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How These 9 Bodyweight Exercises Can Help You

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Bodyweight exercises are great for doing it anywhere, anytime. It can be in a park or in a room. Today, the coronavirus is spreading and many countries are in quarantine. Only essential businesses are open such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and others.

That means you cannot go to the gym, so you have to train at home. But at home, you don’t have the same equipment as in the gym (unless you build a home gym).

The good thing about bodyweight exercises is that you’re using compound exercises. This means that your body is working on several muscle groups at the same time. Usually, when you’re in a gym, you use isolation exercises to work a specific muscle. The combination of it and circuit training helps you burn more calories. You can even burn more calories than with regular cardio.

Bodyweight exercises routine for beginner

A warm-up is good for preparing your mindset, body, heart, muscles, and joints to avoid injuries. It can be mountain climbers, push-ups, stationary bike, arm circles or others. Generally, five to ten minutes is enough for a warm-up.

Here are the exercises:

30 Jumping jacks.

15 Second Plank

15 Second Side Plank (each side)

10 Push-ups

10 Curls (each arm with a fulled bag/backpack)

10 Dips

10 Bent Over Row (each arm with a fulled bag/backpack)

20 Bodyweight squats

20 Walking Lunges (10 each leg)

Use circuit training to do this program. This means that once you start it, you move on to the next exercise without rest. When you finished all the exercises, you rest for a minute. Repeat it two, three, four times or more, but don’t stop in the middle. Finish everything.

Do this program two or three times a week with a recovery day between your training days.

During your workout, you will burn calories but you will not build muscle. Your body needs several hours to repair your muscles after training. And it’s in this repair process, where you’re still burning calories, that you gain new muscles. The best time to recover is at night, so sleeping well is essential.

Do this program for a month and don’t worry if doing the first circuit is difficult. The goal is to progress with each session. Track your workouts and try to do better than the last time. It’s the best way to see your progress.

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