, it’s necessary to eat more calories than the body burn them. The truth to have a « toned » body is that you have to use heavy strength training with low repetitions

The most articles write in magazines, it’s the Matrix to ruin your life. It’s lies and the proof is that women are still looking for an effective training progam. Look, my sister still doesn’t listen to my advice and 4 times a year, she changes her workout.

A strenght training is great to build compact (or « toned ») muscles. Test a strenght training for a month, do a picture before/after and I sure that your pant’s size will change. Test it one time with a healthy diet.


I know a lot of people that read a hundred of documents about fitness/bodybuilding and they don’t do a sport activity. Theory without practice is useless except to show off in front of friends. Einstein to validate his theories had to test them on the field. I don’t know, may be they’re afraid to choose a bad training program and diet ?

If you want my opinion, start today. Select a training program and follow it. The truth is that there is no perfect training program. And the secret of a perfect training program is to use it and adjust it month after month. Here are the steps of the perfect training program :

  • Select a training programme

  • Follow this program for 8-12 weeks

  • Track your progress

  • Look how your body change

  • Make adjustments

  • Repeats all these steps to infinity

Which training program you had the least results with ?


P.S. Do you want a free training program ? Click here 

Smartphone apps :

To track my calories, I use MyFitnessPal 

To track my training program, I use Jefit 

Music with workout ?

 music workout

I don’t know how long my wired headset not work as before. Sometimes, a made a movement in my workout , there was no sound and it upset me a lot, especially during squat. It broke something and I had less motivation. And not long ago, my headset broke during my workout. I had to content myself with radio’s sound of the gym and it really sucks.

So I bought a Bluetooth headset and I like it. It’s so cool and I’m super motivated because I can finally listen to my songs with a good sound quality without thinking that in a few months it’ll messing. And I remembered the first times I was training without music or listening to radio’s music from the gym (MTV or radio for me it’s the same). This isn’t the same, my mindset isn’t the same and I think you also noticed.

You know me, when I have a question I’ll search immediately on Google and you know what ? There are several explanations and one on Wikipedia, click on the link. Now I’ll tell you what I understood:

Google logo

Your music is a good distraction for you because you’re less aware of your efforts, which improves your performance by up to 15%. Music with faster tempos are good because they are so much information to process that your brain puts your mind in standby mode.

Your music increases your performance, makes you work harder with a fast tempo between 120 and 140 beats per minute (bpm). With this BPM you have the maximum effect, too fast it’s not good.

Your music puts you in “the zone”. When you put music that you love, that put you in the mindset (in “No. 1” mode) because you remember something cool and this music boost the power of your motivation.

winner mindset

The rhythm of your music stimulates the motor area of your brain during movements (running or weight-lifting). This helps you to use energy more efficiently because your body keep this steady rate until the end of the song.

Your music improves your mood and you more aware of yourself. This allows you to think about yourself, ask you who you want to be and imagine your future. Whatever happened to you in the day, your music helps you to escape of negative things, you feel your own power during training and you feel good when it’s over.

Your music makes you want to move. You can’t stop the beat, your music has a good quality of groove that excites your brain and make you moves. Basically a playlist is made to make you move whether to dance or train.

music move

Have fun, takes pleasure during your workouts with your soundtrack, your crazy soundtrack.