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I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Many people are wondering how to find the content to publish on a blog or a Youtube channel. Before creating my blog, I was also asking this question and maybe you’re asking yourself this question today.

You want to create a blog or a Youtube channel for several reasons. And I think one of the reasons is that you want to build your own company. In this case, I advise you that your content is influenced by these 3 things :

  • Passion – It must be a subject that fascinates you.

  • Skill – It would be nice if it’s something you already have skills in.

  • Economic potential – If your idea has no economic potential, you will not be able to build your own company.

There is something surprising with the economic potential. It’s possible to create a profitable blog or Youtube channel on a subject that doesn’t interest you. For example, there is a person who has a blog to teach math to help students in school to pass their exams. This person isn’t passionate about mathematics but it’s not something he hates. I know that in few years, he will stop this company even if it works well because he will have lost motivation. And that happens often when it’s not a passion.

This case is an exception because it’s very difficult to succeed when you aren’t in a subject that fascinates you. Statistics show that 95% of bloggers give up after 6 months. These are statistics from « Meta-blogs Technorati » which based on millions of blog creations.

I really advise you to create the content on one of your passions otherwise you finish in the 95% of people who give up after 6 months. Outside regulated areas like medicine, you can create a blog in an area where you don’t have skills and learn little by little. You can do that but you have to be transparent about your skills to your audience.


That’s what I do. I had no knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics in sport when I started publishing articles. Everyday I do my research and I learn little by little. The best example is Data Science. I had no knowledge, I paid for a class and I show you what I’m learning and I have not finished this class yet. At the beginning of my articles, you see my sources and that’s my strength.

Which means that you can’t be passionate and have no skill at the start. But it’s not possible to have a profitable blog or Youtube channel if the sector where you start has no economic potential.

To find out if you sector has an economic potential, there are several criteria to check :

  • Are there forums or Facebook groups on this topic ?

    If you find forums or Facebook groups on the subject that you want to do, it’s because there are people who spend several minutes every day discussing this subject. These people are likely to visit your blog or Youtube channel, if you share the content that may interest them.

  • Are there already blogs or Youtube channels on this subject ?

    If you find blogs or Youtube channels that have existed for several years and with a large number of subscribers, it’s that you can become one of their competitors.

  • Are there many people who are passionnate about this ?

    Creating a profitable blog or Youtube channel is like create a company, it’s necessary to do a market research. What is interesting today is that it’s possible to do this with internet. Search on internet your future competitors and analyze them.

There are still a dozen criteria but with these 3 criteria, you’ll have a good base to select your passion that has the best economic potential to create your company with a blog or a Youtube channel.

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Data Science Domains


I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy and I learned good stuff.

In Science, there are several domains. In Data Science, it’s the same.

data science domain

Data Science is composed of 3 fields : computer science, math and statistics and domain knowledge. But for some years, this changed a bit. Data Scientists need to have other skills than programming and statistics.

Look at this new diagram :

data science domain

Let’s look at these skills in detail.


Data is the basis of the Data Scientists so they must be able to filter the data to have relevant data that will provide them with insights. This allow Data Scientist to build models to classify the population and make reliable forecasts of future events.


Do you know the computers langage ? Do you know bytecode like « 00100010100101010110 » ? No and it’s the same for me. It’s for this reason that Data Scientists must have the ability to see through the data and especially show them to others. This is why visualization is an important skill to show the data.

Data Mining

This is the part of the work where the Data Scientist has to make the detective like Sherlock Holmes. It’s in this phase that we must look in the data for insights and abnormalities.

Database and Data process

It’s simple, the Data Scientist cleans the data, stores and processes the data in the database.

Pattern recognition, Machine learning et Neurocomputing

These 3 disciplines help explain to computers how to learn do to a specific task on its own. There are not things I’ll learn but these are interesting disciplines for some business problems.

In our world where competition is increasingly aggressive, technical skills are no longer enough. Here are other skills that Data Scientist need to have.



Data Scientists need to interact with people everyday. They have to do that because the insights are not just in the data. There are insights that we can only find by talking to people. That’s why it’s important to not afraid to talk to people to ask them questions on a daily basis.


This is another type of communication . In this case the Data Scientist doesn’t try to extract information but to explain what he/she found to the people. This is a very important skill because the Data Scientist is the intermediary between insights and people. It’s a bit the data translator, it’s simply explain the content of data.

