I Like Legs Day

skip leg day

Today was the legs day and I like it. There are a few years, the evening before legs day, I wasn’t motivated. It was really the training day that I hated. You know at the gym, when it’s leg day everyone is : « Oooh no, good luck ! ».

When everyone in the gym is in the mood « Legs day is hell », it doesn’t give you the will to do. But when you see people who have a muscular upper body and a skinny lower body, it’s really ugly, it’s not harmonious. On internet you see examples more shocking.

I don’t know about you but I want to have a harmonious body, symmetrical. Having more muscle ? Yes I will, but proportionate with the rest of my body. When summer comes, my friend, it’s merciless ! The world sees better your body because of shorter clothes and when it’s not harmonious, BOOOM ! You didn’t work a lot on your body and it’s your fault.

skip leg day

About me, I saw a girl who lifts more than I squat. Squat is my challenge ! Romanian deadlift is also my challenge ! My challenge is that my legs should be as well as the upper body (ok, ok, beat this girl squat too). You also see people on the street that weren’t have a harmonious body. There are people who don’t train and have a harmonious body and other NO.

What is funny is that I have a program of 4 days and sometimes 2 times in a week, it’s the abs-legs day. Sometimes it’s a different muscle group but for gym people, it’s weird. Now for people I am « Mr. Legs Day ». I smile when I train my legs like my chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, back, normal. I like to train every part of my body.

You want the truth ? Now in the street, restaurants, shops, I feel people’s eyes. I hear « Wow, he is muscular; Oh my God ; But who is he ? ». The thing that makes me feel still uncomfortable is when I pass a group of people and all girls stare at me. You must see the boys face of the group, it’s mythical each time.

skip leg day

Yet I don’t consider myself like someone really muscular, I can do more. My goal is to have a body type like Men’s Physique. A handsome muscular body, shredded (not like for competitions) and harmonious. Having volume without having a good chest definition doesn’t interest me, I want muscles with a good definition.

Train legs is as important as the rest of the body and cardio. Now it’s your choice, do you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical body, a harmonious or deformed body ?


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