The Unconventional Guide To Count Calories

count calories

Yes, this is the unconventional guide to count calories because it is based on your intuition. Intuition is your subconscious mind communicates with your conscious mind. This exchange of information is “a feeling”. It takes years to build up your intuition because it is the result of experience and practice.

The interpretation of these feelings is a mix of vague and clear evaluation. The vague evaluation includes several sensations:

  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Craving
  • Hunger
  • Sleep

The clear evaluation is your body evolution:

  • Photo
  • Weight
  • Body fat %
  • Measurements



Take the example of dieter and couch potatoes. A dieter is a person who burns a lot of calories but eats a low amount of calories. A couch potato is someone who but little calories but eats a huge amount of calories. In these two cases, they are not conscious of their vague evaluations (energy, mood, etc). The reason is that these behaviors lead to a high level of stress in the metabolism.

Once the metabolism has an immense rate of stress, it tries to get back to a normal level. When your body has too much stress, it uses an ancient survival method due to the famines in the past: move less, eat more.


be productive

There are tips to keep your metabolism to a good level:

  • First tips – Have a good harmony of workout sessions and recovery/rest periods. Look, athletes. They train hard, eat well and use a big amount of time to rest and recover. It’s a good idea to do like them because there is a link between food and stress hormones.
  • Second tips – Increase the number of your calories with healthy food. Of course, when you eat a burger or a pizza, it helps you to have more calories fast. The problem is you have more calories with a junkie food meal than a meal from your diet plan. There is also something important to know. Junkie foods create an addiction in your body to make you eat more of these types of food later.

There is a big discussion about the cheat meal. Some experts agree and some do not. From my point of view, I agree with a day of cheat meals because it works for me.

I wrote an article to buy healthy food in the supermarket. It can help you if you want to have more calories. I eat healthy for 6 days and I count calories for each meal. And one day, cheat meals.

Share this article if you think it can help someone you know. Thank you.


Change Your Diet Successfully

change diet

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

I imagine you took you 1st January’s resolutions to have a better body. Do you always to that ?

88 % of people fail to reach their fitness resolutions for a year ! Yes, studies prove it. But there are 12 % who succeed. Let’s see.


super mario bros

I’ll use the game « Super Mario Bros » to explain. When we start the game, we’re small, we don’t have armor (or powers). If we run on an enemy, we lose a life and we start at the beginning of the stage. We restart, we restart and we restart.

And if on our way we find a mushroom, we change, we become bigger and stronger. We can be hit by an enemy one time without restart the stage. If we can continue without being hit, we can fin a Fire Flower. We can attack our enemies at a distance and we must be hit three times to restart the stage.

Healthy eating habits

Everything is difficult when we start something new. We need to be careful because we’re attacking from everywhere. The Matrix use parties, birtdays or advertisements to prevent you from having a healthy diet.

Each times we don’t resist to these attacks (temptations), we feel we have failed and restart to the beginning. The truth is that every day is a success. If in the day you eat one healthy meal, it’s a success !

By giving our maximum to eat a healthy meal a day, we build our strength, then you’ll eat 2 healthy meals a day and we’ll become stronger and so on. Little by little we build a healthy eating habits and we’ll find the Fire Flower to attack enemies like in « Super Mario Bros ».

Short Time Diet

short time diet

The problem I have with these « diets » is that is a temporary food change to achieve a result adn then return to old habits.

For 6 months people struggle to lose weight and then gain even more weight than before. I see my friends do this and I can tell you that every 2 years, everybody notices that they gained a lot of fat. It’s weird.

Diets are like invincible star in « Super Mario Bros », it’s a power that lasts 10 seconds. We can go very far in the stage without being hit by enemies. The problem is when we take the invincible star when we’re small and after we have to fight the Boss. The Boss hit us one time and we restart the stage.

We have more change to beat the Boss when we cross the stage slowly by accumulating coins and power up that we can find rather than invincible star.

To change your diet, it’s the same principle, it’s the transition to a new lifestyle. It’s not temporary, it’s a lifestyle to be healthy all the days of the year all the life.



To can change food habits effictively, educating on food is very important. Sugar in processed food is very addictive. When we stop to eat processed foods, we my be lacking as an addict, having a crisis and eating a large amount of it. It’s for this reason we call it « junk food », foods for junkies.

Sugar has the same chemical reaction than cocaine in our brain. Read this article .

Like a junkie we say :

  • « Just one it’s not bad »

  • « Why I need to lose weight, it’s no use »

  • « I stop to eat it tomorrow »

Slowly but surely

I took several months before getting used to a healthy diet. Each month, I had food goal. It’s was like eat a healthy meal during the day, drink green tea, buy only 2 cookies packs during the week, drink a little bottle of water. From month to month, it became easier without having a hug desire for sugar. And if I a desire for sugar (because it still happen), I eat a teaspoon of honey (mmmmh, honey is so good).

