Floor Hip Extensions

floor hip extensions

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and I learned good stuff.

Kneeling on one leg and the other under the torso. You’re resting on your elbows or on your hands and your arms outstretched :

  • Tuck your opposite leg under your chest

  • Move your tucked leg to the rear until your hip is fully extended.

floor hip extension

This exercise performed :

  • Outstretched leg works hamstring and gluteus maximus

  • Flexed leg works gluteus maximus in a less intense way

floor hip extension flex knee

This movement can be worked with a large amplitude or a small amplitude in the last part of the extension. You can maintain a contraction 1-2 seconds at the end of the movement.

For more intensity, it’s possible to use soft weights your ankles. The ease of execution and effectiveness of this exercise.

This exercise is very easy to perform and gives good results. It has become very popular and is often use in aerobics classes.

floor hip extension

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