Emotionally Manage Negative Reviews

What's up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland's video and I learned some good stuff. When we have company, we read customer reviews to improve the products/services. But we have a way of thinking that can hinder the company's evolution. Here is an example, for a product the are 10 positive reviews and 1 negative review.…

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Explanation Of The Challenge And Data

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff. This is the 1st challenge. Use your web browser to go to superdatascience website  to download a data set. In the « Part 1 Visualization » section, click on « Offices Supplies » to download the file « OfficeSupplies.csv ». To organize myself, I created a folder « Visualization » with 3 subfolders.…

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Back To The Source Of Equipment (Part 1)

I read a Nerd Fitness articles  and I learned good stuff. When I began, I went is a small gym at Sous-Moulin . It was a gym in sport center for volleyball, basketball, soccer players. There were only machines (because people stole dumbbells) and when we were 10 people, the gym was full. 2 years later, I went in a…

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