How Does This Bodyweight Plan Bring Sexy Back

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This is The Stephane Andre and today I’m talking about how you can gain muscle anywhere and anytime. The solution, this bodyweight plan. Maybe you think you can’t gain a lot of muscle with it, but this is the first step to build a solid foundation.

When I decided to be in shape, I didn’t have the money to buy a gym membership. I used a bodyweight workout to be stronger and it learn me the basic movements to use gym equipment. When I am in a hotel and I don’t have the time to train, this is amazing. This kind of workout is very helpful for people who are under 16 years old and want to have a better body.

Do you know people who gained muscle years ago, and when you see them now, they gained fat instead? Generally, it’s because of a change in their life and they don’t have the time to train anymore. It’s sad.

It’s now or never to bring sexy back anytime, anywhere, no matter what changes in life.

Full bodyweight workout plan

Do this plan 2 to 3 times a week with at least one day of rest between. This workout plan can be done in 2 ways:

  1. For each exercise do 4 sets of the maximum repetitions you can do
  2. For each exercise do the maximum of repetition you can do for 30 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and go to the next exercise.

You can alternate these two training’s type in a week.

Start with a warmup of 20 jumping jacks

Jumping jacks

jumping jacks


Mountain climber

mountain climber









Decline push up (chair or bench)

decline push up

Leg raises

leg raises

Push up

push up

Dips (chair or bench)


Bicycle crunch

bicycle crunch

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Fitness History – National Period in Europe (1700 – 1850) Part 6

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german soldier 1700

The growth of gymnastics in Germany can be mainly attributed to the work of two physical educators : Johann Guts Muths and Friedrich Jahn. Johann Guts Muths is generally referred to as the « Grandfather of German gymnastics ». He invented several exercise programs and equipment on which they were performed. All his works and achievements are in 2 books – Gymnastics for youth and games.

Friedrich Jahn earned the title of « Father of German gymnastics » for its long-term work. It was early in the Jahn’s life that Napoleon had conquered much of Europe including Germany. With the fall of France (Napoleon), Germany was divided into two separate states. Jahn’s passion for German nationalism and independence had become the driving force behind his creations of gymnastics programs. He believed that the invasion of Germany by a foreign country could be prevented by the physical development of the German people. Soon, exercise facilities that contained devices designed for running, jumping, balancing, climbing and vaulting called Turnvereins were spread throughout Germany.


sweden 1700

Pehr Henrik Ling has developed and introduced its own gymnastics program in Sweden that was composed of 3 different areas: 1) educational gymnastics 2) military gymnastics 3) Medical gymnastics. Ling who had a strong medical background had recognized that exercises were necessary for all people. He maintained that exercise programs should be designed to individual differences. Ling also believed that physical educators must possess knowledge of the effects of exercise on the human body. Ling was using science and physiology for a better understanding of the importance of fitness.

That’s all for today. Soon the rest of the fitness history


Fitness History – Ancient civilization (Part 3)

ancient civilisation

The Middle East (4000 -. 250 BC)

ancient middle east

Early on, politicians and military leaders of the civilization of Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Palestine, Persia and Syria have realized the importance of fitness for the efficiency and effectiveness of military force. The fitness was encouraged in society. Perhaps the best example of a civilization that used the fitness for political and military objectives was the Persian Empire. Persian leaders demanded a strict physical fitness from its people through a hard training program. At the age of 6, boys was the property of the Empire and were training including hunting, walking, horse riding and javelin throwing. Fitness training increased strength and endurance was not a health criterion, the aim was to create soldiers able to help to expand the Empire. The Persian Empire during his best years with its policy and insisting on a high fitness finally conquered the entire Middle East. However, this requirement on a high fitness through Persia civilization fell because of influences and corruption between politicians and military leaders. The fall and the end of the Persian Empire came when the Persian people was characterized by a low fitness.

Ancient Greek Civilization (2 500-200 BC.)


ancient athens

Maybe no other civilization had such a high esteem of fitness as ancient Greece. The ideals of physical perfection was the main theme of the Greek civilization. The appreciation of the beauty of the body and the importance of health and fitness throughout society was unprecedented in history. The Greeks believed that the body development was also important that the mind development. Physical well-being was necessary for mental well-being with the need for a strong and healthy body to harbor a healthy mind. Many doctors have facilitated the growth of fitness throughout ancient Greece as Herodicus, Hippocrates and Galen.

Gymnastics and music were considered the most important subjects in school. A common saying in ancient Greece is « Exercise for the body and music for the soul ». The gym was in Palaestra who were physical education places for young boy. The palaestra consisted of an indoor facility for gymnastics and outdoor space to running, jumping and wrestling. When adulthood was reached, typically between the ages of 14 and 16, the site for fitness changed from palaestra to gymnasium. Exercises in the palaestra and the gymnasium was supervised by the « paidotribe » which was similar to the modern fitness coach. This idealistic fitness situation was very strong in Athens much more than a similar democratic society like the United States of America.



The Spartans of Northern Greece still had more esteem for fitness than the Athenians. However, the greatest interest for fitness with the Spartan culture was for military purposes. During this era, the state of Greece was frequently at war. Fighting skills were strongly linked to physical fitness levels, it was very important for people to maintain a high fitness level. Spartan society required men to make a special fitness program at the age of 6 years old. From that age until adulthood, the government was responsible for the children education and training. This education was a rigorous training program which ensured that all boys would turn into a soldier with excellent physical condition. It was also required women to maintain a good physical condition to be able to have strong children who could serve the state. The strong military culture of Sparta culture resulted in one of the most physically fit societes in the history of mankind.

That’s all for today. Soon the rest of fitness history.