Masturbation And Sport

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I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned good stuff.

My intention is to explain masturbation’s effect on a sport activity without being vulgar. Masturbation is a normal activity for some people and abnormal for others. In some religions, it’s a forbidden or ignoble activity but it’s an activity that most people do.

Type of person

type person

The open minded person

For this person, masturbation is a normal activity because it’s natural and give a good mood. It’s not something bad.

The guilty person

For this person, masturbation is an abnormal activity, ignoble but despite that, this person does it and still feels guilty after masturbation.

The obsessed person

For this person, masturbation is an obsessive activity. This person could masturbate every hour, every day.

The bored person

For this person, masturbation is an activity to kill boredom. He’s a person who has nothing to do in life or in the day and doesn’t know what to do, masturbation.

How the body reacts

body reaction

chart masturbation dopamine orgasm prolactin testosterone

  1. The intensity of masturbation increases (black line)

  2. There is a release of hormones, it’s dopamine. Before masturbation, there is a first release of dopamine that cause sexual arousal and there are other dopamine release during masturbation (blue line)

  3. Sexual arousal during masturbation will start the process to have the explosion, this explosion is orgasm (red line).

  4. Once the orgasm has happened, there is a release of hormones, it’s prolactin. Prolactin causes the loss of interest to continue masturbation. You satisfied and you don’t want to continue to masturbate. In some situation, prolactin can make you feel guilty (green line).

Stop masturbation for 1-3 weeks


chart masturbation dopamine orgasm prolactin testosterone

There is a black line in the middle of the chart. This is the line of testosterone. When you stop masturbation for 1-3 weeks, there is an increase in testosterone rate. But after 3 weeks, the testosterone rate returns to normal. You have to base on your normal testosterone rate to see if your testosterone is affected by anything.

It’s possible that during masturbation, the testosterone rate is below your normal testosterone rate. In this case, it’s another problem and it’s necessary to see your doctor for more details.

Most people think that masturbation makes you lose testosterone. So if masturbation makes you lose testosterone, it means that masturbation also make you lose muscles. The truth is that this myth is wrong.

Masturbation and gain muscle

anatomy muscle

The answer is « No » because the elements that influence muscle gain are training program, nutrition and rest/sleep. The only thing that masturbation does before or after a training session is the increase in heart rate.


Now that you have this information, it doesn’t mean that I encourage you to masturbation several times a day, every day. You do this when you want according to your desires but in moderation.

Here are several scientific studies on masturbation and testosterone :

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Be Curious And Effective


I watch an Olivier Roland’s video  and learned good stuff.

I personally like to learn new things in different fields. Generally these are fields that I don’t know at all. This stimulates my curiosity especially when it’s something I don’t know and I see a lot of people using that. I think it’s the same for you.

That’s right, I’m curious and I like learning but how to be curious and learn a new thing effectively to use it as quickly as possible everyday ?

How long to learn

the right time clock how long

This is something that I’m always adjusting but there are some fundamental principles for it to work.

Here is an excellent example : speaking a foreign language. I hope (and if not, I advise you to learn another language) that you’re a person who speaks a foreign language at a level that allows you to have simple conversations.

Now do a little analysis. How long did it take you to reach this level to have simple conversations (a level that allows you to understand 80 % of a conversation or a text) ?

As everyone is unique in his/her method of learning, imagine that with effective learning techniques, it took you 2-3 years to reach the 80 % level of understanding in foreign langage. How much time do you think it is necessary to move from a level of understanding of 80 % to 99.9 %?

The truth is more impressive than you think. To go from the understanding’s level of 80 % to 99.9 % (the native’s level), it’ll take you 20 years !

You know, it’s not necessary to have a 99.9 % level of understanding to be bilingual. If you understand subtile jokes, you can consider yourself a bilingual. On the other hand, if everyone around you laughs and you wonder why, you aren’t yet a bilingual.

What is effective


It’s destabilizing but it’s a reality, it’s faster to go from 0 % level to 80 % level than to go from 80 % level to 99.9 % level. This is the law of diminishing returns. This law works in all fields. This law is similar to the Pareto’s principle. The Pareto’s principle is the fact that 20 % of actions brings 80 % of results, 20 % of customers brings 80 % of the company’s turnover , etc.

