Become Insensitive To Haters


What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

To be successful, it’s really necessary to have the ability to ignore haters, especially on internet.

Beginners are unaware of the emotional impact that haters can create and it can also scare people who want to start their company online. When you develop your internet presence, avoid haters is impossible.


A hater is a person who feels the irresistible urge to send you a message by email, comment or tweet to tell you :

  • You’re the stupidest and ugliest person in the world

  • Your content is the most insignificant thing since the creation of the planet earth

  • That he/she hopes that you don’t make children to not spread the evil on the planet earth and that you die quickly

These 3 things are what say haters in general.

The truth is, you can’t avoid that. Select one of your favorite artists, athletes or actors, check out one of his/her video on Youtube and read the comments. You can see the quality’s level of comments and it makes people lose faith in humanity. And it’s not just haters, there are also people who tell a lot of bullshit and insult each other.

A hater is a person who is bored and has no purpose in life, so that person is trying to create trouble in your community and psychologically impact you in a negative way. Fortunately on social media, it’s possible to ban haters.

Don’t be afraid

don't be afraid

I know many people who want to create a blog, a podcast or a Youtube channel but they’re afraid of having a bad buzz. I know a medical student who wants to create something to help students who are in 1st year of medical school but he still doesn’t do anything. This is the same situation as people who never drive because they are afraid of an accident or people who never take a plane.

It’s important to understand :

  • It’s extremely unlikely

  • Even if you have a bad buzz, you’ll survive

  • In any case, you will build a community that will support you.

When you look at the biggest bad buzz in history, it’s rare to see that the sales falls caused the bankruptcy of the company (or maybe you know a case I don’t know). Sometimes there are people who have been a bit traumatized by a bad buzz but in the majority of cases, there is little damage.

The best revenge you can have for haters is to have a good life. To be afraid of the haters that make you afraid to act, that you’re paralyzing, it’s showing to the world that it’s you who are leaving intimidated by something that is very unlikely to happen.

Keyboard warrior

keyboard type

Haters are also called « Keyboard warrior » because generally haters allow themselves to make type of criticism about people on internet but they are unable to do in real life, face to face. They’re comfortable behind their keyboard because they suffer no consequence.

So don’t be intimidated by the keyboard warriors and what I recommend you to do, it’s to keep a bottle of champagne to celebrate your first hater. It’s important to know that having haters is a necessary step in your success. Having your first hater is a sign that you’re on the right track because you’re disturbing someone.

keyboard warrior

Constructive criticism

Among this ton of negative comments (95%), there are also critics who can help you improve. To identify these critics, you must ask yourself this question : « What is the intention of this criticism ? Do I feel that the person wants to help me ? ».

If you feel that the criticism of the person is to help you, you can analyze the criticism and see if you can do something that interest you. If not, you can ban the person. Unfortunately, you’ll see that the majority of critics are not made to help you.

Remember that about haters :

  1. They’re inevitable

  2. They’re a sign of your success. Everyone has haters, even the people you admire the most

  3. They’re keyboard warriors. They say things that he/she doesn’t allow himself/herself to say in real life, face to face.

  4. Keep a bottle of champagne for the day you’ll have yor first hater

  5. To identify constructive criticism, ask yourself this question : « Is there a positive intention in this criticism to improve myself ? ».

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Sacrifices To Be An Entrepreneur


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

Olivier Roland spoke with a girl who had left her job for 18 months to create her company. This girls had left her job with a negociation to have a social assistance for 2 years. The problem is that her company doesn’t work well, she doesn’t earn enougn money and her soacial assistance will finish in 4 months. They talked together to analyse the problem.

It’s not Disney’s World

disney world

This girls didn’t work effectively and quickely for several reasons. She was lazy because she thought was going to succeed. It’s a good mindset but nobody succeed at the first shot. She thought she was in Disney’s World. Create a company is just the first step. It’s like having a stick for a hike. You have this stick to start to climb the mountain but it will be another stick at the top of the mountain. And the mountain is very hard to climb. When you have a company, it is not Disney’s World, but it’s instead « it’s the war and I want to survive ! »

This girls spend to much time to have a perfect design for her blog, a perfect design for her newsletter. It was not the most important thing to do. The most important thing to do is to grow your audience. If your content is good, your design’s blog doesn’t matter. Don’t do intelligent procrastination like her.


