How To Do Trap Bar Deadlift

 trap bar deadlift

This is The Stephane Andre and today I’m talking about trap bar deadlift. I read Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and I learned good stuff.


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Standing in the center of the trap bar. If you are not, there will be a lateral instability. Your legs are little bit spread with your back rigid and a little bit arched:

  • Bend your legs to have your thighs a little closer to the horizontal. This position may be slightly different for each person. It depends on the morphology and ankles flexibility. For example, a person who has long femurs and long arms will have thighs a little higher than the horizontal. A person with short femurs and short arms will have horizontal thighs.
  • With your arms outstretched, take the handle, being careful to center the grip of your hands. Be careful with a heavy weight because a non-centered grip will rock the trap bar forward or backward.
  • Inhale and block your breathing. Squeeze your abs and your lumbar region. Lift the trap bar by straightening your legs. Attention, be careful to not round your back during movement.
  • Maintain the extension of your body (your body is straight) for 2 seconds. Then go down with the trap bar keeping your abs and your lumbar region squeezed.
  • Exhale at the end of the effort


trap bar deadlift


The trap bar deadlift works all your muscles body as the classic deadlift The difference is that the central position of the bar makes it possible to limit the tilt of your torso. This reduces the intensity of the glutes work and the lumbar region.


For people who suffer from the lower back, this exercise is safer than the classic deadlift.

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