Security At The Barbell

bench press fail

Today it was Chest – Triceps – Calves. A good session, I progress on exercises I still can’t do 4 sets of 10 reps, I’m happy. While I was changing up to another exercice, I see a person make bench press. Suddenly, I see the barbell moving and weights drop down !

The guy gets up and looks panicked and check if no one is injured. A guy made him a remark to use barbell clips. He says him he use to do it like that. He explains that the problem is not what happens to lift weights without barbell clips but hurting someone and bring him to the hospital. He continues to do the exercise with barbell clips.

It’s been many times I see people doing exercises at the barbell without putting barbell clips. I don’t know if no one explained their or they do it to show off, but I think it’s really stupid. Explain to me how you can do the exercise’s movement good when your weights slides from the left to right on the barbell.

bench press fail

No but seriously, this is not the circus here. You lift weights and in addition you have to keep them in balancev? Go there to do when you lift heavy ! In less than 2 seconds weights are down and it’s you who is trying to stay balanced on the bench.

Imagine you do that and that a person get the weight of 20 kg (44 lbs) on the foot. Ah, it’s less laughing, must bring him to the hospital and you can be sure he has broken bones. I think in that moment, you don’t fluff at all, especially when you have to explain how it happened.

What I mean is that by this way you don’t do the exercise correctly because you can hurt yourself and you can seriously injure someone else. But with a barbell clip all can be avoided, use it and you can really use all your potential with a excellent movement execution.

barbell clips

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