Boost Your Marketing Based On Science (Part 3)

tate tougue bitter sour sweet salty

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video and I learned good stuff.

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Taste is a bit of an amalgam of 5 senses because it’s necessary to use 5 senses to have the full sensation of taste in the brain. It’s enough that it misses 1-2 senses so that the flavor modified. When a brand works to be recognized by several senses, it improves the credibility and the memorization of the brand.

An effective sensory marketing is based on the coherence of the senses to increase the positive evaluation of products, stores and visiting intentions. This multisensory experience increases the probability of creating strong and lasting emotional connection with the consumer.

Cognitive ergonomics, pricing, distribution and sales

cognitive ergonomics

Rules of innovation, presentation product/service and a good selling price increases the turnover and improves a brand’s perceptions. Consumers spend more time in a store when the place is thematized, theatrical or with a sensory experience.

Creating nice design for the brain helps a product to succeed in a market. Certain specific packaging’s elements attract the attention and interest of the brain. Imaging and iconography provike emotional evocation, color awakens somatic makers, writing gives meaning to the product and the brand gives the product qualities linked to its essence.

The preception and the price of a product/service by the brain have important consequences on the amount of purchases. An inapproritate price compared to consumers perception on the price-quality ratio can cancel a sale. A consumer refuses to pay for an expensive product if the quality seems low. With a price too low, a consumer thinks that the quality is bad.

The psychological price, which is the price that a consumer is willing to pay to buy a product/service, is the fundamental basis for the price policy.

Pay creates an impression of pain in the brain and there are several solutions to decrease or avoid this feeling : payment term, credit, deferred payment, product/service presentation like Premium, billing per month rather than per hour, price below a fixed price ($ 299.99 instead of $ 300.00).

When stores are thematized, theatrical or with a sensory experience, it increases the presence time of consumers as well as the interest. The result is an increase in turnover and an improvement in the brand perception of the store.

Subliminal relationship

subliminal messages

Since antiquity, communication has used many subliminal techniques to be more persuasive. Subliminal communication target directly the brain’s subconscious. Ads is still based on Aristote’s rhetoric method to improve credibility and Cicero. Here are Ciceron’s recommendations  : It’s necessary to prove the truth of what you say, it’s Logos. To reconcile the benevolence of the listeners by using the Ethos and to awaken in them all the emotions useful to the cause with Pathos.

  • Logos

    This corresponds to the choice of logical and rational messages. Theses messages show indisputable arguments about the quality of the product/service on an innovation that other brands don’t have.

  • Ethos

    This is to give confidence or seduce consumers.

  • Pathos

    It’s about message based on emotions.

Communications can be based on hedonism to look for inner well-being or joy like luxury or sex. To trigger strong emotions and enter in the memory, messages can be violent as for example advertisements on the road safety.

Subliminal communication target directly the brain’s subconscious, bypassing the barrier of reasoning. Even though subliminal communication is prohibited in some countries, many methods are allowed and used in advertising.

Advertising entertainment is an advertising based on the spectacular using humor or art with the harmony’s rules like Golden Ratio , Vitruvian Man , eroticism, etc.

Brands works with emotions to influence the consumers brain to make purchase. Consumer’s brain is attracted by brands whose history is reminiscent of known myths memorized in the unconscious (copy by somatic markers).

Brands need to create a story, an original epic that can be told in the community and be told for several generations.

Community and social networks


Community and social networks influence the consumer’s individual consciousness, which make it a collective consciousness. A consumer has access to a huge amount of information from different sources in real time. This information comes from all over the planet. This access to information allows the consumer to make comparisons before buying. With interactivity, a consumer becomes a neuro-consumer-actor. We’re living the creations of a new behaviororal generation of neuro-consumer multiprogrammed, it means people who consult several media at the same time.

We’re slowly entering a world where zapping replaces logic and reflection. A world where people prefer sequential information based on emotion rather than linear information based on conceptual reasoning.

Several factors influence the purchasing behavior : free economy, uberisation or participative economy of purchases, return of auctions, the wait of the proposal of purchases of the last minute, used to choose from several references as with Amazon (70 millions products), geolocalisation use of different sales channels (social networks, internet, smartphone, etc).

There are methods to meet these new expectations, permission marketing and digital marketing desire.

  • Permission marketing

    Permission marketing allows communication only with prospects who have given their agreements.

  • Desire digital marketing

    The digital marketing of desire is based on quality content and the pratice of « one-to-one ». « One-to-one » is the creation of a personalized relationship with each consumer and to develop this relationship.

Consumers saturated by the advertising of digital marketing gives a very limited confidence to the brands coming from traditional communication. They prefer to seek advice from people who have already tested the brand, product or service.

Use a viral marketing, buzz or word of mouth to spread positive communication on social networks across communities can seriously increase sales. This viral marketing, buzz or word of mouth is based on the oldest media in the world : the rumor. With the development of internet (website, blog and social networks), recommendation becomes more important than the communication.

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Create A Calculated Field

data science tableau calculated field

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

Now is the time to solve the problem of who is winning the bonus.

