What Words To Know In The Fitness (Part 1)

book knowledge

This part of what words to know in the fitness is about physiology to know the mechanisms of living creatures. If you’re curious about why I’m doing it, click here. The definitions come from, or a mix from these three dictionaries: Merriam-Webster Online Cambridge Dictionary Online Dictionary.com Several dictionaries can help to better understand a …

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Proteins And Kideys

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned a lot of stuff. When I started to train in a gym. I often asked myself this question : « How much protein do I have to eat at each meal ? ». I asked this question to people in the gym and I had several different answers. For example, …

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Back To The Source Of Equipment (Part 2)

I read a Nerd Fitness articles  and I learned good stuff. If you didn’t read the part 1, click here.  Racks Et Machines To do squat, there are differents equipements, we name it « racks ». Let’s go. Squat stands It’s 2 pieces standing, next to each other to hold the Olympic bar. It’s handy because it’s …

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