Remove The Belly

belly fat

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and there is stuff to share.

How to have no more belly ? A machine seen on tv ? A rough diet ? A supplement like a pill ? First these things worked for you ?

Before I tell your the secret to have no more belly, listen this story.


This is the Bobby’s story. A handsome guy with a nice body. He was famous in the gym where he trained. Bobby liked his physique and make selfies everytime. Bobby was proud and everybody liked him. One time, in the gym, he discovered Stacey who made a selfie of her booty. BOOM, he looked her, she looked him and they felt in love.

3 months later, they get married. 9 months, they had a baby, Wayne. Now Bobby must work harder to support his family but the problem is he can’t train because he has no more energy. When he looks his mirror, he sees something on his abs growing and growing.

He notices than Stacey gains also weight. Bobby and Stacey are depressed because of theirs bodies. They remember the selfies and they’re more depressed. Bobby suffers and everytimes he says to himself : « This monday, I go to train ! » and when the monday comes, he has no more energy. Stacey can’t cook, she has no more energy because she take care of Wayne. So they eat burgers and pizzas. Right now, Bobby can’t see the mirror because he gained 30kg (66lbs).His best friends is the ground, he looks only it.

How to do to help Bobby and Stacey. Bobby can’t help Stacey because he can’t help himself. They need to find a solution because by this way, Wayne will be overweight. Bobby and Stacey don’t want other students laught about Wayne’s weight.

The Secret


The secret ? Be responsible of your body. Stop to listening bullshits like with a diet, pills or exercice, you can make your belly disappear ! Be organized ! Seek the person inside of you who want a better health. Be organized to reach your goals.


negative people

Change your friends. Negatives friends, friends with bad health, don’t see them no more except if they want to change theirs lifestyle with you.

Change food in the kitchen. Throw out all junk food and buy healthy food like fruits, chicken, tuna, oatmeal, olive oil, peanut butter (homemade), etc. Learn to cook healthy meals. Cook together it solidifies the family. You are a team.


Prepare meals in advance for all day. By this way you don’t eat junk food and you don’t lose your money. Women, naturally, have more fat than men and it’s normal because it’s to be pregnant. Men don’t have excuses. When you manage your foods, you don’t have overweight’s problem. It’s true, plan meals in the day.

When you have the time to watch a tv show, you have the time to cook. You can watch your tv show in the weekend. Foods before tv shows ! Internet is a beautiful source of healthy recipes, it’s simple.

Stop eat pizzas, ice-cream, etc. Move, find the person inside you who want do something, no one who wait for a magic spell. This one is lost forever !


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Your Life Reflects Your Thoughts


If you have a real vision, a real dream, cultivates it, put it in your heart, in your mind, be obsessed with it. You are your thoughts. In your life, good things don’t happen because you’re a good person, it happens because you wanted in a conscious or unconscious way. Your life is a manifestation of your thoughts. When you’re obsessed, when you think only about that, you attract it in your life. When you think to be happy, you’re happy, test.

If your vision or your dream is a career in the fitness industry, be obsessed with it. Includes people in your dream, this is what I tell people who want to be part of my team : « Listen, if your vision or your dream doesn’t include helping others, your vision is too small. I’m not interested ». There are people who have a phenomenal physics, it’s the world class but all they do, it’s make selfies to show their abs and that’s not interests me.

I don’t want that new generations see these people and say this is what is being a man or a woman, show abs all day. It doesn’t mean anything, a homeless person can have abs. Abs aren’t a goal to have a healthy body but on Instagram people make believe anything.


People like Instagram with filters, everyone thinks it’s raw pictures. The person took the photo the day after the competition and displays it on Instagram 6 months later and when you see the person in real life, it’s not quite the same.

Be obsessed with your goals, your dreams to help people and not by something that makes you look cool. Everyone is beautiful, no one is more beautiful than another, it’s subjective and it’s not important. What you have in your head and in your heart, that’s what is really important. I’m a pessimistic person because sometimes I look people and I say : « Why are you doing this, tell him something to help ? ».