The first thing to do is clean the dashboard. To do this, click on the « Clear Sheet » button.

data science tableau calculated field

To start we need to create a « Bar Chart » to see the salesperson. In this data, salesperson named « Rep » for representatives.

data science tableau calculated field

To see how many items were sold by each sales representative, you need to put « Rep » in « Columns » and « Units » in « Rows ».

data science tableau calculated field

You can see that the representative who sold the most is Richard.

But we want to have more details. We need to know who is the best representative by region and for now, we can’t see that.

To see this, you put « Region » in « Columns » before « Rep ».

data science tableau calculated field

As you can see, the « Bar Chart » changed. There are separations by region.

In each region, you can see the representatives and the number of items they sold. Alex is the best in Central. Richard is the best in the East and James is the best in West.

To get better visibility, you can order the bars in descending order. Move the mouse over the label « Units » of the bar chart and an icon will apprear. Click on it and the bars will be sorted in descending order.

data science tableau calculated field

Unfortunately, we didn’t answer the question because « Units » is only the number of items sold. What interests us is the amount of money earned by selling the product but we don’t have this type of measure. There is no measure that shows us the total value of sales. There are only « Units » and « Units Price ».

In this case, you have to make a calculation to have the total sales in cash. For each representative, you need to multiply « Units » with « Units Price ».

Let’s look at the data to make a test calculation. Right-click on the « OfficeSupplies » data and click on « View Data ». For example, you see that Nick sold 29 binders to $1.99. So 29 (Units) multiplied by 1.99 (Unit Price) equals $57.71 for this sale.

data science tableau calculated field data science tableau calculated field

In our data, we have no measure where « Units » is multiplied by « Units Price ».

data science tableau calculated field

To solve this problem, you will create an additional measure with a « Calculated Field ». « Calculated Field » si an element that allows us to create measures by calculating quantities.

To create this, right-click in the « Measure » zone and select « Create calculated field… ».

data science tableau calculated field

You can name the calcultated field « TotalSales »

data science tableau calculated field

Select « Units » uses the « * » sign to multiply and select « Unit Price » and click « OK ».

data science tableau calculated field data science tableau calculated field

Now, you can see that your measure « TotalSales » in the « Measure » zone.

data science tableau calculated field

By looking good, you can see that there is an « = » sign before the « # ». This is to indicate that this measure is a calculated field.

Ok, the measure is ready, let’s go. Put « TotalSales » on « Units » to replace « Units » with « TotalSales. Tableau automatically takes the sum aggregate.

data science tableau calculated field

If you want to do this more cleanly, you can remove « Units » by dragging it outside « Rows », then take « TotalSales » and put it in « Rows ».

data science tableau calculated field data science tableau calculated field

Now, that we have a « Bar Chart » with data from « TotalSales », we sort the bars in descending order by clicking here.

data science tableau calculated field data science tableau calculated field

As you can see, the results are different because Richard is no longer the best representatives in the East, it’s Suzanne. The best representative in the East is Suzanne, the best representative at the Center is Mathiew and the best representative in the West is still James.

it’s with the calculated field « TotalSales » that we can know who are the best representatives by region so Suzanne, Mathiew and James earn a bonus.

This was an example to learn how to create a calculated field in Tableau. Have fun creating new calculated field to master this tool that is really useful.

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Social Media Icons For Your Blog

social media

In my blog (WordPress), I had installed a plugin to share my blog posts with social media. This plugin was Share This . Since I installed a plugin to display my lastest pictures from Instagram on my blog, I was wondering how I could do to have icons so that people could share my content and subscribe on my social networks.

After doing a Google search to know the best rated WordPress plugins, I discovered Ultimate Social Media Icons .

I just installed it and it’s really cool. Here is how it’s on my blog :


thestephaneandre screenshot

I installed this plugin with the « zip » file and I just discovered that they had added the function to install the plugin automatically in your blog. Well, I’ll show you how I did. If you installed the plugin automatically, go to the configuration phase.

Note : For the plugin works, it’s necessary that CURL is installed and activated on your server and a PHP version of 5.4 or above. If you don’t know, ask to your hosting provider or server admin.


  • I downloaded the « zip » file (compressed files) from WordPress website.


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • Once I uncompressed the « zip » file, I have the directory « ultimate-social-media-icons »:


ultimate social media icons screenshot

I use FileZilla  (it’s free) to transfer files to my server.

  • I copy « ultimate-social-media-icons » in the « wp-content/plugins » directory of my server:


filezilla screenshot

  • Once it’s installed on your server, active the plugin in your WordPress plugins (extensions in french) page


wordpress plugin screenshot


  • Now that you have activated the plugin, you should have the menu « Utimate Social Media Icons » in WordPress:


wordpress ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • This is how it’s :


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • Select icons you want to show on your blog


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • When a user click on a icon, what’s happening


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • Select a icons design


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • A little animation with icons


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • Show counts with icons


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • Customize icons order and others options


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • Icons at the end of each post


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • Add a pop-up


ultimate social media icons screenshot

  • Add a subscribe form


ultimate social media icons screenshot


  • In WordPress, click on the menu « Appearence => Widgets » :


wordpress widget screenshot

  • Place the widget on the sidebar to make it appear on your blog


wordpress widget screenshot

Click on icons, adjust and let’s go.


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