Infopreneur And Service Provider

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I heard Olivier Roland’s tips and I learned some good stuff.

A personal trainer who is in the gym where I’m training ask me how to give courses online. But when he asked me this question, I noticed that he didn’t believe it or maybe it wouldn’t work with him. In the personal trainer business, there is part that is an intellectual service. What I mean is that there is a part of this job, which is to give people advice so they can improve.

All the skills that give advice can be turned into a product (information product). There is a huge challenge for personal trainers and service providers who trade their time for money. How to make more money (because there is a lot of competition) while a person can’t be in several places at the same time physically ?

Advice online

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The trick is that instead of explaining the same thing to someone 1000 times, you write a book/ebook, you makes videos or your do an online training program. With these supports, it allows you to save time on repetitive tasks and automate a part of your income.

Some might think that this method doesn’t work with all types of service providers, but with the technologies evolution, it’s changing. We find online training program for salsa, golf, guitar, boxing, mma, auto mechanics, plumber, etc. do some research on Google or DuckDuckGo and see.

For example, you want to learn boxing. Traditionally, you have to go to a boxing club to learn and improve your technique with sparring. But you learn that there is an online boxing training program from Floyd Mayweather. In this training program, Floyd Mayweather shares his best tips and techniques to improves your boxing performance. Are you participating in this online training program or not? I think so, especially if you’re passionate about boxing.

If you have the budget to participate in Floyd Mayweather’s online boxing training program, you’ll be very motivated to do so. Even if Floyd isn’t near you to correct your technique, he has clearly good tips to share with your to improve your performance and your boxing technique.

This is why it’s important not to put barriers to explore new things, to put in place innovative projects because it’s doing things that we learn what works and what doesn’t work.

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Break For Injuries

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE and today I didn’t train. I will tell you why, because I feel pain to my left shoulder and my 2 knees. 6 day ago, it was my leg day and you know, I hurt my right knee during a martial art session. So I used lightweight to train my leg.

Since around 6 months, I felt pain to my shoulder (shoulder impingement) because of the dumbbell overhead shoulder press and dumbbell bench press. Since 1 months, I hurt my right knee in a martial art sparring, because I wanted to avoid a punch and my leg (my knee) was in a bad position. I had 2 injuries . I searched an alternative exercise for the dumbbell overhead shoulder press and dumbbell bench press to decrease the pain and I found out. I wrote 2 articles about it. Click here and there .

Too much injuries

sport injury

As it was a leg day, I decided to do front squat with lightweight to not hurt to much my right knee. After my front squat session, I did leg press with one leg. After my warm-up set, I felt a pain in my left knee, it was like if someone hit my left knee with a knife, I stopped my rep immediately. It was the first time I felt this pain and I didn’t like it. I tried to do an another rep to see the gravity of the pain and I stopped my leg day here.

I did the half of my leg day’s program and I thought it was a good idea to test the new way to do dumbbell bench press without pain. When I was walking with the dumbbell in my hands, I felt the pain in my left knee. I did this dumbbell bench press variant and I validate it.

Usually after my workout, I eat my meal (my post workout is solid food). While I was eating my meal, I thought it was the time to make a break. 3 injuries is too much for me and I decided quickly to make a break of 1 month to really recover, because since 2015 I train regularly 6-7 days per weeks and the longest break I make was 10 days. Yeah, 10 days. When I realized it, I thank God of Light for his gratitude. And you know what ? When I slept, I felt I a little pain in the middle of my back. It means to do my front squat, my body compensated the weakness of my right knee with others parts of my body to be able to execute the movement.

Special recovery

Now, it’s the 6th days and I continue to write article for my blog and I learned what kind of injuries I have and I want to learn deeper about sport injuries because I scare to become like Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie Coleman is the best bodybuilder for me, it’s because of him I started seriously to train like a bodybuilder when I was on the streets. And now, see this living legend who can’t walk without a crutch, it’s too sad.

I want to have the best athletic body I can until I die, I’m more focus about sport injuries. More I know about it and more I can avoid it. Every day I do my stretching session and I do 2 special movements to help my left shoulder to decrease the pain. I will see on 15th July, if my recovery session is effective.

It’s important not to take lightly the pain of your body. I know a lot of people who had pains a few years ago and they had to do some surgery. Now, they can’t use their capacity at 100%.

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Bank Online Peer-To-Peer (Part 1)

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !

Today, in my workout program (tracked with JeFit  ), I did shoulders, traps, calves and forearms. My muscles gains in forearms are slow but it’s cool, it’s the process. I didn’t use weight to train my flexors and extensors of my forearms so it take time. I started it since for 1 month. I hurt my right knee during a box sparring 1 month ago and now I can lift heavyweight on my left. Yeah back to do squat, leg press with one leg and deadlift. I’m happy.



Since 4 months, I think to buy cryptocurrency, espacially Ethereum . I’m more interested by Ethereum than Bitcoin, because with Ethereum you can make smart contract. By example, you and your friend make a bet on a match (basket, soccer, box, whatever). You don’t want to make a bet with a bookmaker because the charge are too high. With the smart I’ve seen, you can program something like this : « If Team A wins, the loser’s money is automatically transferred to the winner’s Ethereum account at the end of the match ». All without charge. In the smart contract that I saw, the 2 people had an Ethereum account.

The principle of cryptocurrency is to transfer money or buy something without a third part (bank or financial service) because charges increase year after year. In few months, I will buy a Ledger Nano S  (usb wallet for cryptocurrency)

Digital Bank

digital online bank money currency account

Because of cryptocurrency, I thought : « Is it possible to have a bank account and transfer money without a third part ? ». I have a Paypal account but I mean a real bank account with a debit card, you dig ? After watched an Oliver Roland’s video , I discovered 2 bank online with debit card or precisely pre-paid debit card. It’s Transferwise  and Revolut .

I read articles about the difference on the 2 and Revolut is excellent for people who travel a lot to avoid high currency exchange fees (even cash machine) when abroad and Transferwise is excellent for international money transfer with the lowest charge. Transferwise and Revolut have app on GooglePlay/AppStore and a deal with MasterCard for the pre-paid debit card.

2 days ago, I opened a Transferwise’s account (multi-currency) without meet somebody, I did everything online. I create an account like the majority of web services with a form and I gave them a scan of my ID and a scan of a bank statement to confirm my address. I received a confirmation by email less than 5 work day week. I’ll put money on this account in few days and I will ask to have a pre-paid debit card.

By looking a little more on Transferwise (because this company created in 2011), I understood that it could be beneficial for people who use Western Union or Ria to send money to parents living in the native country. My parents did it. You see, if you’re an immigrant or an expat it could be more avantageous about international money transfer fees. A story about the co-founder Kristo Käärmann (from Estonia) is he was working in the UK and was losing a lot of money transferring cash back home to pay for a mortgage. It can be also interesting in this case.

In January 2018, Transferwise launched the Mastercard pre-paid debit card, I really curious to use it to see how it work. As I told you, it’s been 2 days that I have my Transferwise’s account, that’s why this article is Part 1. I’ll give my point of view on Transferwise soon. And I think to open a Revolut’s account in few months.

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