This means that at one time, it’s more costly to learn the little things that remain to be learned in this field than to learn something new in another field.

Let us continue with the foreign langage’s example. It took you 2-3 years to get an understanding’s level of 80 %. In the next 2 choices, what’s the most interesting for you ?:

  • To spend 20 years to reach the 99.9 % level for a foreign langage

  • To spend 20 years to learn 6-10 new foreign languages at a level of 80 %

You see the number of opportunities you can create in your life by knowing how to speak several langages, it’s cool.

But there is a difficulty in knowing when the law of diminishing returns is put into action, This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the individual and the field. It’s a personal expedition. We must also not confuse this with the « crossing of the desert » that everyone does when we start a new project.

The thing I do and I advise you is to track your progress to know when 20 % of your actions bring you 80 % of the results. With this tracking of your results, you can know everyday if you approach or if you move away from your goals. If you move away from your goals, it means that you have to adjust your strategy quickly.

When you have found a smart way to track you progress, it’s cool because you have an intellectual horizon, cultural horizon, tools, methods, strategies that are extremely varied and diverse that the majority of people. You have an effective toolkit that comes from an extremely varied horizon.

You can see in my blog’s articles that I speak of different field. I’m curious and I show what I learn by giving my sources because I find that being curious give me excitement to be alive. When you travel to a country where you don’t understand either language or writing, it’s exciting, right ? You can do the same thing on a daily basis by learning things in different fields.

Assemble different concepts

assemble assemblage

Now, let’s move on to the next level in curiosity. When you know extremely different fields, have fun connecting the concepts to each other. There is a type of creativity that involves linking concepts in a new way. Have fun connecting concepts that weren’t thought to be linked together and create something new. Look at how music evolves. You take 4 music’s types that nobody listen to, you mix all it and you create a new music’s type.

Today, we have the facility to have access to knowledge with books on billions of subjects. There are books on money, cooking, foreign languages, etc.

Attention, you need to learn in an efficient way with the principle of 20/80 and action (execution) everyday, no matter how difficult. If you learn all these things only to give you a good conscience and to impress your friends in discussions, you waste you time. It’s intellectual masturbation, it’s an illusion. It’s like this expression of Julien Greaux : « To be rich on Instagram, it’s like being rich in the game Monopoly ! ».

I hope that I motivated you to explore and learn new things effectively. And most important, you learn these new things to use them every day to boost your lifestyle.

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Bodybuilding And Prostitution

bodybuilding prostisution

Yesterday, I watched a YouTube video about differents sources of income from bodybuilding athletes. Here is the list: Porn, YouTube, Sponsor, Be an ambassador of a brand, website, Personal trainer, Merchandise (clothing, shaker, eBook, etc).

The word porno stayed in my head and I looked a little. I found a hidden thing in the fitness world. By dint of seeing all bodybuilding’s celebrities, we think they earn a lot of money. In fact this isn’t true, it’s like music artists, the majority lie.

A Pro IFBB athlete spends thousands of dollars per month for anabolic steroids, growth hormones, food, gym, coach, travel and everything about sport. You saw, I didn’t mention rent, car, gasoline and insurance, it’s a lot to pay.

phil health gay client bodybuilding gay client victor martinez gay client jonny jackson erotic pose

With competitions, you earn a very little money because when you count all the money you used to prepared the competition, you see you have lost money. If you come from a rich family or you have a business that works well or that you really have a good salary, it helps a lot, otherwise you have to look for money elsewhere.

Gay prostitution. Yes there are several types of services. The most common is that the athlete gets naked in front of his web-cam and do a dance in private chat. Customers pay mainly to see naked and masturbating. Matt Ogus became known for it on YouTube.

There are also supplements companies working with athletes who arrange private parties with rich gay. Yes, there are company that encourages you to take steroids and prostitution, yes, yes. You should know that a lot of rich gay investing in supplement company or in competitions and in exchange they want to have sex with athletes regularly. Everyone at a price.

