sport injury steroids performance enhancing drug

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. With my training, I’m interested in biomechanics to avoid injuries. I read « Sport Medicine Media Guide » and I learned some good stuff.

We regularly read in news articles, the use of anabolic steroids or performance enhancing drugs by elite athlete. But you should know that these dangerous drugs are more and more used by children in college, high-school and middle school.


sport injury steroids performance enhancing drug

Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Steroids help to create new proteins to increase the size and strength of muscles. The body is already doing this process naturally but steroids increase the activity of this normal process. Find performance enhancing drugs in communities, gyms or internet is easy.

Steroids are consumed orally or by injection. Anabolic steroids in themselves aren’t effective. However, when they’re used at the same time with a strength training, they increase the strength in an impressive way.

Side effects

sport injury steroids performance enhancing drug side effect acne

sport injury steroids performance enhancing drug side effect acne

sport injury steroids performance enhancing drug side effect acne

Performance enhancing drugs allow an athlete to have bigger and more powerful muscles, but users may have deadly health problems. Performance enhancing drugs have several side effects that continue to work even after you stop using them. Users are also more likely to have risky behaviors such as having unsafe sex or taking illegal drugs.

Symptoms of use of anabolic steroids are :

  • Acne (often severe) visible on the face and back

  • Severe mood change such as extreme aggression or suicidal behavior

  • Premature balding, breast enlargement (gynecomastia), irreversible shrinking of testicles in boys.

  • Deeper voice, shrinking breast and clitoral enlargement in girls

  • Dangerous enlargement of the heart that can increase bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Irreversible liver damage

  • In children, premature closure of the growth plates, stopping normal growth of bones.

sport injury steroids performance enhancing drug side effect gynecomastia

sport injury steroids performance enhancing drug side effect gynecomastia

sport injury steroids performance enhancing drug side effect gynecomastia

A reason to take anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids may be advisable for people who have lost testicular function like men with a testicular tumor. They’re also advised in some type of anemia to stimulate the bone morrow.


The true is the problems of performance enhancing drugs aren’t solely related to elite athletes. Children are also exposed to this every day. Ask kids what they know about these drugs. Ask them if they know anyone in their school class who uses these drugs. Ask them if they know the dangers of these drugs. If you think that your children or children in your family might be experiencing these drugs, talk to your doctor.

It’s also important to talk to coaches and ask them if leagues or schools require annual physical exams for athletes. A physical examination by a doctor can detect the use of performance enhancing drugs in athletes (doping test). Ask coaches if any of their athletes have experienced performance enhancing drugs.


As many as four 4 American children and teens are using performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids.

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I Like Legs Day

skip leg day

Today was the legs day and I like it. There are a few years, the evening before legs day, I wasn’t motivated. It was really the training day that I hated. You know at the gym, when it’s leg day everyone is : « Oooh no, good luck ! ».

When everyone in the gym is in the mood « Legs day is hell », it doesn’t give you the will to do. But when you see people who have a muscular upper body and a skinny lower body, it’s really ugly, it’s not harmonious. On internet you see examples more shocking.

I don’t know about you but I want to have a harmonious body, symmetrical. Having more muscle ? Yes I will, but proportionate with the rest of my body. When summer comes, my friend, it’s merciless ! The world sees better your body because of shorter clothes and when it’s not harmonious, BOOOM ! You didn’t work a lot on your body and it’s your fault.

skip leg day

About me, I saw a girl who lifts more than I squat. Squat is my challenge ! Romanian deadlift is also my challenge ! My challenge is that my legs should be as well as the upper body (ok, ok, beat this girl squat too). You also see people on the street that weren’t have a harmonious body. There are people who don’t train and have a harmonious body and other NO.

What is funny is that I have a program of 4 days and sometimes 2 times in a week, it’s the abs-legs day. Sometimes it’s a different muscle group but for gym people, it’s weird. Now for people I am « Mr. Legs Day ». I smile when I train my legs like my chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, back, normal. I like to train every part of my body.

You want the truth ? Now in the street, restaurants, shops, I feel people’s eyes. I hear « Wow, he is muscular; Oh my God ; But who is he ? ». The thing that makes me feel still uncomfortable is when I pass a group of people and all girls stare at me. You must see the boys face of the group, it’s mythical each time.

skip leg day

Yet I don’t consider myself like someone really muscular, I can do more. My goal is to have a body type like Men’s Physique. A handsome muscular body, shredded (not like for competitions) and harmonious. Having volume without having a good chest definition doesn’t interest me, I want muscles with a good definition.

Train legs is as important as the rest of the body and cardio. Now it’s your choice, do you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical body, a harmonious or deformed body ?