The Unconventional Guide To Count Calories

count calories

Yes, this is the unconventional guide to count calories because it is based on your intuition. Intuition is your subconscious mind communicates with your conscious mind. This exchange of information is “a feeling”. It takes years to build up your intuition because it is the result of experience and practice. The interpretation of these feelings …

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Feed Your Brain Is Important

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE. I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff. To be successful in the areas that interest you, there is an important principle that is to nourish your brain in a healthy way. It’s the same principle for your body. If you eat fast food …

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Remove The Belly

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and there is stuff to share. How to have no more belly ? A machine seen on tv ? A rough diet ? A supplement like a pill ? First these things worked for you ? Before I tell your the secret to have no more belly, listen this story. Story This is the …

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