I imagine in all these athletes, there are heterosexual and who become gay prostitutes, it’s not nice to hear but it’s the reality. Now I know it better, I think that for women it must be in a higher level.

Everyone makes choices but we must take care because if I could see these images, it means I’m not alone and at one point, they will have to explain it all. Ah, we have to assume our crimes.

kai green gay porn kai green gay porn kai green gay porn scott herman gay party

My friend, do what you must do to have the best lifestyle you can. I don’t like this kind of story and often it ends in suicide. I advise you to be away from this situation, it attracts problems. Continue to strengthen your body and your mindset to create the healthiest environment possible, it isn’t easy but it is doable. You’re warned my friend !!

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Bodybuilding Et Prostitution

bodybuilding prostisution

Hier, je regardais une vidéo sur YouTube sur les différentes sources de revenu d’un athlètes de bodybuilding. Voici la liste : Porno, YouTube, Sponsor, Etre ambassadeur d’une marque, Site internet, Coach fitness, Marchandise (vêtements, shaker, eBook, etc).

Le mot Porno est resté dans ma tête et par curiosité j’ai cherché un peu. J’ai trouvé un truc caché dans le monde du fitness. A force de voir toutes les célébrités du monde du bodybuilding ont se dit qu’ils doivent gagner beaucoup d’argent. En fait ce n’est pas vrai, c’est comme les artistes de musique, la majorité ment.

Un athlète IFBB Pro de bodybuilding dépense des milliers de dollars par mois pour les stéroïdes anabolisants, les hormones de croissance, la nourriture, la salle de gym, le coach, les voyages et tout ce qui concerne le sport. Tu as vu, je n’ai pas parlé du loyer, de la voiture, de l’essence ou des assurances, ça fait beaucoup de choses à payer.

phil health gay client bodybuilding gay client jonny jackson erotic pose victor martinez gay client

Avec les compétitions, tu gagnes très peu d’argent parce que quand tu comptes tout l’argent que tu as utilisé pour te préparé à la compétition, tu vois que tu as perdu de l’argent. Si tu viens d’un famille riche ou que tu as une entreprise qui marche bien ou encore que tu as vraiment un bon salaire, ça aide beaucoup, sinon il faut chercher de l’argent ailleurs.

La prostitution gay. Oui et il y a plusieurs type de service. La plus courante est que l’athlète se met tout nu devant sa web-cam et fasse une danse dans un chat privé. Les clients paient principalement pour le voir nu et se masturber. Matt Ogus est devenu connu pour ça sur YouTube.

Il y a aussi les compagnies de suppléments qui travaillent avec les athlètes qui arrangent des soirées privée avec des riches gay. Oui, il y a des compagnie qui t’incite à prendre des stéroïdes et à te prostituer, oui, oui. Il faut savoir qu’il y a beaucoup de riches gay qui investissent dans les compagnie de supplément alimentaire ou dans les compétitions et en échange ils veulent avoir du sexe avec des athlètes régulièrement. Tout le monde à un prix.

J’imagine que dans tous ces athlètes, il y en a qui sont hétérosexuels et qui sont devenu des prostitués gay, ça fait pas plaisir à entendre mais c’est la réalité. Maintenant que je connais mieux ça, je me dis que chez les femmes ça doit être à un niveau plus haut.

Chacun fait ces choix mais il faut assumer parce que si j’ai pu voir ces images, ça veut dire que je ne suis pas le seul et à un moment, il va falloir expliquer tout ça. Ah, il faut savoir assumer ses délits.

kai green gay porn kai green gay porn scott herman gay party kai green gay porn

Mon ami, fais ce qu’il faut pour avoir le meilleur style de vie que tu peux avoir. Moi, je n’aime pas ce genre d’histoire et souvent ça fini par des suicides. Je te conseille d’être loin de ce genre de situation, ça attire des problèmes. Continue à fortifier ton corps et ton état d’esprit pour te créer l’environnement le plus sain possible, ce n’est pas facile mais c’est faisable. Tu es prévenu mon ami !!!

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