I think it took me 9 months to have a complete healty diet. Now, I always adjust my food with smartphone’s application MyFitnessPal  and it’s fun because adjust my food is like do an update with an application, it’s cool.



The first time we play « Super Mario Bros », we don’t have weapon and armor. We know if we’re hit one time, we restart the stage and a enemy come to us. We press all buttons on the controller to understand how to make move Mario. Serously at this precise moment we don’t think, we execute.

To start we a healthy diet is the same thing.

Perfect meal ?

Forget that, eat pasta or rice with vegetable with meat, tuna or eggs.

Perfect breakfast ?

Forget that, eat oatmeal or a plate of pasta or rice with vegetable with meat, tuna or eggs (it’s really my beakfast, I’m not joking)

Let’s do both things at the same time : education and execution.

What is your worst diet you tested ?


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Condemned to stay obese

obese transformation

While reading a NerdFitness article, I discovered that there was a study by King’s College London, who said : « the chance to returning to a normal weight after becoming obese is only 1 in 210 for men and 1 in 124 for women over a year ». If the person is seriously obese, chances are reduced.

What is this bullshit !?! Let’s look the study deeper .

The study

matrix mr smith transformation

« Of 278,982 men and woment, the study found that only 1 % of people who were obese at the start of the study were successful in losing weight AND maintaining the weight loss ».

What is highlighted is : « count calories, eating less calories than normal and exercise dutifully » failed 99% of people after 10 years.

When I read that, I see two things :

  • Once we’re obese, it’s almost impossible to have sustainable results.

  • Current strategies of conventional medicine to fight against obesity fail to help the majority of obese patients lose weight.

FUCK THE MATRIX ! You don’t have to follow Matrix’s advice. There are other ways to have a better health in the long term.

There are a huge number of study that confirms and validates that eating fewer calories than you burn (calorie deficient) gives results for weight loss for most people.

This Matrix’s study has given advice to 278,982 patients based on a strategy to be successful in the short term. The Matrix has only given a part of advices, that’s why they failed.

As Morpheus says to Neo, « There is a difference between knowing the path and walking in the path ».

Here’s what the Matrix didn’t tell to the 278 982 patients :

  • Understand how habits work (and behavioral psychology).

  • A good state of mind

  • An environment created for success

  • Understanding how sugar can be addictive

  • Having a support (family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)

  • And more

Instead, modern medicine advises people to move more and eat less and don’t say the rest. It’s obvious that this is a strategy for failure : when your environment is against you at home, when the society do everything to make it difficult to eat healthy and when your social circle is against you, of course only 1% of people succeed.

It’s possible to succeed, just need to adjust some things to make it work for us instead of against us.

The tools

matrix morpheus neo blue red pills

Having habits to have long terme success

Once you understand how your brain work to create new habits, you can change your bad habits to create good habits and develop them.

We start with small changes with we can live with and then changes become bigger. « I just need to try harder » doesn’t work, you need to understand HOW to try and then try smarter.

Diets don’t work

Temporary diets doesn’t work. Explain me, for 9 months you eat the « junk food » and for 3 months, you eat healthy food. With this strategy, your body is healthy all year ? No, and it makes sense.

Aim the long term. We’re making efforts to change our lives and a life isn’t short term. This is a fundamental adjustment in how we make decisions every day to achieve, day after day, our success.

Building a positive environment

We’re the product of our environment and we’re affected by all that surrounds us every day. This is why all heroes have theirs headquarters. The headquarters is an environment that is designed to relax and achieve goals.

Adjust your environment to avoid having « junk food » at home, avoid roads where there are fast food, sleep earlier, prepare healthy meal for all the week, etc.

The support

Going on war alone, it’s too hard. Why not create a team ? We need people to help us and inspire us to have a better health. Surround yourself with people who care about you and want you to succeed, don’t sabotage your efforts.

Knowing food

Eating 600 calories of cookies isn’t a solution in the long term compared to 600 calories of chicken, fish, avocado or vegetable.

The majority of processed food we eat today is created for a part of our brain is dependent on this food. The processed food transforms us into junkie who wants heroine. Junkie = Junk food.

This study creates two camps :

  • I know, that’s why I can’t lose weight. I’m condemned to stay obese, go to McDonald’s

  • Ok, it’s clear, it doesn’t work. I need to try something different. I have to be smarter than the Matrix.

Which camp do you choose (red or blue pill) ?


Condamné à rester obèse

obese transformation

En lisant un article de NerdFitness , j’ai découvert qu’il y avait une étude faite par le King’s College de Londre qui disait : « Les chance de retrouver un poids normal après avoir été obèse est de seulement 1 sur 210 pour les hommes et 1 sur 124 pour les femmes en plus d’un an ». Si la personne est sérieusement obèse, les chances sont diminués.

