How I Worked With My Brother For A Photoshoot

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What’s up ? This is The Stephane Andre,

The summer is here, we’re in the middle of July and I lost some weights that I gained during the winter. Every month, I track my body’s evolution with my weight, measurements and photo or video. Let’s see an example here .

Usually, I make pictures and videos on my phone. And you know, sometimes, it’s good to have them from a photograph to have better quality.

The photograph

photo jonatan andre merveille

I have a brother, Jo, who has a passion for it. Since I knew he has this hobby, I push him to create his own website to show his talent to people. For years, he learns by himself how to take pictures, videos and edit with tutorials on the internet.

I see him work with Sofar Sounds, make music videos and work with local models


To have a good condition, I decided to eat less to have my muscles more visible. We decided to have the photoshoot at 06:30 PM, so I eat my last meal at 03:30 PM.

The spot was outside of a sports center. I like to go there because there are a track and field zone, 2 beach volleyball courts and a soccer pitch.

Photo shooting session

The idea was to make images shirtless and short pants like a Fitness model. We started to take them when I was doing bodyweight exercises.

The mood was good because in some photos you can see the pain on my face during an exercise. We laugh a lot when we see them, it’s funny. Imagine you are in the middle of a movement and the photograph says: “Stop, stay right there. Look at me, now. Good, good”. After a few seconds, you continue and again, you need to freeze. Then I did classic standing and sitting poses.

The session lasts around 1 hour and a half and Jo took more than one hundreds of pictures. Now you can see which ones he kept and edited.

It was a session where we worked with the family. I have my blog about fitness and he has his website, it’s a win-win collaboration and we’ll do it more.


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