I guess when you think fitness industry, everything that’s inside is healthy but the truth is that in many ways it’s unhealthy, especially mentally. It’s like the guy’s story who a few days after the competition had taken diuretic for his rendez-vous with a girl (everytime I think back, I tell myself that it’s not possible), it’s sad.

Sometimes I drink Coke, beer, rum, I eat biscuits but I’m trying to eat healthy as much as possible. You never see me on Instragram with a huge pizza because I don’t want a person sees this photo and say : « Ah I also have a slow metabolism, I can do the same ». I want people to be responsible for contents they place. I do it as often as possible to give to people great information.

Be obsessed with your dreams and you attract them in your life


Ta Vie Reflète Tes Pensées


Si tu as une vraie vision, un vrai rêve, cultive-le, mets-le dans ton coeur, dans ton esprit, sois obsédé avec ça. Tu es tes pensées. Dans ta vie les bonnes choses n’arrive pas parce que tu es une bonne personne, ça arrive parce que tu l’as voulu d’une façon consciente ou inconsciente. Ta vie est une manifestation de tes pensées. Quand tu es obsédé, quand tu penses uniquement à ça, tu attire ça dans ta vie. Quand tu pense être content, tu es content, test.

Si ta vision ou ton rêve est de faire carrière dans l’industrie du fitness, soit obsédé par ça. Inclue les gens dans ton rêve, c’est ce que je dis aux gens qui veulent faire partie de mon équipe : « Ecoute si ta vision ou ton rêve n’inclue pas d’aider les autres, ta vision est trop petite. Je ne suis pas intéressé ». Il y a des gens qui ont un physique phénoménal, c’est du niveau mondial mais tout ce qu’ils font c’est faire des selfies, montrer leurs abdos et ce n’est pas ce qui m’intéresse.

Je n’ai pas envie que les nouvelles générations voient ces personnes et se disent que c’est ça être un homme ou une femme, montrer les abdos toute la journée. Ça ne veut rien dire, une personne sans abri peut avoir des abdos. Les abdos ne sont pas un objectif pour avoir un corps sain mais sur Instagram les gens font croire n’importe quoi.


Les gens aiment Instagram avec les filtres, tout le monde pense que c’est des photos brutes. La personne a pris la photo le jour après la compétition et l’affiche sur Instagram 6 mois plus tard et quand tu vois la personne en vrai, ce n’est pas tout a fait la même chose.

Soit obsédé par tes objectifs, tes rêves qui aide les gens et pas par quelque chose qui fait que tu as l’air cool. Tout le monde est beau, personne n’est plus beau qu’un autre, c’est subjectif et ce n’est pas important. Ce que tu as dans ta tête et dans ton coeur, c’est ce qui est vraiment important. Je suis une personne assez pessimiste car des fois je regarde des personnes et je me dis : « Mais pourquoi tu fais ça, dis lui un truc qu’il aide ? ».

J’imagine que quand tu penses à l’industrie du fitness, tout ce qui a dedans est sain mais la vérité c’est que de plusieurs façons c’est malsain, surtout mentalement. C’est comme l’histoire du gars qui quelques jours après une compétition avait pris du diurétique pour son rendez-vous avec une meuf (chaque fois que j’y repense, je me dis que c’est pas possible), c’est triste.

Des fois je bois du coca-cola, de la bière, du rhum, je mange des biscuits mais j’essaie je manger sainement le plus souvent possible. Tu me verras jamais sur Instragram avec une énorme pizza parce que je n’ai pas envie qu’une personne voit cette photo et ce dise : « Ah moi aussi, j’ai un métabolisme lent, je peux faire pareil ». Je veux que les personnes soient responsable des contenus qu’ils mettent. Je le fais le plus souvent possible pour donner au gens d’excellentes informations.

Soit obsédé par tes rêves et tu les attires dans ta vie