Domain knowledge

Data Science can be used in any industry. One day you can do research to find fraudulent transactions and another day you can build a compensation model for employees of a medical establishment.

That is why, in what industry you work, you must do research and know quickly the necessary part of the industry. The rest will come naturally. Quickly learn the basics of the industry where you work.

Practice in real situations

Proverb : « It’s by forging that one you become a blacksmith » says everything. This concept is extremely applicable in Data Science.


The 2nd basic domain of Data Scientists. The better you talk to your computer and the more efficient you are, the more successful you will be. If you don’t know how to program, learn this from today. Programming has to become a hobby, something you like to do.


This is what make the difference between Data Scientist and Data Analysts. To become an excellent Data Scientist, you need to work your creativity. Be curious and you will find insights that nobody would never have found.

Now you know the skills needed to become an excellent Data Scientist. As you see I have a lot to do.

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Priorities of Dieting (Part 1)


You see, nutrition has a lot of variables. If the change in the composition of your body is an equation, each of these variables has a place. As all variables are important to one degree or another to get the best results, you’ll want to adjust these in the right order.

Back to Math class

I know I know. We’ve told you, “There’d be no math”.

Don’t worry; you will not have to really do math; I just want to show you an analogy.

When you were just learning math, from the beginning, you probably learned the correct order of operations: parentheses, exponent, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. You learned that this had to be done in that order.

math class

This is important. If you didn’t know about and that you were facing a complex equation, you would have no idea how to solve it. Doing things in the mess will be not, in general, a good job. Assuming you could actually “solve” the equation, the answer would almost certainly false. And you’d be ultra frustrated.

Which brings us back to dieting and my view.

A basic equation to change the body

As I said, to change your body is like an equation. Unlike math, it isn’t an exact science, but fortunately it’s a science, and we don’t know enough about the body to make statements verdicts.

The main variables of body composition are nutrition, exercise, recovery, lifestyle and dietary supplement.

The main thing is that you need to focus on those things and it’s in this order you have to.

body equation

Undoubtedly, nutrition is the point of the most powerful leverage. I think we can all agree on. People always ask percentages so if you want a table, here:

  • Nutrition – 51%

  • Exercise – 29%

  • Recovery – 10%

  • Lifestyle – 9%

  • Supplements -1%

It’s 100%, true? Someone check my calculations. Okay, good.

Anyway, most fitness coach would agree with this table.

Obviously, it’s not accurate to 1000 % and EVERY variables influences others. If your lifestyle is to get out 6 nights a week and partying, your recovery will be rotten, etc.

Nutrition, Diet and how to make changes (If you want to change)

If nutrition is the most important thing to make changes in your body, make changes in your diet is also important, right ? Exact.

Cool, we agree on that. We can also assume that changes in your diet in the process to change your appearance is called dieting. And as we’re not afraid of this word, no one will be traumatized.

So dieting. On the surface, it seems simple enough: make changes (positive) in your food choices and see the results.

This is true on the surface and at depth, but good to know what to change and when to change to not be confused.

As fitness itself, nutrition and dieting have a number of individual components or variables; These variables include everything from the type of food you eat with the amount of food you eat when you eat, the food composition and what other foods are eaten with.

And as math, some of these variables are carry a bit more weight (sorry, couldn’t resist) in the overall equation; they will not only have a greater global impact, but often stay focused on these things first is the only way to see progress.


However, your body isnt as cut and dry as a math problem; things change as we will see later in the equation and there are very few constants to balance the variables.

This means that these things will have different total values for different people and different effects on the entire process.

It’s frustrating to not know exactly how or what will be the deciding factor that getting where you want to be. BUT – we know the general order. Many nutrition experts seem so lost in the wars of specific theories and they lose sight of the bigger picture.

Me ? That’s what I want to show you: the big picure of dieting and what things must be changed in order that will lead to the largest global changes.

I’ll will explain details in the 2nd part.


Les priorités du régime (Partie 1)


Tu vois, la nutrition a beaucoup de variables. Si la modification de la composition de ton corps est une équation, chacune de ces variables a une place. Comme toutes les variables sont importantes pour un degré ou un autre pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats possibles, tu auras envie de les régler dans le bon ordre.

