Boost Your Marketing Based On Science (Part 3)

I watched an Olivier Roland's video and I learned good stuff. Click if you didn't read Part 1  and Part 2 . Taste Taste is a bit of an amalgam of 5 senses because it's necessary to use 5 senses to have the full sensation of taste in the brain. It's enough that it misses 1-2 senses so that the flavor modified.…

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Fitness History – Roman civilization (200 BC. – 476 AD.) Part 4

The Roman Empire was the antithesis of civilization of ancient Greek with a high physical condition of all its civilization during his time of conquest and expansion. During this period, all Roman citizens between the ages of 17 and 60 were available for miliary projects. So it was imperative for all Roman citizens to maintain a good physical condition and…

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