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How Sleep Can Improve Your Health
Wow Sleep. It’s as important as eating. When you were a newborn, your parents paid special attention to the number of hours you slept. They did it because it was important to your growth. After many...
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How To Eat Fast Makes You Fat
Take your time when you eat. Eating fast makes you fat. Eat slowly to allow your mind to recognize when your body is full. We are so used to eating fast that the act of eating is like giving our body enough...
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How I Track My Body Progress September
Follow this method on how I track my body progress with a low budget. Each month photos, measurements, and body fat(%)  show me where I am in my evolution to reach my Golden Ratio. I take my results...
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Shop at the edge of your grocery stores
Usually, the healthiest foods you can find in grocery stores are on the outer edges. This is because most refrigerators are along the walls to keep food fresh. The further away you are from the center,...
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