When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re not an employee. You face reality in a way that doesn’t forgive. That means that as your company doesn’t make money, it’s just an untested hypothesis.

Have faith and be optimistic is great but you need to test your product in the market as soon as possible. And you need to have this mindset « it’s war and I want to survive ! » like a warrior, like a samourai. Be an entrepreneur doesn’t means you will be the next Facebook, Amazon or Google because you’re an entrepreneur. Results will not come naturally because you’re an entrepreneur. You must give everything you have everydays like an ahlete.

Fight for


You must be ready to sacrifice your time (miss parties, birthday party, marriage, etc) and your energy to have all the chance on your side. You must do have huge motivation, by this way when you see an obstacle, you’re excited. And if you’re not excited, this obstacle will not stop you. Everydays act, act, act, act, track your act and adjust.

Have a strategy with key actions to have first sales as soon as possible. If your product don’t work, it’s not a problem. Refund customers, use audience feedback about your product and change characteristics. Try, try, try, try and must be ready to word 10 hours per day for your company.

Spend your time to act and learn. Track your actions and adjust to improve results. Devote all your time to grow your company.

Do you propose a prototype of your product/service to your audience ?


Why Fitness In First And Being Selfish

fitness smile

Imagine what you can do if you put fitness first ?

Like famous actors and actresses who become SUPER shape for their movies. What does it take to get there ? Focus on healthy food, several hours to sleep and exercise, right ?

You could look like King Leonidas in 300 or Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games ? Do you still confuse about Chirs Evans in Captain America ?

It’s fun to think about « what would happen if ». What you would be able to do if you put your training and your nutrition before everything else ?

Most people have an answer to this question: « I would like to have the best physique of my life but this is not possible because … »

a wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend / OS

Children / pets / dragons


No money

Friends / obligations, etc.

You can ask anyone and they’ll give you a reason why fitness can’t come first. They’re too busy ! But busy doing what ?

Since I put my physical condition before any other aspectes of my life (at first it was boring), I accomplished much more things in all domains of my life.

It’s like my mind was opened as Neo in The Matrix !

Let’s go ?

fitness smile

Fitness should be in terms of months and years, not days and weeks. I learned that a friend personal trainer. Most fitness programs are based on 90 or 30 days. I stopped to think about short-term programs and I was interested in long term. Now I know I would have a better physique in end 2016, 2017, etc and results are sustainable.

Have slow and steady results. Being injured is a huge brake ! At first I lifted too heavy and I didn’t stretch me enough. The consequence ? I needed to take 1 month off because of my pain and I lost what I had gained. If you’re looking to improve every week, it’s better to have about 50 weeks of small progressives improvements than big improvements that will cause you injuries Go slowly and let your ego in the locker room. Remind yourself that you are in the gym to develop your strength, not for show.

Put your faith in the process. I stopped worrying about « what level I would be in a few months ? » Or «  How my body will change in a few months ? » And I just put my faith in the process with this state of mind « how to place the next brick ? ». I knew that if I slept well, if I ate healthily and enough, if I pushed myself a little in training every time, I was building my body. Appearance is a consequence of fitness. I stopped worrying about the scale and I concentrated all my efforts in training and recovery.

Not all progress is seen on the outside. I don’t feel that my transformation is spectacular but I know I have changed physically and mentally.

I used to feel fragile. Now I feel like a Wolverine.

I used to say « I don’t have time ». Now I realized that it was an excuse.

I used to wish that I was able to do somethings. Now I do these things.

I used to think it was either the fitness or the life. Now I know that fitness improves every aspect of my life.

I’m always excited to go to my next workout and I want it to be the same for you.

Begins today, I challenge you to take a few weeks to build your life around your body, don’t neglect your personal well-being.

Can you put fitness first for 1 month and see what happens ?

fitness smile

Training – For me it’s weight training or bodyweight. I never even miss a workout when I travel.

Healthy eating – Fuel your body properly is 80-90% of the battle. Get enough protein, carbohydrates and fat for the results you want to have.

Sleep – No excuse, turn off the TV, turn off the computer and go to bed on time to sleep 7 hours !

What kind of challenges are you trying to overcome ?