The Mistake Of Learning From Mistakes


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

It’s true that learn from your mistakes is a good method to improve yourself but you can do a huge mistake by doing this. Let me explain to you, the huge mistake is to only learn from your own mistakes. Look the world, we’re billions and there are billions of people who lives before us. As everyone makes mistakes, learning from mistakes of others is also a good strategy.

Mistakes of others

mistake others

Look mistakes from people who are in the domain where you want progress allow you to save time and money. I think we know it but we forget to do it quickly. It’s important to have a strategy to learn from mistakes of others to progress.

I tell you the truth, I also made this mistake several times. Sometimes I noticed that I had a talent and I was alone in solo thinking that I was smart enough to succeed. I thought I didn’t need professors, books, etc. It’s an ego trip, it’s the best method to waste time and almost guarantee failure. Yes, I know there are exceptions, some people happen to be successful in being solitary wolves but it’s clear that they lose a lot of time.

No matter where you want to succeed, there is a golden rule. You need master the basics ! Once you master the basics, you can be creative but not before.

You can try to be creative before master the basics and in 90 % of the cases you’ll fail, it’s true. Look at people who are successful, people who are creative, they were all newbies and they all learned the basics.


Looks at the creative chefs who have restaurants with 3 stars in the Michelin guide. Do you think at the first day in kitchen, they said to themselves : « Go, I make a crazy recipe ? ». No, they learned to cook rice, pasta and they had to learn the basics like everyone else.

There is a company very creative that is Cirque Du Soleil  that reinvented the show. You notice that there is a lot of circus inspiration and other domains. It looks very similar to fusion restaurants. You know this concept where you take the best recipes from 2 countries and you make a mix of 2 to make a menu.

Learn form mistakes of others



The simplest method is to read the biography from people who are successful in the field where you evolve. You’ll learn a lot of things, you’ll see that they strarted from nothing and sometimes they made incredible mistakes. Reading biographies helps you avoid making these mistakes.


Be in touch with people who are successful in your field. Don’t absolutely look for people who are at the level where you would like to be, communicate with people who are better than you. Ask them what are the classic mistakes that beginners make.

Put in place a stratregy to know mistakes of others and solutions they used to move forward. You’ll see, this will save you from unnecessary stress.

Attention is a thing to do in addition to attend trainings, see tutorials in video,etc.

What I mean is not be a lone wolf. Connect you, inform you, be curious, attends trainings and find mistakes that you must not make before you make them.


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Security At The Barbell

bench press fail

Today it was Chest – Triceps – Calves. A good session, I progress on exercises I still can’t do 4 sets of 10 reps, I’m happy. While I was changing up to another exercice, I see a person make bench press. Suddenly, I see the barbell moving and weights drop down !

The guy gets up and looks panicked and check if no one is injured. A guy made him a remark to use barbell clips. He says him he use to do it like that. He explains that the problem is not what happens to lift weights without barbell clips but hurting someone and bring him to the hospital. He continues to do the exercise with barbell clips.

It’s been many times I see people doing exercises at the barbell without putting barbell clips. I don’t know if no one explained their or they do it to show off, but I think it’s really stupid. Explain to me how you can do the exercise’s movement good when your weights slides from the left to right on the barbell.

bench press fail

No but seriously, this is not the circus here. You lift weights and in addition you have to keep them in balancev? Go there to do when you lift heavy ! In less than 2 seconds weights are down and it’s you who is trying to stay balanced on the bench.

Imagine you do that and that a person get the weight of 20 kg (44 lbs) on the foot. Ah, it’s less laughing, must bring him to the hospital and you can be sure he has broken bones. I think in that moment, you don’t fluff at all, especially when you have to explain how it happened.

What I mean is that by this way you don’t do the exercise correctly because you can hurt yourself and you can seriously injure someone else. But with a barbell clip all can be avoided, use it and you can really use all your potential with a excellent movement execution.

barbell clips

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