Techniques To Learn Quickly And Efficiently Based On Science (Part 2)


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

If you didn’t read the Part 1, click here .

Ok, this software used in the scientific study is not accessible for more than 80 % of the population but there are several software that can allow you to improve your intelligence like that used in the scientific study.

There is IQ Mindware. There is another one that is open source so free called Brain Workshop. These software are for people who really want to improve their intelligence because they are based on the principle of Dual n-back . It’s very difficult and it’s the only way to improve your intelligence.

The results of this scientific study showed that the maximum gains obtained with 20 minutes of training per day for 19 consecutive days. This is 10 % improvement with the 8 consecutive days of training and 44 % with 19 consecutive days of training.

Train your brain with IQ Mindware or Brain Workshop (I use this one) will allow you to improve your concentration and motivation. Everything you need to improve your ability to have successful projects.



Meditation is excellent for improving your concentration. Before, I was often lost in my thoughts when I was doing a task and in the end, this task was done badly. Have you ever been lost in your thoughts when you were doing a task ?

Meditation is cool because you can do this in 5 minutes a day and you don’t need any equipment. You just need a little time and a quiet place. You see meditation is accessible to everyone and can be done by people of all religions or these who have no religion.

The goal of meditation is to train your concentration. That means to focus your attention on something specific. For example in bodybuilding, when you do the dumbbell curls, you fix your attention on your biceps. Meditation is a simple and effective way to become aware of your « parasitic thoughts ». These « parasitic thoughts » that make you no longer focused on your task and lost in your thoughts. When you realize that you’re lost in your thoughts, you can redirect your thoughts to be focus again on your task.

Scientific studies have discovered and are still discovering meditation’s benefits like an enormous reduction of stress, anxiety, anger, depression, immune system improvement, positive emotional improvement and a better attention. For people with hypertension, there is a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in longevity of 23 %. Scientists always find new benefits in meditation.



Meditation improves health AND also intelligence as ability to manage emotion, increase concentration, reduce attention problems, increase memory and visual processing capacity, improve learning ability and reduce your risk to multi-task. Doing multi-task ruin your productivity.

If you want to enjoy meditation’s benefits, you can start with a simple exercise without equipment today :

  • You sit comfortably in a quiet place. If you want you can sit in the lotus position but it’s not obligatory. You close your eyes and take 3 deep deep breaths to relax. Once you relaxed, you focus on your breathing. You focus on your inhalation and your exhalation and the goal is to concentrate as long as possible on your breathing

While you are going to think about your breathing, full of thoughts will come constantly and it’s normal. It’s destabilizing but there is a technique for your mind to be less distracted. The technique is to count the number of your inhalation and exhalation.

  • When you inhale, you count « 1 » in your head (don’t speak) and when you exhale, you count « 1 » then when you inhale, you count « 2 » and when you exhale, you count « 2 ». You do it from 1 to 10. When you’re 10, you count upside down from 10 to 0. When you realize that you’re lost in your thoughts and you’ve lost count of the number of breathing, you start again at « 0 ». You don’t give up until you’ve been able to count from 0 to 10 and 10 to 0 without interruption at least once.

You’ll see that many thoughts will come because it’s absolutely impossible to think of nothing. Don’t worry, it’s normal. As soon as you realize that you’re lost in your thoughts, come back to focus on your breathing without feeling any particular guilt.

Do this simple meditation 5 minutes a day will give you many benefits that I quoted in this article.

Scientific studies

scientific study

Here is a list of scientific studies concerning benefits meditation.

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« Buddha’s Brain: Neuroplasticity and Meditation », Richard J. Davidson, 2010. Click here

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Music with workout ?

 music workout

I don’t know how long my wired headset not work as before. Sometimes, a made a movement in my workout , there was no sound and it upset me a lot, especially during squat. It broke something and I had less motivation. And not long ago, my headset broke during my workout. I had to content myself with radio’s sound of the gym and it really sucks.

So I bought a Bluetooth headset and I like it. It’s so cool and I’m super motivated because I can finally listen to my songs with a good sound quality without thinking that in a few months it’ll messing. And I remembered the first times I was training without music or listening to radio’s music from the gym (MTV or radio for me it’s the same). This isn’t the same, my mindset isn’t the same and I think you also noticed.

You know me, when I have a question I’ll search immediately on Google and you know what ? There are several explanations and one on Wikipedia, click on the link. Now I’ll tell you what I understood:

Google logo

Your music is a good distraction for you because you’re less aware of your efforts, which improves your performance by up to 15%. Music with faster tempos are good because they are so much information to process that your brain puts your mind in standby mode.

Your music increases your performance, makes you work harder with a fast tempo between 120 and 140 beats per minute (bpm). With this BPM you have the maximum effect, too fast it’s not good.

Your music puts you in “the zone”. When you put music that you love, that put you in the mindset (in “No. 1” mode) because you remember something cool and this music boost the power of your motivation.

winner mindset

The rhythm of your music stimulates the motor area of your brain during movements (running or weight-lifting). This helps you to use energy more efficiently because your body keep this steady rate until the end of the song.

Your music improves your mood and you more aware of yourself. This allows you to think about yourself, ask you who you want to be and imagine your future. Whatever happened to you in the day, your music helps you to escape of negative things, you feel your own power during training and you feel good when it’s over.

Your music makes you want to move. You can’t stop the beat, your music has a good quality of groove that excites your brain and make you moves. Basically a playlist is made to make you move whether to dance or train.

music move

Have fun, takes pleasure during your workouts with your soundtrack, your crazy soundtrack.