Business Ideas From Abroad

I watched an Oliver Roland's video  and I learned good stuff. It's very interesting to be part of a group of entrepreneurs (mastermind or other) to see what they do in your country but also internationally. Being part of a group of entrepreneurs makes it possible to share good methods/techniques. There is an extraordinary rewarding to be part of an…

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All Food Will Kill Us

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I want to share this with you. It's true that life is simpler when we know nothing. We eat at fast food, we do exercises once a week and we’re going to work because it's like that. Our existence is like « Ignorance is bliss ». One day when I was talking with girls (it…

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Fitness History- China and India (2 500-250 BC.) (Part 2)

China In China, the philosophy taught by Confucius encouraging regular physical activity. It was recognized that physical inactivity was associated with certain diseases (organ dysfunction such as heart disease and diabetes) that were preventable with regular exercise. Consequently, gymnastics Cong Fu was developed to keep the body in good conditions. Cong Fu exercise program consisted of different poses and movements…

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