Scientific References 

scientific studies

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

For me, to have to have interesting content for my audience, scientific references are important. It’s imporant because I learn something and you too.

And another reason is I like some much Wikipedia  than I want to do something like this.

My content is based on scientific reference for 2 reasons :

  • In general, scientists do a good job. It doesn’t means that all they do is perfect. Somethimes there are scientific studies that are criticized years later as for planet Pluton. But it’s better than non-scientific studies to see what work and not.

  • It’s a reservoir of unexploited information and knowledge. Especially in the field of internet companies that sell content or information.

Use scientific reference allow you to give more relevent information. Look in personal development industry, a lot of companies don’t use scientific reference and it’s a shame because the day when they discover that they’re wrong, everyone will say they’re liars.



You can PubMed , it’ss a great website with a huge number of scientific studies about health.

You can use Google or DuckDuckGo , these search engine can also help you to find it.

When you read books, there are scientific references. Go to see these scientific references and share them with your audience with an article or a video.


When I want scientific references about weight loss, I use a search engine and I type : « weight loss scientific study » and I read several scientific studies about it.

In search results, there is often newspaper articles than summarize the scientific study. After you read the newspaper article, it’s cool to read the source when the scientific reference is in the article. In a scientific study, read the abstract (a summary), introduction and conclusion is enough to understand if you don’t have the time.

Share methods or techniques based on scientific studies is better than something based on a wrong belief.

Do you think scientific studies are good to share knowledge ?


Being A Beginner Expert

beginner expert

I watched a Olivier Roland’s video  and I want to share this with you.

This is an interesting topic. How to sell information on internet (books or training) while being a beginner in the field ? This is cool, I’m a beginner !

It’s possible to do that by creating a website to give advice to people while being a beginner and staying ethics at one condition. This condition is to be at 2000% transparent. First, there are domain where it isn’t possible such as medicine or law. Some domain are protected, we must have the necessary diploma and that is normal. Apart from that, there are many domains where it is more free and unfortunately sometimes we see anything.

To understand the difference between an approach of beginner ethical and unethical, I will explain a real example and a fictional example.

Fictional example

fake expert austin power

This is a person who discovers that he can start a business on internet and he wants to have the blogger’s lifestyle. He decided to make a blog to explain to people how to make money on internet. The problem is that he never earn money on internet ! In his blog or in his YouTube channel, he’ll reuse information that already exists on internet but he never tested himself. He don’t use his own advise in his life. He doesn’t speak about his experience but about theories he has seen elsewhere.

Imagine that the website works. Now the only way for him to make money, is to explain to people how to make money with information based on theories. This is a big ethical problem because it makes a loop that closes on itself. It’s really not for a long term approach. It’s like having a blog about Kung Fu without winning Kung Fu competitions ?

Real example

beginner expert

Laurent Breillat of blog « apprendre la photo » ( in english: « learn the photography ») . Laurent Breillat is a photo enthusiast. At first, he went to chat with Olivier Roland because he wanted to make a blog about the photography but he knew nothing. He just had his new camera. Olivier Roland told him he could make a blog about the photography but the only condition is that he should not pretend to be the expert he is not.

Explain to your audience that you are a beginner like them and everybody will learn together to progress. This approach allows you to better help your audience because you’ll be much more connected to beginner’s problems compared to someone who has 20-30 years of experience and who doesn’t remember problems he had when he started. Laurent Breillat’s slogan for 6 years is : « Together and step by step » (sorry its slogan is protected).

You must understand that if you want to start in a field that is not protected by law, you must adopt this philosophy « Together, step by step ». Be transparent with your audience by saying that you are a beginner and build your expertise with the time.

It’s also the benefit, the approach with a blog. There are several ways to have a business on internet and with a blog, you don’t have the pressure of having to sell your first product immediately. You start slowly to build your audience, your community, your expertise and your credibility.

Create a blog takes time. It takes months, years to start making money with. But it’s cool to start as a beginner because there is a learning curve and you will develop your expertise much faster. Your brain will look for articles ideas and your community will challenge you by asking you questions or sharing problems. You’re going to structure your thoughts by creating content (articles, podcasts, videos), all that will accelerate your learning.

Laurent Breillat, today, has nothing to prove about his photography’s expertise. A publishing house contacted him to write a book because he build his credibility with his articles. All the world can see his articles. Now people invited hm in photography’s shows to make presentations and he’s paid for it.

So Laurent Breillat built his expert status with time and no one can claim that he doesn’t know of what he speaks.

This means that you can create your business on internet while being a beginner at the condition of being transparent and gradually building your skill, your audience.

How do you do to be transparent with your audience ?


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Companies Need To Have A Blog

company blog

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  about this subject and I share what I learned with you.

The idea is that all companies should publish content. All companies whether the local baker or the company that manages the nuclear power plant. All types of companies without exception.

Why ?


Publish things that really help people who are in the same domain as you. Help them to either reduce a problem or help them to achieve their goals. It’s true that for the nuclear power plant’s example, it’s a challenge but content could that explains advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power. The key is to give content that will teach something to your reader, information that they can use everyday.

With the bakder’s example, you can teach people how to make bread. It’s true that it is against intuitive because if people know how to make bread at home, they will no longer go to the baker.

But maybe not ! You’re going to teach people how to make bread, but they will not have time to do this everyday and the baker doesn’t sell only bread. The fact of really help them by giving good advice for one thing will increase your authority. This will improve the way they perceive you as an expert. This will increase your relationship with them and they will appreciate you more. The result is that they will come more often in your bakery and will be more receptive to offers that you make.

Case study

study case

Content is the way to have more clients and to have real fans.

Here is a real example with the blog « Bonne Gueule » (french blog)  which is a men’s fashion blog, created in 2007 by two students (part-time). At first it was a normal blog that published content and they sell content products like books and online training. A few years later, they were able to sell their own clothes. Today when we go on their blog, it’s still a blog with articles, content videos that help people but we can also order their clothes they have made.

When we go to the product page, we quickly see the difference between « Bonne Gueule »’s clothes and classic e-commerce clothing. There is a video that explains why clothes are manufactured in this way, recommendations to take care of clothes and advice to wear them with style. With this type of content, they go well beyond a traditional shop because they give really good advice on choosing clothes and dress well even if we don’t buy their clothes.

Now « Bonne Gueule » opened two shops: Paris and Lyon.

Content makes the difference in the perception that people have of you between the company that just wants to sell the maximum of products to make money and true leaders who help people to progress.

Ask to yourself: « what kind of content could interest my prospects and clients and can help me to create a community? ». There is an excellent book by Seth Godin « Tribes »  which explain why internet is a great tool to create tribes or communities. The reason is that people are buying less and less after seeing an advertisement but buy more and more after having an advice from a trusted person.

What types of content you have for your company or your business idea ?