Retour à la classe de Math

Je sais je sais. On t’as dit, “il n’y aura de math”.

Ne t’inquiète pas; tu n’auras pas à vraiment à faire de math; Je veux juste faire une analogie pour te montrer.

Lorsque tu étais en train d’apprendre les maths, dès le début, tu as probablement appris le bon ordre des opérations : parenthèses, exposant, multiplication, division, addition, soustraction. Tu as appris que cela devait être fait dans cet ordre.

math class

Cela est important. Si tu ne connaissais pas l’ordre et que tu étais face à une équation complexe, tu aurais aucune idée de comment la résoudre. Faire des choses dans le désordre ne sera pas, en général, un travail bien. En supposant que tu pourrais effectivement «résoudre» l’équation, la réponse serait presque certainement fausse. Et tu serais hyper frustré.

Ce qui nous ramène au régime et mon point de vue.

Une équation de base pour changer le corps

Comme je l’ai dit, faire changer ton corps est comme une équation. Contrairement aux maths, ce n’est pas une science exacte, mais heureusement, c’est une science, et nous en savons pas assez sur le corps pour faire des déclarations verdicts.

Les variables principales de la composition du corps seraient nutrition, exercice, récupération, style de vie et supplément alimentaire.

La truc principale est que tu as besoin de te concentrer sur ces choses et c’est dans cet ordre que tu dois le faire.

body equation

Sans aucun doute, la nutrition est le point de levier le plus puissant. Je pense que nous pouvons tous être d’accord dessus. Les gens demandent toujours des pourcentages donc si tu veux un tableau, le voilà :

  • Nutrition – 51%

  • Exercice – 29%

  • Récupération – 10%

  • Style de vie – 9%

  • Suppléments alimentaires -1%

C’est 100%, vrai ? Quelqu’un vérifier mes calculs. D’accord, bien.

Quoi qu’il en soit, la plupart des coach de fitness seraient d’accord avec ce tableau.

Évidemment, ce c’est pas exactes à 1000 % et chaque variable influence les autres. Si ton style de vie consiste à sortir 6 nuits par semaine et faire la fête, ta récupération sera pourri , etc.

Nutrition, Régime et comment faire des changements (Si tu veux changer)

Si la nutrition est la chose la plus importante pour apporter des changements à ton corps, faire des changements dans ton alimentation est aussi important, vrai ? Exact.

Cool, nous sommes d’accord là-dessus. Nous pouvons également admettre que des changements de ton alimentation dans le processus pour modifier ton apparence est appelé un régime amaigrissant. Et comme nous n’avons pas peur de ce mot, personne ne va être traumatisé.

Donc, un régime amaigrissant. En surface, ça semble assez simple: faire des changements (positifs) dans tes choix alimentaires et tu verras les résultats.

Cela est vrai à la surface et en profondeur, mais il bon de savoir quoi changer et quand changer pour ne pas être embrouillé.

Comme le fitness lui-même, la nutrition et les régimes amaigrissants ont un certain nombre de composants ou variables individuels; Ces variables comprennent tout, du type de nourriture que tu manges à la quantité de nourriture que tu manges lorsque tu manges, de la composition de l’aliment et quelles autres aliments sont mangé avec.

Et comme les maths, certaines de ces variables ont plus de poids (désolé, pas pu résister) dans l’équation globale; non seulement ils vont avoir un impact global plus grand, mais souvent rester concentré sur ces choses en premier est le seul moyen de voir les progrès.


Cependant, ton corps n’est pas aussi clair et net qu’un problème de math; les choses changent comme nous allons voir plus loin dans l’équation et il y a très peu de constantes pour équilibrer les variables.

Ce qui signifie que ces choses vont avoir des valeurs totales différentes pour différentes personnes et des effets différents sur l’ensemble du processus.

Il est frustrant de ne pas savoir exactement comment ou ce qui va être le facteur décisif pour que tu arrives là où tu veux être. MAIS – nous savons l’ordre général. Un grand nombre de spécialistes de la nutrition semblent tellement perdu dans la guerres des théories spécifiques qu’ils perdent de vue le tableau d’ensemble.

Moi ? Voilà ce que je veux te montrer: les grandes ligne pour suivre un régime et les choses qui doivent être changées dans l’ordre qui mènera aux plus grands changements globaux. Les détails seront expliqué dans la 2e partie.