Fitness History – Roman civilization (200 BC. – 476 AD.) Part 4

roman civilisation

The Roman Empire was the antithesis of civilization of ancient Greek with a high physical condition of all its civilization during his time of conquest and expansion. During this period, all Roman citizens between the ages of 17 and 60 were available for miliary projects. So it was imperative for all Roman citizens to maintain a good physical condition and be ready for service. The miliary training consisted in activities such as running, walking, jumping, and discus and javelin throwing. The result of this lifestyle is strong, people in excellent physical condition who conquered almost all of the western world. However, the general fitness level of the Roman population declined when individuals have been seduced by wealth and entertainment as gladiator fights. The acquisition and the excess of material things had become a higher priority than fitness. The luxurious lifestyle and the deteriorating physical condition caused the loss of the Roman civilization against the Barbarian tribes from Northern Europe that had a higher fitness.

The Dark Ages (476-1000) and the Middle Ages (900-1400)

barbarians from northern europe

The collapse of the Roman Empire was conquered by the Barbarians from Northern Europe was symbolized by the start of a millennium intellectual inactivity. However, these events were beneficial for fitness. The luxury life of Romans has resulted in a complete deterioration of the society ‘s fitness level. The Barbarians tribesfrom Northern Europe had the same characteristics as the primitive people. Their lifestyle consisted of hunting, gathering and farming. Physical activity and fitness are prerequisites for survival. So, despite the cultural setback that occurred with the fall of the Roman Empire, fitness experienced a revival during the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages.

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