C’est quoi ces conneries !?! Regardons l’étude en détails.


matrix mr smith transformation

« Des 278 982 participants, hommes et femmes, l’étude a seulement trouvé 1 % des personnes qui étaient obèses au début de l’étude qui ont perdu du poids et maintenu la perte de poids avec succès ».

Ce qui est mis en évidence, c’est : « compter les calories, manger moins de calories que la normal et faire des exercices consciencieusement » échoue pour 99 % des personnes après 10 ans.

Quand je lis cela, je vois 2 choses :

  • Une fois que nous sommes obèses, il est presque impossible d’avoir des résultats durable.

  • Les stratégies actuelles de la médecine conventionnelle pour lutter contre l’obésité ne parviennent pas à aider la majorité des patients obèses à perdre du poids.

FUCK LA MATRIX ! Tu n’as pas à suivre les conseils de la Matrix. Il y a d’autres façons pour avoir une meilleur santé sur le long terme.

Il y a un nombre énorme d’étude qui confirme et valide que manger moins de calories que tu brûles (déficient calorique) donne des résultats pour la perte de poids pour la majorité des gens.

Cette étude de la Matrix a donné des conseils aux 278 982 patients basé sur une stratégie pour avoir du succès sur du court terme. La Matrix a seulement donné une partie des conseils, c’est pour cela qu’ils ont échoué.

Comme dit Morpheus à Neo : « Il y a une différence entre connaître le chemin et marcher sur le chemin ».

Voici ce que la Matrix n’a pas dit aux 278 982 patients :

  • Comprendre comment les habitudes fonctionnent (et psychologie comportementale).

  • Un bon état d’esprit

  • Un environnement créé pour réussir

  • Comprendre comment le sucre peut-être addictif

  • Avoir un support (famille, amis, petit-copain, petite-copine, etc)

  • Et encore d’autres

Au lieu de cela, la médecine moderne conseille aux gens de bouger plus et de manger moins sans dire le reste. C’est évident que c’est une stratégie pour l’échec : quand ton environnement est contre toi à la maison, quand la société fait tout pour que ce soit difficile de manger sain et quand ton cercle social est contre toi, bien sûr que seulement 1 % des personnes réussissent.

C’est possible de réussir, il faut juste ajuster certaines choses pour que cela fonctionne pour nous au lieu de contre nous.

Les outils

matrix morpheus neo blue red pills

Avoir des habitudes pour avoir du succès sur du long terme

Une fois que tu as compris comment fonctionne ton cerveau pour créer de nouvelles habitudes, tu peux changer tes mauvaises habitudes pour créer de bonnes habitudes et les faire évoluer.

Nous commençons avec des petits changements avec lesquels nous pouvons vivre avec et ensuite les changements deviennent plus gros. « J’ai juste besoin d’essayer plus fort » ne marche jamais, tu as besoin de comprendre le COMMENT pour essayer et ensuite essaie plus intelligemment.

Les régimes ne fonctionnent pas

Les régimes temporaire ne fonctionnent. Explique-moi, pendant 9 mois tu manges de la « junk food » et pendant 3 mois, tu manges de la nourriture saine. Avec cette stratégie, ton corps est sain toute l’année ? Non et c’est logique.

L’objectif sur le long terme. Nous faisons des efforts pour changer nos vies et une vie ce n’est pas du court terme. C’est un ajustement fondamental de comment nous prenons nos décisions tous les jours pour atteindre, jour après jour, notre succès.

Construire un environnement positif

Nous sommes le produit de notre environnement et nous sommes affecté par tous ce qui nous entoure tous les jours. C’est pour cela que tous les héros ont leurs quartier général. Le quartier général est un environnement qui est créé pour se ressourcer et atteindre les objectifs.

Ajuste ton environnement pour ne plus avoir de « junk food » à la maison, éviter les chemins où il y a des fast foods, dormir plus tôt, préparer des repas sain pour toutes la semaine, etc.

Le support

Partir en guerre tout seul, c’est trop dur. Pourquoi ne pas créer une équipe ? Nous avons besoin de personnes qui nous aide et nous inspire pour avoir une meilleur santé. Entoures-toi de personne qui prennent soin de toi et qui veulent que tu réussisses, ne sabote pas tes efforts.

Connaître la nourriture

Manger 600 calories de biscuits n’est pas une solution sur du long terme comparé à 600 calories de poulet, poisson, avocat ou légume.

La majorité de la nourriture transformé que nous mangeons aujourd’hui est créé pour qu’une partie de notre cerveau soit dépendant de cette nourriture. La nourriture transformé nous transforme en junkie qui veut son héroïne. Junkie = junk food.

Cette étude crée 2 camps :

  • Je sais, c’est pour cela que je ne peux pas perdre de poids. Je suis condamné à rester obèse, go to McDonald’s

  • Ok, c’est clair que ça ne fonctionne pas. J’ai besoin d’essayer quelque chose de différent. Je dois être plus malin que la Matrix.

Quels camps choisis-tu (pilule rouge ou bleu) ?